Case Study: ‘Stellar Data Recovery’ Used SEO To Increase Site Traffic By 400%

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About “Stellar Data Recovery”         Stellar Logo

Stellar Data Recovery (Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.) is one of the best data recovery service providers in data recovery industry in India and it provides a wide range of data recovery services & solutions. The organization was established in 1993. The corporate office is at Gurgaon and also has one of the world’s most advanced technological lab for advance data recovery from all instances of physical damages.

Stellar has established itself as a market leader in terms of delivering absolutely risk-free recovery to more than 2 million satisfied clients across the globe, with its proprietary data recovery service techniques, Skilled data recovery experts, In-house R&D team and state-of-the-art infrastructure of CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM labs.

Stellar recovers data from any instance of data loss – be it virus attack, accidental deletion, RAID failure or any system crash due to hardware/software malfunction with its expertise in File Recovery, Email Recovery, Hard Drive Recovery, Server Recovery, SSD Recovery, RAID Recovery (all configurations) etc.

Stellar expertise a vast range of data recovery, protection, backup and safe data eraser software to offer its customers the best data disaster solution. Their data recovery services and software supports all major operating systems including UNIX, Windows, LINUX, Novell and Macintosh.

The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and has offices in all major cities and state capitals in India including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Noida, Vashi.

Stellar’s Business Objectives

The business objective of Stellar was to expand in the field of software and services related to data recovery. Their services, software and data safety hard drive can retrieve lost data as well as prevent data loss. They wished to expand to markets in the Europe, UK and USA, having touched a great success in this niche category in the Indian market. They also wanted to optimize their site in numerous European languages.

Approach / Strategy adopted by Stellar

They decided to get their website search engine optimized (SEO) as they found it to be the best way to reach out to a larger market and more clientele. The main objective was to get more exposure outside India, especially in Europe, UK and USA.


There were very few pages in the website of Stellar, which was completely against the SEO standards. Its design was also not of an appreciable standard. Initially Stellar management wanted to optimize their website for search engines against two set of keywords.

The primary objective of Stellar was to achieve greater visibility across all search engines for those two set of keywords. later on, they increased the list of keywords and made it more challenging for the service partner. Those keywords were some of the most competitive keywords worldwide and highly ambitious  in nature.

Stellar wanted their target audience to visit their site and download their software products and try them for free. They also wanted their brochures and manuals to be downloaded and read. Hence, downloads were extremely important in this campaign. The manuals in .pdf format also required to be optimized. Their roll-over menus and Java Scripts were also one of the other problematic areas.


The SEO team spent two diligent months over this assignment and final came up with brilliant results. They worked closely with Stellar’s sales team in order to know their requirements and match it with the delivery. The SEO team went through all brochures and product literatures to gain in-depth knowledge of the company and their data recovery products.

The SEO experts extended client’s top rankings to several major sites and they experienced direct results. Their site traffic increased by 400%, out of which 50% came from search engines. Their sales through their website affirmed a growth of 75%. Moreover, downloads were also increased 10 times. Another significant achievement was optimizing the site in other languages as well, which includes Italian, French, Spanish, Deutsch and many other European languages.

Results achieved by Stellar

  • Software downloads increased by 10 times: Visitors have started downloading free softwares available on their website to use and evaluate them; and then depending on their satisfactory level, visitors converted in to their customers by registering for paid versions of those data recovery softwares and other useful softwares available on their website.
  • Their site traffic increased by 400%: As result of their SEO campaign, more number of target audience started visiting their website and in turn, their site traffic was increased by around 400%.
  • Search engines brought 50% of their traffic: All search engines put together, brought more than 50% of their total site traffic.
  • Sales through website grew by 75%: As the site traffic was increased drastically, the sales through website also saw a sharp peak by more than 75%.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help grow any business irrespective of new geography, new product/service, or a completely new organization as well. This is the fastest way to reach the mass of your target audience and thus increase the business in a very short span of time, if it is applied in the best possible way it can be.

Image Credits: Stellar

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