How a CDMM Participant Earned $100k in 18 Months?

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Just to let you know, CDMM is the name of our Certified Digital Marketing Master Course. A course designed to give life to a Full Stack Online Marketer in you. It trains on 6 Core Channels of Digital Marketing, and 15 specializations in niche skills. 

A couple of weeks ago, we received a mail from one of our participants who said that he was extremely happy that he had taken our Digital Marketing Course and that course had helped him to earn $100k in just 18 months. Curious, I took the opportunity to talk to him.

Giving a backdrop, Rahil Joshi is a Digital Marketing Freelancer. He switched his career from engineering to Digital Marketing after taking Digital Vidya’s CDMM Course.

Rahil helps businesses in achieving online success by providing Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Brand Building, Influencer Marketing, and Growth Hacking services.

Mir: You choose to do Digital Marketing Master’s Certificate with Digital Vidya, what made you take this decision?

Rahil Joshi: I must say that Digital Vidya has done tremendous work on their own Marketing and Online Reputation Management. I was not aware of Digital Marketing, I heard the term only after searching for the course of Search Engine Optimization.

I was working as Sales Manager (trainee) for Shriram Life Insurance Limited. I was fed-up with field sales calls in 5 months’ time, but I was still interested in Marketing. So, I took some help from Google and wanted to learn more about sales and marketing where I landed on information about Digital Marketing.

I then searched for the best Digital Marketing Institutes in India and I found Digital Vidya. On the other hand, I read tons of reviews about Digital Vidya over the web before signing in with the course.

Mir: Why did you choose Digital Vidya’s course?

Rahil Joshi: I was eagerly searching for the best Digital Marketing institutes in India where I found Digital Vidya every time in the top 10 on every reputable blog and website. To add to it, there were many great reviews over the web for Digital Vidya.

Mir: How has the course contributed to your career growth including new job opportunities?

Rahil Joshi: This course actually builds a strong foundation in Digital Marketing, which I feel was the most important aspect of my career. As Digital Marketing is a rapidly changing industry, if you didn’t get the basics correct, you will always miss out on the train.

Digital Vidya Reviews

Mail From Rahil Joshi to Digital Vidya

Mir: How were your experiences with the course, the course content and the teaching methodology?

Rahil Joshi: It was great, like, because the best part was after paying fees, I don’t have to pay tons to stay out here in Delhi to pursue the course. Presentations were pretty good, as I still refer to those if I’m stuck. About the teaching methodology, I would say that all the mentors were experts in their domain, so they very well know how to deliver.

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Mir: How did the online format of delivery help your learning? Was it more convenient as you did not have to travel?

Rahil Joshi: Yes, the online format of delivery was great, I must say. It saves time and money as well. As if I have to come to Delhi to pursue the course I had to put in a lot more money and invest time.

Mir: How has the course helped you in your career?

Rahil Joshi: I was completely unaware of Digital Marketing when I started with Digital Vidya. But, as the course moved on, I learned many things started from basics and moved to advanced.

Mir: Digital Vidya offers 100% Placement Assistance, how did the placement team help you find your dream job?

Rahil Joshi: A job was never my dream. My dream is to work but not bind myself from 9-6. But, I’m thankful to Digital Vidya for the placement assistance. Because I gained industry expertise as TIS India Pvt. Ltd. where I was placed through, Digital Vidya’s Placement Cell.

Mir: What do you have to say about the placement assistance department and the processes we employ at Digital Vidya?

Rahil Joshi: Placement assistance department is proactive, I remember it clearly that I started getting interview calls from the very next day once I showed interest in placement from Digital Vidya.

Mir: What’s your advice to people who delay the process of getting up-skilled?

Rahil Joshi: Getting up-skilled is a necessity in the current market. Learning is an investment with the highest returns.

Mir: For someone who’s looking at a full time or part-time job or an internship, what approach would you advise?

Rahil Joshi: Be up-to-date with market trends and what techniques are widely used in the market. For that, you can read blogs or online magazines. That will make them grab a job or internship easily.

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Mir: Rate your overall experience with Digital Vidya?

Rahil Joshi: It’s a 10/10 without any doubt.

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