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Predictive Modeling The ultimate guide

Predictive Modeling: The Ultimate Guide

What Is Predictive Modeling? Before we answer ‘what is predictive modeling’, let’s understand the basic uses of data. There are three most common uses of data: Analytics, monitoring, and prediction. Data Analytics is the use of past data to infer which event occurred, when it did, and why it did. Real-time Data Monitoring provides information […]

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bagging and boosting

In-Depth Understanding Bagging and Boosting – Learning Ensemble

If you ever watched the popular game show Kaun Banega Crorepati, you would be familiar with the audience poll – one of the lifelines available to contestants when faced with doubt. This particular option, if you have observed carefully, turns out to be the most reliable, as the audience almost always polls correctly. The same […]

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An Ultimate Guide to Understanding Semantic Segmentation

Semantic segmentation has gained prominence in recent times. Nowadays, there is a lot of discussion on self-driven automatic cars. How on earth can a car drive on its own? We read about some road accident or the other in the newspapers almost every day. If cars with drivers can cause accidents, how can we expect […]

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19 Popular Machine Learning Tools for Experts and Beginners

Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools have become the flavor of the day. Almost everywhere, you come across excellent examples of machine learning. In this article, we shall explain the concept of machine learning and see how it is useful to us in our daily lives. We shall also go a bit into the technical […]

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How to Build a Career in Machine Learning?

A career in Machine Learning is quite in trend these days. All thanks to the emerging use of Data Science & Technology. If you have a keen interest in Machine Learning and want to build a career in it, you should definitely read this article. According to employment-related search engine Indeed, the average salary base […]

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A Complete Guide to Monte Carlo Simulation

Let us first understand what Monte Carlo simulation is, and then understand how it was created. The Monte Carlo Simulation is an algorithm (or set of algorithms) used to understand and predict the impact of risk and uncertainty. The Monte Carlo algorithm relies on repeated random sampling to derive numerical results, and the simulator predicts […]

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Top 13 Machine Learning Courses in Bangalore

As human beings, we are constantly trying to better ourselves and our lives. Humans can take their surroundings into cognizance and decide on the best way forward. The greatest obstacle we face is teaching a machine to take decisions. In recent years, we have achieved some success in doing so through the field of computer […]

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How to Take Advantage From Google Machine Learning Crash Course

Before we get to understanding how to best absorb the Google machine learning crash course, let us understand the basics of machine learning. Machine Learning (also called ML) is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machine Learning allows systems to ‘learn’ from experience. A machine learning algorithm differs from traditional computing algorithms, in that traditional […]

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11 In-Depth Machine Learning Projects for Beginners

Before we get to all the simple Machine Learning projects for beginners, let’s understand what ML really is. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are quite the buzzwords today, especially with the widespread implementation of Big Data solutions (although ML has been around for many years before Big Data). Machine Learning is a branch, or one […]

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Ultimate Guide to Learn Machine Learning Basics

Machine Learning has grown as a dominant force and has truly enhanced the progress of all other fields. No matter how big or small an industry is, Machine Learning has dramatically accelerated its growth. This is why knowing about the Machine Learning basics has become more important now more than ever. According to a recent […]

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