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Case of the Week 3 (Social Media | Aug 24-30, 2010): Facebook Advertising

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Lets open up a new shell of Social  Media Insights with our Case of the Week Series

Caset of the Week - Social Media (Facebook Advertising)Case of the Week 3: Facebook Advertising

You are the Community Manage for a large FMCG brand. Your Head of Marketing has given you the job of initiating FB Ads for your community on Facebook. You’ve a limited budget and you want to quickly ramp up the community. Which of the following Facebook Ads metrics/measures will you optimize to fulfill your objectives and Why?
a.) No of Impressions
b.) CTR (Click Through Rate)
c.) AR (Action Rate)
d.) Daily Budget

Correct Answers: b.) CTR ( Click Through Rate)  and c.) Action Rate

Given that the objective is to “quickly ramp up the community” and “there is a limited budget”, it is critical to achieve lower CPC (Cost Per Click) and higher conversions (i.e. more people who visit the page join it). One of the key parameters to reduce the CPC is the CTR (Click Through Rate). Higher CTR leads to lower CPC. And, AR (Action Rate) is the direct measure of conversions. So, optimizing CTR and AR will help you meet your objectives.

And, how do you optimize CTR and AR? CTR is a function of Ad Copy (creative and ad text); having a relevant n attractive image in the ad along with creative text including Call to Action really helps improving CTR. AR is purely a function of quality of the Page including ‘relevancy of the content’, ‘level of engagement’ and ‘presentation – having images etc’.

We hope you find this relevant and useful. If you would like to continuously engage in such cases about Digital Marketing, join us and follow us at our Digital Marketing Learning Community on Facebook. Please feel free to share your inputs and interest areas for future Cases of the Week.

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