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Case Study: How IBM Leveraged Social Media To Create Engagement?

Case Study: How IBM Leveraged Social Media To Create Engagement?

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Excellent Webinar session delivered by Ranjini Rao and Mohammed Danish that covered details on leveraging social media in an impeccable manner to drive business relevance. Nowadays, Marketers are looking into ways and means to use social media channels and nevertheless, there is a huge outburst of social media channels. From Facebook to Twitter and LinkedIn, people do not have relevant knowledge and information on the correct usage of these channels, especially from a business perspective. Therefore, the social media wave is shifting from liking to leading. In fact enterprises have also started catching on this wave to run their businesses and be there where their audiences are available.

In large enterprises, social technologies are being used to improve business processes and enhance client experience. That’s when we say that social media is changing the way people are interacting today.

Some of the questions that were addressed during the session were:

Q. What was the impact of your promotion on various social channels including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, where you actually promoted your campaign on the number of delegates? Was there any specific method through which you measured that?

A. To this question Danish answered, ‘This promotion basically solved multiple challenges. It was not just about getting the business contacts as were able to change the impression of what social stands for. In fact we were able to generate this community in just 3 months. From just 26 people engagement, we converted that number to 1000 and that actually became a live community for us. Not just from business, but if you see from a social angle, people usually struggle to create such communities. This also helped us to set up a community on Facebook, which is still live and where regular posts and promotions are done. Overall, it has become a perennial channel for us.’

Q. Are there any actions taken to follow-up leads on social channel in days after the event?

A. To this question Ranjini answered that they created a post event Thank You EDM, which was sent to all the attendees. Apart from this, social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook were leveraged to the fullest to send a ‘Thank You’ message. That’s how they closed the entire engagement.

For those, that could be put on a nurture stream were sent 3 touches of EDMs, which was relevant to track the attended or topic that were interested in.

To this answer, Kapil, Co-founder of Digital Vidya added that from lead nurturing point of view, if you can somehow link your social interaction with the CRM tool that your sales executive are using, can definitely help you in converting the leads.

Q. While decent number of delegates participated, what were the challenges faced to make sure that a right individual participates?

A. To this question, Danish answered that we had a dedicated registration process through which people could come and register and there was a database team that was all the time engaged with the audience who were registering and taking informed decisions on who can come and attend and who cannot. There were also instances when we had to say ‘no’ to the people, but not in a disappointing fashion. There was a team dedicated to only monitor the registrations. If any individual was found unsuitable, they were guided towards the online version of the event.

To know more about the questions addressed during the session, you can view the recording below.

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