Case Study: 3 Pros & Cons If We Should Work on Our Own PPC

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Many of us know, that marketing our website to grow traffic is a very big important deal for our business today. One of the many alternate ways of marketing our website is by using PPC. Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. PPC stands for pay-per-click. It is a mode of internet marketing where advertisers pay each time someone clicks on their website. It is a way of buying visits to your site.

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This also means that you have to spend a lot of money on leads, even though they are unqualified. But, once the person visits your site, you get a chance of converting them into a customer. Even though you may feel that the initial cost is high, PPC advertising gives a return on investment that makes it worth your while.

We have to keep in mind that PPC is going to take up a lot of your time.

Firstly, we have to bid for our ads. The advertiser will let you put your ads up only if you bid the highest. The relevance of the ad will be submitted into account for you to “win” the ad space. You will also have to choose relevant and high value keywords. It is however, necessary to keep analysing the PPC campaign to see if it is giving you your return on investment. As you have to keep changing relevancy to the ad, you may have to discontinue the campaign, change the relevant information and then continue. There will be a lot of changes to make and as we know, practise makes perfect! We will keep learning from our mistakes.

How good of an idea is it to mange our own business paid search advertising?

People have the best intentions when they take on PPC by themselves. Google does make it look easy! There are many smart self-taught business owners and marketers who have success with PPC but they also have their day jobs. It gets very tricky to stay on top of newest paid search features, trends, trying to monitor and optimise the account daily.


Looking at the image above, It gives us a rough idea of how much of re-evaluation has to be re-formed over and over again.

  1. It is your company, you would know better on how much of a budget you would be able to afford.
  2. You would know more about the your company more than public.
  3. Getting creative.

As you can see there is nothing much as a pro pointer as it is not effective for us to handle our own PPC campaign.

As a business owner you already wear several hats and probably have too many things to do. Running a successful PPC campaign requires constant analyzing and optimising to improve the performance. Since you are paying for every click, you need to make sure that the entire campaign is running perfectly.

  1. Bidding too low – by bidding too low, your campaign may not get the exposure it deserves and you will not reach your goals.
  2. Trying to do too much in one ad group – another mistake is to try to make one ad group do many things by including many keyword phrases.
  3. Not keeping up with innovations

It is no secret that PPC is increasing in popularity and the costs are increasing as a result. Unless you have several hours daily to spend toward running your PPC campaign, it would be a wise move to have a professional PPC agency handle it for you. It allows you to focus the other aspects of your business.

Is it a better idea to hire a PPC professional?

It is definitely a better idea to hire a PPC professional, because we don’t have the time to handle every aspect of our PPC. There are so many factors to consider and it requires a lot of out time. We would need to educate our self in many different tools available like, for example Adwords. Google AdWords, is an online advertising service which allows advertisers to compete and display brief advertising copy to web users. The wrong ad copy can prevent customers from clicking on your ads. PPC professionals will study the audience, industry, competition, and goals, to create ad copy that produces conversions.

  • You don’t have the time required to monitor and manage your PPC campaign.
  • AdWords settings can be quite complex.
  • Selecting the correct keywords to target.
  • The wrong ad copy can ruin a campaign before it even begins.
  • Constant tracking, analyzing, and enhancement are required for success.
  • PPC is constantly changing.
  • Professionals can immediately point out problems with your landing page.
  • Keyword research is not easy.

Unless you have some prior PPC experience, you should not attempt to do this yourself. It is better to hire an expert or an agency to handle things for you. Having a PPC professional handle the campaign on your behalf saves you a lot of time. It allows you  to handle and focus more on the other aspects of your business.

Image Credits: Google

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  1. Anuj Gupta

    PPC work is growing day by day. Pay per click has become a basic tool but, do not go overboard with more clicks are better thought. Basically it is used for directing users towards your site.

  2. Salina Kishinchand

    Hi Anuj,
    Thank you for your feedback. Yes, it is not good to go overboard with more clicks are better thought.

    Thanks again,
    Salina Kishinchand


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