Case Study On RS Component’s Successful Digital Marketing Implementation

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About RS Components

RS Component is an electronic catalog selling or product distribution company, with Headquarter in the UK and spread across 32 countries, and have a catalog of 500,000 electronic products from the stable of reputed brands like Schneider, Siemens, ABB, Bussman etc. They are the world largest distributor for electronics and maintenance products.

RS Components Objectives

RS Components being spread across the universe, wanted to give a catalogued solution for Industrial end users where they get a single access to buy branded products online and maximize the dependency on the user interface that creates a differentiation for Industries as the user doesn’t mind paying a premium if they get an international brand available at every place in the world of manufacturing.

Even with such a huge selection of products, it’s easy to find the products customer needs fast by either using the RS Catalogue, or through website. The advanced search functionality offered by the website together with the traditional printed RS Catalogue provides powerful ways to find the products and information one need.


 The website based business was not growing much as the international brands spread out globally to enhance the availability of the products in different countries, that made RS components vulnerable to customer choice of buying the product at cheapest available source in the market(s).

Strategy Adopted

The organization went from being an online shop to electronic design engineering company using an online tool of The tool is a success in electronic development and The electronic product distribution company created a specific social hub, spanning four different languages, having the purpose of being a collaboration and engagement hub for Electronic Design Engineering. One of the centrepieces of the site is the free tool store, which includes a free design tool that’s been downloaded more than 60,000 times and the site itself gathered more than 45,000 members within its first 12-month period.

RS Tools

They also have a tool that is free for engineers to download and use for better connect with RS Components.  Also in terms of content marketing, they have a specific section to promote the content people look forward to and also ensuring the data is captured well for using in future for email campaigns and PPC that they use in their websites.

They also have an online knowledge section that they run as campaigns for enhancing skills for engineers involved in electronics development, that attract many technopreneurs to use the website.

Content RS

They hired Greenlight agencies also to increase its SEO in three markets of the world, i.e. The UK, France and Germany. The agenda were threefolds:

1. Make an Offline catalog company a preferred Online e-commerce organization

2. Find a way to access the inventory levels and release the latent SEO value for liquidation

3. Deliver a 300% increase in SEO in the named markets/countries.

Results Achieved

The results achieved shared the real success the SEO and digitization can do for a B2B online retailer. The key results were 1300% increase in visibility in google UK, Germany and France, 1000% increase in revenue generation from online channel representing 12 Million GBP of incremental revenues and keyword set for enhancing the efficiency.

And, indeed, RS’ objective was to increase conversion through increasing relevancy of communications with email automation. New opted-in users enter the campaign contact flow, and receive different emails depending on their position in the lifecycle. The key parts to this contact flow are the ‘welcome’, ‘nursery’, ‘maintain’ and ‘lapse’ programmes. RS began with some key automated emails, and moved on to slot more triggered messages into the customer lifecycle.

RS Components now handles around 60 percent of its sales online, meaning it’s imperative the website is optimized to drive conversions and is as simple as possible for customers to use. They also have started working on webtrends giving different experiences for customer who come online for the first time and those who relogin for another purchase with a customized message of welcome back.

Following testing of the home page, RS Components saw a 3 percent increase in conversion for returning visitors. The basket accessories test saw a 22 percent uplift in average order value


The online retailer once had an image of putting everything online for ease of buying of B2B customers, but with digital framing of content and on top of it the webtrend analysis with strong SEO and SEM in defined locations bringing the growth for RS components, the rules of the game has changed and the first mover advantage taken by RS Components will redefine the way online business will trend in future for all B2B product lines across the verticals or businesses. Now we see a trend in B2B space of products aggregator in both offline and online scenario, and digital marketing focus shall be of great focus for all the organization in this space.

Source: Interview of Guy McGrath and Hugh Kimber of Webtrends along with RS components India office inputs were taken for this post.

Image Credits: RS components website and

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