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6 Types of Email Marketing to Capture B2B Clients

When it comes to Busing to Business (B2B) Marketing, email is still considered as one of the best and quickest channels of communication that helps in sending & receiving important data & information. Different types of Email Marketing campaigns can help you reach to your target business and convert them as your partner. We shall go […]

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Five Reasons Email Personalization Will Boost Your ROI Now

     -     Jun 1st, 2018   -     Email Marketing, Guest Posts   -     0 Comments   -    

Email marketing has the potential to provide a return on investment of 38 dollars for every dollar spent according to That’s a staggering ROI, but you’ll only see these kinds of returns if an email is done right by taking into account the specific needs and desires of your customers. To that end, personalization […]

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10 Best Email Marketing Agencies in India

Despite being the oldest online marketing medium, Email Marketing is still considered the most powerful medium to generate leads and ensure conversions. With the evolution of the Digital World, Email Marketing has soared as well in the recent past, and in today’s time, no one can deny the importance that Email Marketing Agencies hold in targeting […]

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How to do Email Marketing: Learn the basics

1. What is Email Marketing To know how to do Email Marketing, you need to be very clear about what Email Marketing is and how relevant it is for your business. Simply defining, then Email Marketing is an Internet Marketing practice that is used for promoting businesses by sending emails, bulletins, and newsletters. Advertisers need […]

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How to Become an Email Marketing Consultant: Beginner’s Guide

Do you know more than 60% of customers react to the marketing promotions targeted to them via email? Even, Emails create 40X chances of converting a customer compared to other Social Marketing Channels- And all this creates great career opportunities for an adept Email Marketing Consultant. If you do your share of research, you can […]

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Beginner’s Email Marketing Tutorial to learn A to Z of Email Campaigns

To target your current and potential customers, the oldest method is Email Marketing- And hands down, it is the most useful and contemporary one as well.  We all know that we can never ignore an email, does not matter how much we want to ignore it. We ought to open it so we do not […]

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10 Interview Questions for Email Marketing to Crack Job Interviews

If you are going for an Email Marketing Job Interview then knowing the most likely Interview Questions for Email Marketing that your interviewer might ask is must to be on top to crack it. This blog comprises some of the most important and latest Email Marketing Interview Questions and Answers right from basics to advanced […]

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Learn What is Email Marketing in 5 Simple Steps

Despite the quantum leap of social media, mobile marketing, and SEO, Email Marketing is still quite relevant. Even today, it is arguably one of the most profitable means of marketing, but you have to exactly know What is Email Marketing and how to do it right. Email Marketing is popular since the inception of Online […]

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Top 6 Latest Trends To Follow In Email Marketing

Email, when used as a marketing tool to deliver a commercial message to a person or group of people, is termed as Email Marketing. Since there has been an increase in the number of internet users in the world from few years, Email Marketing comes as an effective tool for brands and companies from various […]

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Learn Email Marketing | Step by Step Beginner’s Guide

Email marketing is one of the oldest yet the most relevant segments of Online Marketing Campaigns. Email Marketing Campaigns use emails for developing relationships with potential and existing customers to ensure lead generations and conversions. To learn Email Marketing, it is important to comprehend what Email Marketing is, why email marketing plays a significant role in […]

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