What are the Best Career Options after Graduation?

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Gone were the days when only a few career options after graduation like MBA were considered.

With the advancement in technology & education system, a plethora of career options are available for students to pursue after graduation.

The completion of graduation is marked with two kinds of feelings. One emotion is happiness for crossing a milestone in your life and the second emotion is worry, as you wonder what to do next.

With the huge number of career options available today, it is only natural that you are feeling confused and overwhelmed. However, it doesn’t have to be that way!

First and foremost, try to recognize what your strong points are and then look into what sort of interests you have. When you have given enough thought about the two, read about the best career options after graduation in the list given below.

Going through all the options will give you a clear idea on which ones to cross off the list and which ones can be shortlisted for further introspection.

10 after graduation career options that a freshly graduate candidate can pursue in India are:

10 Best Career Options after Graduation

1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has entered the business world in a big way. This is one of the best career options after graduation for those who enjoy working on the web.

Nowadays every organization needs a digital marketer to scale their profits. There is a huge demand in this field and as such a candidate can expect endless job opportunities.

Digital Marketing CAGR i.e. Compound Annual Growth Rate is 32% and by 2020. it will be an industry of Rs 18,986 crore.

Some of the highest in-demand digital marketing job roles are SEO & SEM specialist, Google Ads expert, Social media manager, content marketing manager, and others.

Here you can choose to opt for a full-fledged PGD course in Digital marketing or you can also opt for a short term 6 months course.

In a digital marketing course, you will be educated on the various tools and techniques required by a digital marketer to promote a client’s business online.  

This career field can be equally appealing to the business-minded, techies, and creative individuals. After completion of the PGD course in Digital marketing, a person can expect to earn an average package of 3 to 6 lakhs per annum.

2. Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Management courses is one of the best suited after graduation career options for those who have an interest in business, are looking for a career in corporate, or want to start something of their own.

Unlike its counterpart MBA, PGDM course is more updated and is practical oriented. All the latest development in the business world is reflected in the PGDM curriculum.

Moreover, these types of professional courses can polish the personality and thinking of an individual and set them for success.

Various management roles are occupied by a PGDM holder. Here you can opt for specializations like Finance, Marketing, Operations, Information Technology, Human resources, and others.

PGDM can provide you with an edge over others in the tough competitive job market.

This course is thought to make an individual job-ready and industry-ready which makes it one of the best career options after graduation. The course duration of PGDM can range from 1 year to 2 years.


PGDEMA Image Source - SSIM


Among different career options after graduation, PGDEMA is also the one you can opt for. PGDEMA stands for Post Graduation Diploma in Event Management and Activation.

Are you someone who is great at planning and organizing?

Not all people out there are able to go into details in organizing a successful event. The ability to multi-task and be creative is required and can give you a boost in this career line. 

Opting for PGDEMA can be the start of a great career and present you with high earning opportunities.  Today, with an increased disposal income, people are throwing big functions to stand out in society. 

Getting certified in event management can open up many doors for you in this space.

This course can be done by any graduate person. PGDEMA is a full-time course of 1 year.

4. MBA

MBA Image Source - Grt Edu


Every specialization course is good, but just being specialized can also become a limit sometimes.

An MBA graduate is regarded as the ‘jack of all trades and master of none’ that translates to having endless opportunities to explore after doing an MBA. MBA comes in different modules today. However, the most recognized one is the 2-year full-time course.

This is a great career path for people who have strong business acumen. People who are looking for a practical oriented course, want to job-ready and have enormous opportunities should definitely look into opting for MBA.

You would need to clear some exams like CAT, GMAT, and others to get into good institutes. The MBA program transforms people into professionals who know how to manage tasks, manage time, and communicate well.

Earning potential is high after the completion of an MBA from a reputed institute, which makes it one of the top-rated career options after graduation.

5. M. Tech

M. Tech Image Source Exam Updates

M. Tech

M.Tech is suitable for all those students who have a sound technical knowledge and want to gain a deeper understanding of the engineer subjects.

Doing M.tech after B.tech is also good from a professional standpoint. After M.tech, a person gets enough exposure that can open up doors to the managerial roles.

This course will enable to make a bright career in the corporate sectors as good engineers are always in demand in organizations.

Getting a top-notch job becomes easier for engineers after completion of an M.Tech course. Moreover, if corporate jobs are not what you are looking for and you have academic interests in the field of engineering M.tech can make that possible.

Eligibility of this course is B.Tech/B.E or MCA. Duration of 2 years is required for the completion of this course.

6. Postgraduate Diploma course in Human Resource Management

This course has been there for a while and is a prestigious program that aims at taking the understanding of the HR discipline to the next level.

The program promotes critical thinking among graduates and makes them ready to handle the challenging situations in a corporate environment.

The HR department manages the most valuable asset of any company i.e. the employees. They have to know how to work for the advancement of both the organization and the employees.

The course covers the basic functions to the more advanced levels of HR Analytics, such as performance categorization and compensation management.

Candidates who hold the PG diploma in human resource management have a better chance of being employed as Recruitment coordinator, HR manager, HR consultant, and Senior HR officer. That is why this one is considered as one of the most beneficial career options after graduation. 

7. Post Graduation in Hotel Management

Post Graduation in Hotel Management Image Source Excellency Group

Post Graduation in Hotel Management

A Post Graduation in Hotel Management is a perfect career path for those who have an interest in the hospitality industry.

This is a fast-growth career path, where promotions to next designations happen quickly. As a PG diploma holder in Hotel Management, you may be expected to look after almost all the departments of a hotel.

This can range from looking after the front desk to hiring new hotel staffs.

