Case Study On Personalization At Scale: Startup Stardom in the Digital Market

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Personalisation at scale by daily objects

Daily Objects

Online Shopping for Mobile Cases & Laptop SleevesĀ  in India

Personalization at Scale. The concept is and will be tested and results observed. The Facebook page of the company states that is the premier Indian case seller offering over 5000 designer smartphone and laptop cases for more than 100 models of global smartphone brands and Apple MacBooks. Today, using some of the most advanced technology available for printing and manufacturing they have become the country’s largest seller in premium cases. They sell premium customizable and designer cases that have licensed art from some of the best graphic designers and illustrators from all over the world.

The mission statement:

The Delhi-based startup established in June 2012 was started by Pankaj Garg and Saurav Adlakha.

DailyObjects strives to raise the bar for product design & originality in the country. DailyObjects are manufactured using advanced technologies to provide customers with products that are as durable as they are delightful. The company stands behind its products with an industry-leading warranty policy and a level of customer service previously unseen in India.


Their growth has been steady and fruitful. To show this more accurately with facts and figures… a quick check with shows interesting stats as follows:

Dec 2015 visits were scored at 150,000. Top Visitors are from India, obviously, but US, Mexico, UAE and UK as well.
Averaging a time of 6.00 Mins, with a Bounce Rate of 32%. Which is great as it shows the material is engaging and causes the viewer to browse through.
Traffic sources show Direct visits with a healthy 25% and A great job on SEO as more than half 53% of the traffic was from search again breaking it with more than 92% of organic search and 7% from paid source. Referrals were 12% with social and mail ranging in at 7 and 1 %. Display ads were less than 0.5% though.

Dailyobjects by simple terms makes accessories as Premium Cases for phones. Smart Phones and Macbook sleeves. No surprises there. But as a start-up these guys didn’t have enough money (I am guessing, no offense) or may be no intention to spend a hefty amount on say… Advertising! So, like any smart entrepreneurial venture they did what was the obvious choice. They took the social route. Cost-effective, Efficient and Cool. Because entrepreneurs like that.

Now a days these guys have collaborative pieces on cell-phone covers with designers from all over the world. You can design? Good! Then why not get paid by these people?

Zomato just shook hands with them in what is a most creative way foodies can show and flaunt their love. Which is great. An entire new section for food lovers and Zomato fans with frankly, some great designs.


Hard to believe they were struggling to break-even a few months ago. And look now these guys have registered sales in the positive side of 1Cr INR each month (as according to a leading newspaper interview) and the social campaigns and facebook and twitter feeds are filled with thank-you notes and special offers. They did the first time shopping discount of Rs 100/- which is catchy as well. So, the success speaks for itself.


Personalization at Scale is possible…

1. They have also created a viable portal and showcase for upcoming and worthy artists to actually have a solid backing to show on their resume. There’s always an opening on their site for “Wanted” a graphics designer/illustrator. So they are in-turn actually, in real measurable amount helping another industry, and people grow. They have been smart about the way they have used “personalization and customization” in an area where it has already been existing. People go to great lengths to make a product their own. Changing the ringtones, wallpapers, icons and custom themes etc. Only one of the reasons why Android smartphones became so popular. They tapped into the creative psyche of the masses, capitalised on Personalization at Scale… A market potential is only as good as it’s most basic understanding.

2. I have a feeling that physical stores aren’t going to go extinct. They may actually become a part of the Eco-system, I for one wouldn’t be surprised if they become a huge secondary aspect, but infact a very important aspect. And I’ve been saying this for too long. As is stated with they may be taking a serious consideration for a physical store too sometime in the future. So, actual stores and retail chains may still have a way to evolve and emerge on a new level. They are aggressively marketing their products and brands throughout the social platform, and will be showcasing their premium products with apple stores and have in view of expanding business center to Bangluru and Mumbai.

3. Any going to the mission statement is just bizarre talk if business profitability isn’t shown in numbers, and by numbers I mean money. It’s a business at the end of it all. Persistence and finding innovative solutions and ideas to overcome some obstacles and sometimes just believing in the idea to stick to it is all it takes. But, that said not all can be achieved. It’s good to take things slow sometimes. Building brand takes time and a lot of patience. Positioning once set can become a great friend and if it backfires… well that can be one of the biggest obstacle in itself. Choose wisely. Their last best known news headline is a fine example with Zomato.

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