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How to Write a Case Study for Your Blog?

Case Studies are a powerful weapon to show proof of credibility to your target audience that you are the best. When you portray your expertise and bring your success stories to light by accurately knowing how to write a case study in a conversion-oriented manner, converting leads into customers becomes a cakewalk. A case study […]

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What is a Personal Blog? How to Create your First Blog?

Want to create a personal blog? Then this post will unravel the mystery behind personal blogging in the most comprehensive and result-driven manner possible. So, first thing first, what is Personal Blog and why do you need it? The Significance of Personal Blog Every person who wishes to convey a message to someone has to […]

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What is Guest Blogging & the Way to Do It – Full Guide

What is Guest Blogging? “Guest Blogging” is the most popular yet underutilized methodology of SEO. You might have heard people saying – “We are doing a guest blog post for our website and it is very effective?” “If your post gets a lot of traffic, social shares and comments, the blog owner will most likely accept […]

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Content Showdown: SEMrush Challenges Indian Marketers with Big Blogging Contest

Online visibility tool suite SEMrush has a huge presence in India with a formidable community of marketers, using it for a variety of digital marketing-related tasks, such as creating templates for their content, getting a breakdown of their web traffic stats, identifying keywords that can work for them, or looking at their competitors’ ad copies. […]

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How to Start a Blog- Beginner’s 5 Step Guide

Do you want to know how to start a blog? Are you confused about choosing a free blog or paid one? –Then this post will help you understand everything in 5 simple steps. No technical expertize is needed – & – it is going to be much simpler than what you have ever imagined. However, […]

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10 Tips to get High Paying Blogging Jobs

Getting started as a Freelance blogger is easy and satisfying only when you have enough blogging jobs in your hand. Consistency in freelance jobs is the main problem that freelance bloggers regularly face. Sometimes they get tons of articles request in a month, but other time, they may not get any new blogging jobs online. […]

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