Career Opportunities In Social Media – Webinar By Pradeep Chopra, CEO, Digital Vidya

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Recently, Pradeep Chopra, CEO of Digital Vidya was invited by TechGig Community to lead a one hour session for their audience. Some of the key aspects discussed during the session are being highlighted in this post.

Social Media is creating a significant impact in our everyday lives with organizations engaging in this medium to fulfil various business objectives including sales, marketing, product development and CRM. As said by Pradeep, “a social media marketing professional can earn anywhere from 15,000 – 150,000 a month. Let’s check out some of the key insights discussed during the session along with some of the questions discussed.

The session started with Orientation to Digital Marketing in which Pradeep discussed the importance of Digital Marketing for marketers and how you can leverage it to grow your business. This discussion was followed by facts been shared on why should anyone care about social media. And then finally discussing the career opportunities in social media.

Q.1.   What are the different career opportunities which are available in Social Media (SM) platform?

Pradeep Chopra: Currently, the opportunities are available at the BRAND level and AGENCY level. Either you can make a career by directly joining a brand, such as ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ etc. or you can start your career with an agency in the domain and work for the clients.  A professional can earn a salary of something between Rs. 15000 to Rs.150000 per month. Following are some of the job titles available in the industry.


Also, there are many off line jobs available. Apart from the above opportunities, you have openings in the application (or technology) platform.

Q.2. How far IT skills can help us harness potentials in Social Media?

Pradeep Chopra:   IT skills will be the additional strengths for the career aspirants in SM sector. As an IT expert, you can leverage your skills in the fields of Social Media Applications, Technology Integrations (e.g. SOLOMO) etc. One can utilize those skills for gaining advantage in different activities, such as organizing and delivering WEBINARS, creating innovative presentations and share in SLIDESHARES, helping your brand or clients in reaching target audience, landing page optimization, enhancement of own page engagement  etc.

Q.3. Would you suggest some growing platforms, other than FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE and TWITTER, for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to face less competition and gain more advantage?

Pradeep Chopra:  There are more than 100 platforms in the Digital Media landscape. Firstly, your main objective must be to register your presence on social and digital media and then generating traffic and increasing the engagement activities. That will help you in optimizing your presence and ranking in SM. You can concentrate on SLIDESHARE, BLOG writing and publishing and sharing with different SM platforms.

Q.4. How much time is to be spent to become an expert in Social Media?

Pradeep Chopra: It depends on how effectively you can utilize the opportunities available in the market and industry. First of all, you’ve to adequately learn about digital and social media and acquire skills in the domain. There are different training modules available. For example, at Digital Vidya, we offer orientation workshops, time bound training programs and internship opportunities. The duration of those programs ranges from 02 days to 06 months.

Some Different Social Media Training Programs available at DIGITAL VIDYA


  • Duration: 01 Hour
  • Where : Online
  • Level:  Starter
  • Price: FREE


  • Where: Online
  • Level: Moderate
  • Price: Rs.11,900/- (+12.36% Tax)


  • Duration: 01 Hour
  • Questions: 50
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Certified By: Govt. of India
  • Price: Rs.3,900/-(+12.36% Tax)

Q.5. Does DIGITAL VIDYA has any branch in Pune to offer such programs?

Pradeep Chopra: Our courses are mostly ONLINE courses and interested candidates from across ASIA are availing the benefits of our resources. Also, we offer WORSHOPS in different cities in collaboration with APTECH centers for our certificate programs.

Q.6. Can you please share some insights about required skills of a COPYWRITER?

Pradeep Chopra: You need to be a very good story teller, blog writer and content developer. Expectedly you must have proficiency in English and creative writing.

Q.7. What is the required qualification to start a career in Social Media?

Pradeep Chopra: Any graduate can enter the industry. However, they must undergo some training program in DIGITAL MARKETING from reputed and recognized institutes like DIGITAL VIDYA and similar agencies.

To know detailed insights of the session and question that were discussed, you can view the video below:

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