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About is India’s no.1 media platform for entrepreneurs, dedicated to passionately championing and promoting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India.

Since its inception, YourStory has profiled stories of over 15,000 entrepreneurs, and has provided business networking opportunities to over 50,000 entrepreneurs via our conferences and meetups. YourStory’s website reaches out to 5 million niche readers from India and across the world. Our community of followers on social networks and newsletter subscribers is the largest in India in this segment. We are agnostic to sector and scale, covering entrepreneurs, startups and business ideas from web, mobile, cloud, e-commerce, enterprise to social, green and creative domains among others. YourStory works closely with a network of partners ranging across Corporate, Venture Capital and Government bodies. YourStory’s team will create original content in Indian languages starting with Hindi, Telugu, Bangla, Kannada, Tamil and Marathi.


In a world where we are chasing to make  ends meet the need, here is a company whose only need is to highlight you  & promote your effort across the globe. Is this a business idea? How strange is to  publish someone else’s story? What would they get out of it? These are just some of the questions that would run across your mind, but believe me this is what is all about. In a start-up ecosystem where we are at present, daily we hear news of a new start-up or a merger or buy out & amongst this there is someone who is proud to announce & reward your effort to the world by publishing it on their website. Doesn’t that sound rewarding, it surely does & that’s what is here to tell the world your story & to enable your story. YourStory is taking its boldest step yet as it embarks on its mission to reach out to the over 500 million Indians who will be online in 2017.

Strategy Adopted By

It’s been almost 2 years since I have been an ardent follower of this start-up & have always fantasized the way these guys have been growing with this very unconventional mode of business. has a clear cut strategy to target the youth & business professionals come at a platform & discuss their journey & inspire many others in the run. With its growing popularity day after day & the content it surely has caught the fancy of many Multinationals, Venture Capitalists, Fund Raising companies & many more who are looking for the right business ventures to source themselves upon. You can find their growing likeness among all social media sites from Facebook to Linkedin & thats what their strategy of promotion has been over the years. For a generation that is more active on social sites rather then their own lives is where found its right fit to reach out & shout loud of someone’s latest achievement by popularizing them on all their platforms. has in real sense given wings to fly for the start-up generation & also a sense of belief to believing in themselves.

Results Achieved:

Seeing them grow literally from 70k likes in 2013 to around 306k likes on FB & an amazing base of subscribers on their youtube channel with a growing follower base of 83k followers on Twitter. We have heard of businesses, funding & their expansion usually when its a real big deal or a giant multinational taking it over but had never heard of any stories whose walk is quiet but interesting in its own way & these are those companies who although dream BIG but within no time fail to reach their desired goal. But now with the ladder seems to be quite easier for the growing number of start-up aspirants.


Irrespective of the business model one decides to work upon, what matters is the belief you have for the venture, the faith you carry all across your journey to reach the destination. How well you can connect with the audience is something of utmost importance, what are the conventional & unconventional ways you see for your business. For a brand like its a clear vision to be present where the today’s generation lies & to continuously reward the upcoming talent & find out the various ways to scale them up.

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