Case Study on GoGusto Rides: A Digital Campaign to Build Brand Recognition

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Case study on GoGusto rides, a digital campaign to build brand recognition, conversations and generate engagement around the award winning scooter Mahindra Gusto.

mahindra-gustoAbout GoGusto

Mahindra GoGusto is the first global scooter from MTWL in September 2014.The 110cc scooter has features such as a height adjustable seat. Lamps and Flip keys that was seen in Mahindra cars and 110cc scooters. Mahindra Two Wheeler’s Limited is part of the USD 16.9 billion Mahindra Group.

Objectives of the GoGusto Campaign

To build brand recognition re conversations and generate engagement around the Mahindra Gusto with the digital audience.

It was important that potential customers not only see the scooter being ridden on the road.They should have the opportunity to interact with people . To find a way to translate these experiences to the digital audience.

The Strategy for GoGusto Campaign

The Idea

Digital campaign  brings together interesting and passionate people.It enabled them to explore the things they love for Mahindra Gusto scooters.

These journeys on the digital space, allowing fans  to watch and follow. Few lucky members of the digital audience were also given the chance to participate in this journey.


One of the biggest and popular interests for the digital audience is Food.

With influential food bloggers such as Kalyan Karmakar , Amrita Rana , Nandita , Archana to create the “Go Gusto Rides”  a  food themed scooter ride.

A three phase digital strategy were developed around the Go Gusto Rides to address the objectives of the campaign.

Phase 1: Building  A Buzz around the GoGusto Rides

A week before the GoGusto Rides the food bloggers took entire week to explore the local eateries or markets.The food bloggers documented on their rides and explorations in their blogs ,Facebook and twitter  profiles.

Through Facebook posts and tweets, began seeding  of the GoGusto scooter ride with the food community,giving the digital community a chance to ride the Gusto scooter .The food bloggers  creating a buzz around the GoGusto Rides .They started introducing their followers and audience to this concept of the food theme of scooter ride.

Phase 2: The Day of the GoGusto Rides

Go Gusto arranged  food rides for Food  bloggers and the participants rode a fleet of Gusto scooters. They following a special route to iconic restaurants in Mumbai and Bangalore.Bloggers and the participants live-tweeted the entire ride .They sharing regular updates, pictures and videos in real time s the digital audience could follow along.They share recommendations for dishes to eat and participate in the discussions around the Go Gusto Rides.

Phase 3: GoGusto Rides Films

These rides allows a larger digital community to experience the GoGusto Rides. To see a fleet of Gusto scooters and participate in discussions around the scooter and the rides.The films got promoted on  Facebook and twitter. And  through advertisements and content seeing in the form of mobile and network video ads.


  • Go Gusto Rides Mumbai and Bangalore edition was a cumulative campaign reach of more than 4 million digital users across Facebook and Twitter.
  •  Hashtag #GoGustoRides saw more than 21.5 million times on Twitter and had more than 159 million timeline deliveries.
  • #GoGustoRides was one of the top trending topics of conversation on Twitter in India on at least 5 separate days.
  • More than 73 lakh joined the campaign.
  •  Digital films documenting  (Bangalore and Mumbai) rides gathered more than 38 lakh views.
  • The GoGusto Rides campaign was  covered in numerous digital publications.


Introducing, Mahindra Gusto to food lovers in India and convey that the Mahindra Gusto is a scooter for people. For those people who wish to explore their passions, and to  build a brand connect.This enabled to build a trust and authenticity in the conversations around the GoGusto Rides and the Mahindra Gusto scooters.

Image Credits: Mahindra GoGusto

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