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A Complete Guide to AMP WordPress

You might have recently come across a new idea known as AMP WordPress to improve the speed of web pages. There has been a long debate and a lot of work on improving the speed of web pages for mobile phones.  Different features have been introduced by developers to help improve the speed of web […]

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How Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Affects SEO Ranking?

Google, on October 2015, announced AMP Pages or Accelerated Mobile Pages as the open standard for advertisers, which aid pages to get loaded on mobile phones in quickest possible manner. The immediate need to design AMP pages was the absolute predominance of mobile phones. In last one decade, mobile phones, smartphones and tablets have changed […]

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Google AMP Pages

How Google’s AMP Induces Your Online Business

What is Google AMP? The Google’s AMP program is a way of fast-tracking content to mobile devices. It improves upon the traditional model of serving mobile content because it relies on a specific form of HTML, called AMP HTML, to strip down the presentation of content. Here’s an example of what an AMP page features like when […]

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Accelerated Mobile Pages - Webinar

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to Win Search War in 2017: Webinar Recording

Because of changing technology online marketers are becoming techno-marketers, A lot of content is consumed on mobile and people are 5 times more likely to leave site if not mobile friendly resulting in lower conversations.  40% of people abandon webpages if it takes more than 3 seconds to load- KISSmetrics Launched in Feb 2016 by Google, […]

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20 Ecommerce Strategies For Mobile App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization App Store Optimization is an abbreviation of ASO. It’s a form of SEO in Mobile, optimizing mobile apps. Mobile usage among its users has drastically changed due to change in IoT (Internet of Things). Many of us were using the mobile phone for communication only. In the changing technology environment, we have reached […]

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10 Must Read Mobile Marketing Books

With 80% of internet users owning a smartphone, Mobile Marketing has changed the way companies market their products and services. Undoubtedly, Mobile Marketing has a pool of opportunities that companies can explore to increase their ROI. Mobile represents 65% of digital media time while the desktop is becoming a ‘secondary touch point’. Therefore, marketers are […]

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ClearTrip Leverages Mobile Marketing to Improve Cost Per Conversion (CPC) by 40%

About Cleartrip Cleartrip is one of the most looked upon online travel companies in India having a market share of 35%. The company was launched back in July 2006 with an objective of ‘making travel simple’ for its customers. The company offers exclusive destination information, competitive prices, multiple payment options, choice without confusion, and convenience […]

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How Carl’s Jr. Boost Sales Via Mobile Marketing Campaign

About Carl’s Jr. Headquartered in Carpinteria, California, U.S. Carl’s Jr. is a wholly owned subsidiary American based Fast Food Chain Restaurant founded in 1941 by CKE Restaurants. CKE is the parent company of Carl’s Jr. Restaurants. Earlier, the founder of the company Carl Karcher and his wife Margaret Karcher has started as a hot dog cart in Los Angeles. […]

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5 Essential Tips for Building a Successful Mobile Marketing Strategy

With the use of smartphones continually rising if you do not have a mobile marketing strategy you need to build a successful mobile marketing strategy or miss out on a large number of potential customers.  It is not just smart phones either, now there are wearables as well. The majority of people worldwide are using […]

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8 Steps to Optimize Your Mobile Content in A Better Way

Many pieces of research have shown that more and more users are shifting to using mobile phones as it’s practically the handiest device that’s a go-to solution to all our intermittent boredom. No matter if you wish to read a novel, grab information about a particular commodity, register for some course or simply shop something […]

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