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Top 5 Data Science Projects For Beginners

Any aspiring data scientist should have many data science projects as part of his/her CV. Interviewers evaluate your technical knowledge, not by degrees you possess but based on what you can do and bring value to the organization. Hence, it is essential to work on data science projects right from the initial stages of your […]

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Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions On Linear Regression

Analyzing data is vital in today’s era of computers. There is tremendous scope for data scientists and data analysis in the industry today. The companies recruiting these data scientists would naturally interview them to understand their capability. One of the favorite topics on which the interviewers ask questions is ‘Linear Regression.’ Here are some of […]

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The Top 5 Clustering Algorithms Data Scientists Should Know

Clustering Algorithms are essential aspects of Data Science. Evert data scientist should be aware of the concept of clustering algorithms and its significance. Before we go on to discuss the top 5 clustering algorithms that data scientists should know, we shall briefly see what clustering is and how it can help in Data Science. What […]

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Rohan Chikorde – Data Scientist, General Mills: Rising Star in the Data Science Industry

Rohan Chikorde is a Data Scientist in one of the world’s leading food company – General Mills. He has completed his Computer Engineering from G.V.I.T, Mumbai and holds a Post-Graduation in Data Science from S.P Jain School of Global Management. In General Mills, he is working in the core Data Science team working on multiple […]

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Abirami R. – Data Scientist, Flutura: Rising Star in the Big Data & Analytics Industry

Abirami R works as a Data Scientist in Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics for over 2.5 years. Being fond of Mathematics since childhood made her pursue pure Science. She holds a Master’s Degree in Statistics from Bangalore University and a triple major Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics. Abirami’s interest and passion for […]

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