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Career Opportunities in Python

Career Opportunities in Python

Among programming languages, Python tops the charts for the most promising career options for techies. Career Opportunities in Python are growing in number across the world. Commonly interpreted as a high-level programming language, Python ensures faster code readability and brevity, which means better designs with fewer code lines. Also, Python is a great tool for creating dynamic scripts on both small and large scales.

Python is a general-purpose language. It is extensively used in Web development, script writing, testing, as well as app development and upgrades.  In addition, Python offers web developers a dynamic type system and automatic memory management that supports multiple programming paradigms. Anybody who becomes an expert in Python has multiple career options before him, as a developer or as a data scientist.

In this space, we will discuss hot career opportunities in Python. We would also throw some interesting insights on the scope of a Python developer and a programmer in Data Analytics. The discussion also includes the scope of fresher and experienced professionals and remote jobs in Python.

Python as a Career Option

Companies today, both in India and US, are on the constant lookout for the qualified and skilled workforce to meet the changing technology needs of customers. Python, SQL, Java, JavaScript, .NET, C, C#, AngularJS, C++, PHP, ReactJS, Android, iOS, Ruby, NodeJS, Go, and Perl are some of the hot skills that will rock 2018 and beyond. Knowing more than two high-level programming languages, including Python is always good. It gives them a competitive advantage over others.

Scope of a Python Developer

Python, though a newer entrant in the fray, has gained importance than other programming languages and holds a lot of promise for developers. Apart from being an open source programming language, it is also one of the most versatile programming languages.  developers use it extensively for application development and system development programming. Also, reduced coding effort and better test performance ensure better programming. Hence, python developers are very much in demand.

Hot Career Opportunities as Fresher in Python

Career opportunities as a fresher in Python programming are many. If you have the right training and right attitude to learn fast, Python has a lot to offer. Of course, you need to have a very strong programming base and problem-solving skills.

For beginners in Python, students can start by creating variables and loops. Then move on to tuples, lists, and dictionaries. Freshers seeking lucrative career options in Python should have a sound knowledge of immutable types. Ability to create classes and instantiate objects, using exceptions and exception handlers, and knowing interactivity among modules, are some of the other things that a Python newbie needs to know. In addition, as a beginner, a Python programmer is also expected to know the basic differences between Python 2 and Python 3.

As a fresher, you may apply for jobs like software engineer, front-end software/web developer, Python developer or programmer, and DevOps engineer. Students in their last semester or just pass-outs may also apply for internships in data science, which gives a steady start for a career in Python. Career opportunities in Python as a fresher may start with a remuneration of 3-5 lakhs per annum, for most companies. Higher salaries may be offered by global brands like Accenture or Capgemini.

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Python Career Options for Experienced Hires

Getting a full-time onsite opportunity as a Python programmer or Architect with a top-notch MNC requires intensive preparation. Having a strong knowledge of Python programming and being confident about your strength areas is essential. It also gives you the additional preparedness required in your onboarding process. As an Experienced hire, you might be expected to complete a project in python programming. Or you may be assessed for your analytical skills. Make sure you have a ready reckoner of test cases or success stories for a quick glance before you leave for an interview.

According to GitHub and Stack Overflow, re-training in Python is necessary for experienced hires looking for better career opportunities in Python. Go for an advanced certification program in Data Analytics. Digital Vidya offers you certified courses in Data Analytics for rewarding career options in Python. If you are well versed in JavaScript, it is time to get used to Python’s strong typing attributes. Get acquainted with dynamic typing, strong typing, duck typing, and how Python implements all the three.

For grabbing lucrative career opportunities in Python, you should have a thorough knowledge of the various scientific and numerical modules and write tight algorithms. Skillsets such as concurrent algorithms, SIMD vectorization, and multicore programming are other requirements that will give your Python career the much-needed boost. Salaries for experienced Python programmers may go up as high as 8 lakhs-12 lakhs per annum. The figures can be higher if you are able to demonstrate your skills better and negotiate well with the employer.

Learn Python for Data Analyst Opportunities

A data scientist with a strong command over Python tools and libraries is better equipped to deal with data. According to a report published by the Hindu Business Line, the Indian IT industry is estimated to add around 1.80 lakh to 2 lakh new jobs in 2018. Data analytics, machine, and AI will largely contribute to this. Data Analytics knowledge is great for exploring career opportunities in Python.

