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Targeted Marketing A Key To Boost Business

5000+ HAPPY CUSTOMERS in the Span of just One Year About- CredR India CredR was founded by a team of IIT-Bombay graduates, Sumit Chhazed, Nikhil Jain and Nittin Mittal in 2015. CredR is an online marketplace for listing and purchasing verified, pre-owned vehicles at the fairest value. CredR was founded with the founder’s personal bad experience in the purchase of […]

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List Of Top 10 Most Successful Companies

Have you ever wondered which are the  most successful companies. Let us begin the countdown for the List Of Top 10 Most Successful Companies. No. 10 Facebook – Facebook is the social networking service. Facebook headquarters is located at Melno Park, California. The main founder of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg and the cofounders are Andrew McCollum, […]

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Why Are B2B Marketers Curious To Learn About Social Media?

Social Media, by far has created enough stature for itself and the entire populace can’t imagine the world doing without social media by any chance. Social media has immensely made an impact on people’s life and will continue to do the same with the wheel of time proceeding further with each passing day. People are […]

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Help us improve Digital Vidya Magazine

It been since April 2010 that we are presenting informative digital marketing content to our readers. Since then we have changed quite a lot and are now have a dedicated magazine for you which keeps you up-to-date about the latest happening in the digital marketing industry. Our audience has expanded accordingly and in that vein […]

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