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During the onset of the Digital Week later in the last month, a lot of buzz happened around the concept of digitization and its impact on different spheres. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also strongly advocated the urge to gain knowledge of the digital fraternity and excel in this field, thus being enabled to compete with the contemporaries. Radio City logo

Interestingly enough, Asia’s leading Digital Marketing training company- Digital Vidya that has been into existence for over 5 years now got to put across about themselves live on air and that too on Radio City 91.1, the best and the largest place for music discovery from across 20 cities.

Having successfully trained over 11,000 professionals in several domains of digital marketing and conducted over 500 digital marketing trainings, Digital Vidya which is acclaimed as the pioneer in the field of digital marketing has leveraged upon the most sought after and wide-spread medium to reach out to masses at large and that is through radio! Yes, what better could be to connect with the audience at large than through radio. RJ Aadi Radio City

RJ’s of one of the most liked radio channel’s Radio City 91.1 readily spread a word about this digital marketing training company. You can listen to how RJ Aadi makes a mention of Digital Vidya:

Here are other two mentions of Digital Vidya on this much-listened radio channel, Radio City. Did you hear those?

RJ Ginnie Radio CityDigital Vidya also got to spread a word about it through RJ Ginnie‘s awesome voice. You can listen to it right through below audio:


Interestingly, amongst several participants of Digital Vidya’s Certified Digital Marketing Master Course (CDMM), one name that stands out is a renowned name in the radio industry. Her voice has left many mesmerized. She is none other than RJ Simran. She shared about her digital life with Digital Vidya through a video testimonial which is as follows:

Image Credits: radio.releasemyad, staneja, onestepup

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