You can take your data analytics and predictive modeling skills to the next level with Python tools and libraries by completing a certified course in Data Analytics for Python programming. As a beginner, you need to learn the basics of the Python programming environment, including fundamental Python programming techniques.

You should also know about data manipulation and cleaning techniques using the popular Python Pandas data science library. As a data analyst you would be expected to take tabular data, analyze data, process and manipulate it, and finally, run basic inferential statistical analyses.

You can take your data analytics and predictive modeling skills to the next level with Python tools and libraries by completing a certified course in Data Analytics for Python programming. As a beginner, you need to learn the basics of the Python programming environment, including fundamental Python programming techniques.

Choose Digital Vidya DA courses for the best-known Data Analytics courses for Python programming.

The course introduces users to the main libraries of Python’s Data Science stack, the basics of Python libraries and data structures, iteration and Conditional Constructs, series and data frames, and exploratory analysis in Python using Pandas. You also learn Data Munging in Python using Pandas, building a Predictive Model in Python, web scraping with Python and Logistics Regression for more career opportunities in Python. Python career opportunities 101 is another place where you can start looking for more information on Python career options or learning resources.

The Data Analytics course includes training tutorials, videos, exercises, and regular interaction with trainers.  Students are required to complete weekly projects that are assessed. In addition, they have lifetime access to course matter, 24×7 faculty support, expert advice from industry stalwarts, and assured placement support that prepares them for jobs. Later, they can download the certificate of merit, on completion of the course.

Promising Pay for Career Opportunities in Python

Python jobs salary in India is quite impressive. According to Quikchex, a leading cloud HR and Payroll software and service solutions provider in India, Python and Ruby developers are much ahead of their peers in terms of compensation levels. The minimum salary for a Ruby Developer (with 2 to 4 years of experience) is at Rs 4.8 lakhs as compared to a Python Developer with similar experience is Rs 5 lakhs.

The median salary levels for PHP and Dot Net developers with a similar level of experience stands at Rs 3 lakhs. The reason for the disparity in salary is mainly due to the lesser availability of Python or Ruby developers, as compared to PHP and Dot Net developers in the market. While there are many training institutes offering courses in PHP and Dot Net developers, Python trainers are fewer in number.

According to PayScale, Data Analyst with Python skills draws a salary of about $62,878 per year in the US. The figures are higher with more years of experience. As per a Stack Overflow report published in September 2017, Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada. The report also shows a steady rise in Python salaries in the next few years, much higher than the other programming languages like Java, PHP or C++.

Scope of Python Freelancer Jobs

A closer look at well-known job portals like Indeed, Upwork,, and PeoplePerHour show that remote job opportunities in Python are growing in number.  This trend is more in the US where most of the career opportunities in Python come from. As a freelancer, you may be required to work on a wide variety of projects. Typical examples include creating trading bot capable of buying and selling cryptocurrency, upgrading an existing 3D rendering pipeline or identifying the shortcomings of a cloud-based platform for better system performance. A thorough understanding of the project requirements and accurate effort estimation are necessary for project success. Those in Python programming jobs from home should also set aside some time for conference calls with project coordinators and project review. It ensures better communication and lesser mistakes.

Most of these freelance Python programming jobs are on 3-6-month contract. These Python career options come with an attractive hourly rate of at least $30. You may look for part-time or freelance career opportunities and work as a Lead Full Stack Python Developer, Python Developer, Python Software Engineer, Security Architect or a Senior Data Scientist. The hourly rates go up with the criticality of the job.

Career opportunities in Python have multiple merits. Tremendous growth, learning, and lucrative salary are some of the well-known perks. You can be part of the changing technological landscape and influence it in your own way. Add to that the magic touch of a data analytics course, and you are ready to rock!

Python career also offers diversity in terms of career choices. One can start off as a developer or programmer and later switch to the role of a data scientist. With a substantial amount of experience and Python online course certification, one can also become a certified trainer in Python or an entrepreneur. But the bottom-line remains the same. Perform to prosper in python.

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