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Best Homepage Design Examples And Tips For 2019

The first impression is the last impression and this statement can’t be denied. This is probably the first thing that is taught to a kid and why not? With online marketing becoming the need of the hour, impression still needs to be great- Homepage Design of your website will play the key role here. The […]

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Top 10 Website Designs Trends

Businesses require marketing to be successful. In today’s age, every business needs to have a great looking website design to attract visitors. Remember, websites are the best channels to promote your business 24 X 7. They act as your first impression in front of your target audience. This is the reason you should focus on […]

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3 Awesome Web Design Tips to Maximize Your Brand Identity

Judging by the number of queries Google receives every day, there seems to be a lot of confusion between people’s understanding of web design and brand identity and the co-relation between the two.  “Is web design a part of brand identity?” “What’s the difference between the two?” “How you can incorporate brand identity into your […]

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12 Easy Ways That Help To Boost WordPress Website Speed

WordPress is a great platform when it comes to utilizing it for website development. It guarantees a great site development experience to the developers; however, one weakness it may suffer from is slow site loading speed. In lack of proper measures, your site could end up being a sluggish one. This cannot be accepted when […]

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How Google Analytics helped ‘Shoplet’ flourish

About Shoplet: Shoplet is an online retailer of over 1,000,000 business products, servicing the continental United States, Canada and United Kingdom. Shoplet’s growth has since proven strong and steady, exceeding sales of $100 million. Shoplet works with over 155 US warehouses to fulfill orders of office supplies, office furniture, technology, promotional products and medical supplies. When Tony Ellison left […]

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Webinar Recording: SEO for Web Designer & Web Developer in 2016

Keats’ statement “A thing of beauty is a joy forever!” stood true for earlier days of designs when websites used to be the core crux. However, the same scenario is not prevalent anymore.  Did anyone think website layout will have a marginal impact on SEO rankings? With an objective to apprise attendees on what factors that […]

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