Case Study: Foodpanda Became Google of Online Food Ordering

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About Foodpanda:

Foodpanda is the best online food ordering site in India. It connects people and the best restaurants together. It delivers in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and many other cities, Foodpanda has the highest reach in India. You have to enter your post code and can search for cuisine type, restaurants or even price. The restaurant index also includes address and delivery hours. No online food delivery is too difficult for Foodpanda. The use of Digital Marketing Strategies has played a huge role in the making of it as a brand.

Nature of Business:

  • B2C service restaurant menus, customer reviews and 4000 restaurants spread over 40 cities.
  • With just a few clicks one can order from a wide variety of delicious online cuisines.
  • Target audience almost anyone with an android phone.
  • Food & e-commerce Industry.

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Foodpanda’s achievements till date:

Foodpanda was founded in the year 2012 in Singapore and within a year they expanded themselves to 16 other countries. They’ve been consistently growing each month.Till the time they are operating in 40 countries including Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia and many more. They’ve used their strategies and marketing campaigns to ensure that every month they offer something new & fresh to the their customers in terms of offers, food festivals, social media contests, etc.Moreover in India

  •  They’ve grown to become one of the largest food ordering portals
  •  Built a network of 2000+ partners including some of the well known brands like: Pizza Hut, Subway, Nirula’s, Baskin Robbins, Mast Kalandar, Faasos, Dominoes, Moti Mahal and many more. They have each and every restaurant in their list which is street restaurant or some elite one.
  •  They have  steadily ‘shaped the market’ towards ordering food online, instead of ordering on phone or going for take aways one could simply order it using app on phones or online.

Where do Foodpanda see itself after 5 years:

They aim to be the Google of online food ordering.

Approach and Strategies Adopted by Foodpanda

1.Email Marketing: 

As email marketing is one of the best ways to retarget the customers and they are using it pretty well. With big brands, great discounts & food festivals, they make sure that they always have something new for the customer. They always make sure that a customer’s first experience is something that the customer appreciates and remembers. Retargeting customers with alluring offers like this have been a great strategy and helped them to stay connected.

foodpanda online order page

2. Social Media Marketing:

Given below is the one of the campaigns used by Foodpanda in the year 2013

Foodpanda used this campaign as a part of digital marketing strategies to allure the customers in the year 2013

Objectives of this Campaign:

  • It was a promotional campaign to increase visibility and sales. To attract customers and to gain their trust.


People need to use the code “IPAD” while placing the order online, and this makes them eligible for the content. The more times you order, increases your chances for winning the iPad. There is no limit on number of entries per person.

Positives (in the year 2013):

They have used Social Media to increase sales on their website. By not limiting entries per person, makes users participate multiple times to increase their chances on winning. A good number of people order food online, owing to the restaurant and cuisine options available.

Conclusion (in the year 2013): has been doing a commendable job on social media so far with over 39k likes and 1200+ followers. The contest however is very simple and less visible

However, if we compare this campaign of year 2013 to present year campaigns we can surely see the milestones Foodpanda has achieved in terms of popularity,  trustworthy customers, and much more.

The picture below clearly depicts the statistics

foodpanda competitors facebook followers

Foodpanda’s Facebook page shows its popularity on Facebook as it has 2,011,066 likes for its page and regular updating of offers and interaction through social media help them to stay connected and maintain their brand value.

Foodpanda on Twitter with such large number of followers and tweets are definitely results  of powerful social media marketing.

How to best leverage social media marketing:

It is really important to know the customer experience.There is a wise saying: “You can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.” Therefore, it is an immense thing to look at your business from outsider’s perspective. So it become important to take the feedback from the customers and social media is the best way to engage your customers and get their feedback and in turn act accordingly.

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To keep ur business at the top another vital thing is offer added value i.e. give your customers something they are really interested in for example discounts to show them the value of product or service or downloading ebooks, free assistance etc.

Another thing is ramp up online reviews and to see whether your customers are telling good about your product or service to others and do answer their queries this shows the sense of responsibility.

It is important to revisit your Social media strategyNo matter how long your business has been on social media, it’s always prudent to review goals, access your success and make any needed changes. Pulling back from one platform and switching it up on another may be just the thing you need to freshen up your presence and become more effective.

3.Mobile Marketing:

When foodpanda entered the market three years ago, it faced perception issue as many thought it to be restuarant others food supplier and rest delivery company. Three years later everybody has a clear picture what it exactly does and it is now present in 40 countries.

When we think about the success of foodpanda and what it did to raise its perception and awareness amongst people the credits mainly goes to mobile marketing.

Foodpanda user friendly application and easy availability tempts customer to access it anywhere anytime.

The advertisement like foodpanda is in your pocket clearly signifies to customers about its easy availability in google playstore, apple playstore.

foodpanda mobile strategy


As it is an e-commerce business so the best strategy they used is to target the customers when they are online in front of their computers and encourage them to try Foodpanda. That is why their focus have always been on digital marketing strategies. They have used above three strategies that is email marketing, social marketing and mobile marketing to its best use and that is why Foodpanda has evolved to be the big brand.

In the case of mobile marketing what is important:

Time spent on mobile is skyrocketing but what marketers should not forget is that consumers may download many apps, but only spend a bulk of their time on a few of them.

“Creating and maintaining apps can have a large upfront expense, and be a resource drain to keep updated. But if you have a sound business reason behind your development it will be easier to measure your success.

In the case of email marketing what is important

Not to spam and irritate customer once they have unsubscribed you it is important to respect their decision and work hard to show your quality.

Image credits: Google and foodpanda

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    Does digital marketing is also beneficial for offline restaurants? If yes how?

  2. Sarita Gupta

    nice blog….thanks for sharing a great blog….In today’s era people have reached to mobile phone and most of the restaurants are moving themselves into online platform by publish android application to grab business from online platform.


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