Case Study: Evolution of Theorem Inc, a Veteran Digital Marketing Company

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About Theorem Inc.

Theorem Inc., is Technology company focused on Digital marketing. It was founded in the year 2002 in New Jersey by an NRI. Theorem is a pioneer and innovator in digital marketing.

Theorem began its journey at the onset of the digital revolution. The company is now a leading digital marketing partner for over 150 world’s most recognizable organizations.

Leading publishers, Ad networks, technology providers, Ad agencies and brand marketers around the globe have partnered with Theorem for digital media operations’ initiatives.

Theorem was found in Jay Kulkarni’s(CEO) bedroom in West Orange, NJ. Managed it from a four-person startup. The company has been running its operations in India for more than a decade.

Before starting Theorem, Jay was one of the earliest employees at DoubleClick. Jay headed up product management for their advertiser solutions. He was responsible for the DARTmail platform. Jay is a veteran in the online advertising who has launched products that are leaders in the online industry today.

Business Objectives of the Company:

Theorem brings marketing and technology together with new ideas and new ways to cause a revolution in Digital Marketing. It helps connect brands with audiences in the digital world. The company constantly Innovates itself to cater to the evolving needs of Advertising.

Theorem used to provide basic services to the internet advertising industry that began with campaign deployment. Today, Theorem does Ad operations, search operations, Ad Design, Mobile Ads and provides specialized technology and analytical services to digital marketers.

The company basically does three things that involves lot of built-in tasks in each of these three things :

  1. Theorem builds Digital Ads that runs in Apple IPhone, IPad, Android devices, Apps, IOS, and browsers.
  2. Deploy Ads on different kinds of media
  3. And perform custom analytics

Theorem believes design and technology of user interface is changing rapidly. The people who are not tech savvy such as those who live in rural areas are somehow getting to interact with different kinds of user interface.

And also, with respect to mobile apps, theorem believes the Mobile apps have superseded the websites and foresees that every business will need to have a mobile app. Keeping these in mind, the company is set to expand mobile advertising capabilities.

Theorem realizes that the programmatic advertising is growing. Programmatic buying is bidding to take ownership of a particular keyword for a business need. For example, when I google “Phone”, I get a set of search results related to the keyword “Phone”. Companies related to phone industry can bid for the keyword “Phone” to make their business appear on top of the search results.

Approach/Strategy adopted by the company:

Jay realized that digital advertising market was growing. He noticed the need for a company to provide specialized technical and operational services to support digital marketing. This thought led him to the creation of the company.

Theorem combines its domain experience with best practices and an evidence-based approach to deliver truly performance-driven digital marketing and advertising solutions.

Theorem has the foresight and technical expertise to respond to a changing market. What worked two years ago doesn’t necessarily work today, and what works today probably won’t work in two years. Theorem remains agile and consistently innovate to help clients succeed. It helps imagine, design, build, launch, and grow the digital marketing initiatives.

Theorem had a vision to become a leading provider of services for digital operations, and analytics, and technology by providing end-to-end support that speeds digital program activation. Today, Theorem underpins the digital program successes of companies like Rocket Fuel, Epsilon, Hearst, Pandora, and Microsoft.

Results Achieved:

  • Acquired FaR Partners Ltd.
    FaR Partners Ltd. is a consultancy  for media owners and brands.
  • No outside funding. Has been self-sustaining company.
  • 150 world’s most recognizable clients that include Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, New york times, ESPN, Expedia, JOCKEY, The Weather Channel, Rocketfuel, Epsilon, Hearst, Pandora
  • Theorem launched its Proprietary Data Analytics tool called Theorem Analytics™, an innovative solution to gather data from online campaigns for Digital marketing.

  • 35% annual compounded growth YOY
  • Affiliations: ad:tech, AdMonsters, Association of Online Publishers (AOP UK), Digiday (DPAC), Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), iMedia Connection, Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), Mobile Marketer, OMMA (MediaPost), SXSW (South by Southwest)
  • Certifications: Digital ad operations certified from IAB., ISO 27001 Certified, ISO 9001:2008, Studio Certified – Doubleclick

What we can learn from Theorem:

Theorem’s tag line: “Seeing what’s possible”

There is a solution if you see clearly what could be different possibilities.

Evolving with technology

Theorem saw that technology can create a profound effect on how we market a product or create a brand. With the help of technology, digital marketing can make lot of difference. There is a need for Digital market to evolve with technology.

User’s data

Lot of user’s data is being collected on the internet space through various sources. The data can be used to make strategic decisions in terms of creating a brand, selling a product, or converting leads to customers.

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic buying and selling or programmatic advertising is a pretty new concept in the advertising world. The Concept is growing where people bid to buy a keyword to make their business appear on search results.

Image Credits: Theorem Inc

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