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Learn What is Email Marketing in 5 Simple Steps

Despite the quantum leap of social media, mobile marketing, and SEO, Email Marketing is still quite relevant. Even today, it is arguably one of the most profitable means of marketing, but you have to exactly know What is Email Marketing and how to do it right. It is popular since the inception of Online Marketing […]

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Top 6 Latest Trends To Follow In Email Marketing

Email, when used as a marketing tool to deliver a commercial message to a person or group of people, is termed as Email Marketing. Since there has been an increase in the number of internet users in the world from few years, Email Marketing comes as an effective tool for brands and companies from various […]

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Learn Email Marketing | Step by Step Beginner’s Guide

Email marketing is one of the oldest yet the most relevant segments of Online Marketing Campaigns. Email Marketing Campaigns use emails for developing relationships with potential and existing customers to ensure lead generations and conversions. To learn Email Marketing, it is important to comprehend what Email Marketing is, why email marketing plays a significant role in […]

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How to Write an Email Marketing Resume that HRs Choose | Email Marketing Resume Sample

Are you looking for an Email Marketing Job? Do you want to build an effective Email marketing resume that HRs fix on? -Then this article is just best fit for you. Apart from the free Email Marketing Resume Sample, I shall discuss important areas like Email Marketing skills, ways to search Email Marketing Jobs and […]

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How To Become A Successful Email Marketing Campaign Manager?

As per MarketingSherpa 60% of customers still prefer to receive marketing promotions and offers through email. McKinsey even states that emails have 40 times higher chance of acquiring a customer as compared to other social media platforms. And according to the Data & Marketing Association’s 2017 study, email marketing remains the best digital marketing channel […]

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Email Marketer’s Key to a Healthy Subject Line

Email, ever since its inception, has been the subtly effective leader as a marketing tool. Amidst the plethora of communication tools available, there is nothing out there to challenge its effectiveness and its existence. Email is here to stay! Looking at it from the marketer’s perspective, it offers immense value in terms of returns on investment and […]

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How email marketing will get customers

5 Ways How Email Marketing Will Always Get Customers

Why Email Marketing! Email Marketing is used ever since social media marketing was in the womb of digital marketing we are hearing a lot of social media trends nowadays but earlier there was only one tool Email. No matter where you are in the world it is cost-effective and easier to reach them through Email Marketing […]

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Benefits of Email Marketing to Scale your Business

Introduction With so much competition in the market nowadays, you need an excellent marketing strategy for making your business successful and one of those channels is Email Marketing. There are many benefits of Email Marketing, but primarily its helps in driving traffic to your website and boosting sales. Email Marketing can do wonders in marketing your […]

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10 Best Email Marketing Books from All Over the World

It is well said that ‘our learnings never end’. Each day comes with its own lessons. We, humans, acquire skills by seeing others, observing and most of all reading. A wise man once told me a Book is the most loyal friend a man can have. When everything changes, your book will just be the same. […]

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The Availability of Email Marketing Jobs and Average Salary

What is the Current Market Status of Email Marketing Jobs We can just say that the year 2017 is experiencing a boom in the Email Marketing jobs salary. As per our survey, the market today has more job opportunities than ever. If you are an aspirant or a professional in this field you have probably […]

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