As you progress you may also work with a certain specialized area such as housekeeping, culinary, catering, front desk, and others. Since the hotel and tourism industry is mainly a people-based industry, possessing people skills is plus in this line.

With dedication and hard work, a person can easily secure the designation of hotel managerial positions. Any graduate is eligible for this course and the course duration ranges from 1 to 2 years.

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8. Mobile App Development

The Internet has taken the world by storm and a large section of the population is mostly online through mobile devices.

This has shifted companies’ and marketer’s focus in the direction of launching mobile applications. This is a new and upcoming field of career where creativity meets technical knowledge.

App development is a smart career choice and if you have an interest in the field you can be assured that you can earn tons of money through it as well.

Just look at the number of apps available on mobiles and tablets today. There is an app for almost every small and big requirement of people.

With some relevant skills imbibed through mobile app development courses, you will be on your way of having a fulfilling and rewarding career. Mobile user interface design, backend computing, cross-platform app development, and other things are taught in such courses.

This would be among the best career options after graduation for those who have an interest in programming and development.

9. Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are going to come to our world in a big way. Knowledge and skills in this subject can result in a very bright career ahead.

A person needs to have programming, mathematical, and statistical knowledge for pursuing Machine learning course.

Machine learning is going to reduce the incidence of human intervention in various tasks that may be redundant and hazardous.

Some real-life implication of machine learning can already be seen in the form of chatbots, search engine result refinement, video surveillance, etc.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are predicted to touch almost all the sectors of the economy. Having relevant skills in this field will enable you to get many job opportunities with high salary packages.

You can opt for several types of machine learning courses; both short term ones or long term ones (post-graduation programs) according to your needs.

10. Diploma in Computer Application

Image result for post graduate diploma in computer application

Now, if your interest lies in computer-related subjects, computer application course can prove to be a great career option for you.

Here you can learn about Database management, Operating systems, MS Office, HTML, Internet applications and others.

Computer knowledge is a highly sought after skill in every field. You can have many different career options after completing this course.

The computer application courses can be quite different from each other. Therefore, analyze carefully whether an institution’s course curriculum aligns well with your needs.

11. Chartered Accountant (CA)

If you are a commerce student then chartered accountancy can be a great career option for you. It is a prestigious title and it also has lucrative monetary benefits.

Institute of Chartered Accountants conducts the CA exam. To become a CA one has to pass three examinations namely IPCC, CPT, and CA.

The IPCC has 2 parts. After passing the first section, a person has to apply for articleship where he/she has to work with a CA for a period of 2.5 years.

After the successful completion of both the section of IPCC and the completion of the articleship, the student can sit for the last clearing exam i.e. the final CA exam. 

The final CA exam also has two sections. After the successful completion of the two sections of the final CA exam, one can start writing the title CA before his/her name.

The eligibility to appear for the CA exam is graduation along with a work experience of 2.5 years. Total duration to become a CA is 3 years. The salary package of a CA can range from 7-20 lakhs.

12. Stock Broking

Stockbroking is a great career option for a graduate in India who is looking for a challenging and exciting career in his life. The minimum qualification required for this career path is a graduate degree preferably with some experience in any stock broking company.

The minimum age required to join a stockbroking firm is 21 years of age. This sector doesn’t only offer the job of a stockbroker but it also offers a variety of jobs such as financial planners, market specialists, financial managers, and others.

If someone truly wishes to be a stockbroker they can opt for post graduation in economics or commerce for a fruitful career in the stock market.

There isn’t specifically any course dedicated to becoming a stockbroker. However, a background in business administration, commerce, and economics can prove helpful.

13. Interior Designing Course

An interior designer is someone who needs to research, plan, and coordinate projects that makes spaces used by people healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Interior designing can be an attractive career option for anyone who has a creative soul.

The minimum educational qualification to start one’s career in this field is graduation. An interior designer chooses the colors, lighting, and other decorative items for a space to make it beautiful yet functional. They mainly have to deliver on the client requirements.

Earning potential in this field largely depends on one’s work popularity. To use the title as an interior designer one may have to acquire some certifications and licenses based on the state law.

To start a career in interior designing a basic understanding and knowledge about the field and the work is required. This can be obtained by going for an interior designing course.

To build a strong career and start earning well a person needs to gain as much practical knowledge as possible in this field by working under an experienced interior designer.

As an interior designer one can earn around 50,000 rupees and more per project. As mentioned earlier the earning potential in this career increases after some years of experience and work popularity.

14. Civil Services

For those who want to do something for the country and have a passion for it, then they need to join the civil services. This is one of the most lucrative opportunities that people have these days.

You can get inside the system and make the desired changes that you want to see in it as well. This way you will get the best opportunities to change the system of the country that you are living in.

Doesn’t that seem like such an amazing opportunity? So why not sit for the civil services examinations and prove something to the world.

Top 11 Courses for a Top-Notch Career

Top 11 Courses for a Top-Notch Career

Wrapping up

These were the different career options after graduation which offers the most job opportunities and high salary packages in the present day.

When the technical fields don’t really interest you that much, you can also opt for a career that is more inclined towards the creative side for sure.

You can be a singer, a writer, a painter, a sculptor and so much more. The opportunities are literally endless, to be honest, and you need to make sure that you are using all the chances that you get.

Each course mentioned here is equally good.

However, the best-suited career option is the one that you are most passionate about.

This is all we have for you today, people. Choose from the career options after graduation and make sure you select the one career option that you genuinely like.

In case you want to choose Digital Marketing Career among the different after graduation career options shared in the post then enrolling in the Digital Marketing Course would be highly beneficial for you.

In case you have any query about the best suited career options after graduation for you? Feel free to ask us in the comments below.

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