Celebrating Digital Vidya’s 11 Years of Spreading Digital Marketing Education

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Two fresh IIT Delhi graduates- Pradeep Chopra and Kapil Nakra decided to delve into the world of internet marketing training for the very first time in India and started Digital Vidya in the year 2009.

Over 11 years, Digital Vidya has expanded its operations. Digital marketing is a concept that has been evolving, and Digital Vidya has certainly played an important role in contributing to this ever-growing industry. 

Every small step that they took only led to the creation of new ideas to expand. Today, looking back, it was all worth the patience to get Digital Vidya where it is. Within a matter of a few years, they became the leaders of online training in Asia.

20,000+ professionals (including CXOs) from over 7,000 brands such as Nokia, eBay,  Google, Reliance, Star TV, MakeMyTrip, Cisco, Naukri, Citibank, SAP, Toyota, Intel,  CNBC, ITC, Madison, etc. and CII have participated in around 5000+ Digital Marketing training by Digital Vidya across more than 30 countries.

On this 11th anniversary of Digital Vidya, let us have a throwback to how Digital Vidya was born-

Throwback to the Decade of Excellence

Stepping Stones to being Global Leader in Digital Marketing & Data Science Training-

1) 2009 – Started with delivering Social Media Training workshops across India

Digital Vidya was born on 28th November 2009. They kick-started by providing social media training to enterprises across India. 

Digital Marketing was not a very well-known concept, and while today it is a thriving industry, this company has been a leader in the market. What started as a spontaneous idea led by two IT professionals who failed to give in to the pressure of family and financial difficulties gave birth to Asia’s leading digital marketing training institute. 

Digital Vidya has grown exponentially since its inception and has a strong clientele comprising renowned organizations such as SONY, TATA, Reliance, and Discovery, to name a few.

2) 2013 – Launched Certified Digital Marketing Course in association with Vskills, a Govt. of India Initiative.

Digital Vidya launched a full-fledged certified digital marketing course with a great response to the social media training workshop, which has taken it to great heights. 

They were one of the few training institutes who gave a qualification in the field, and it attracted people to this great venture due to the credibility it has. Being a niche industry, in the beginning, stages most people were in awe of the skills they could receive by enrolling for the course, and the tie-up with a government initiative made people more aware of the potential such an industry has. 

Vskills is a certification program that conducts skill tests to improve employment in organizations’. 

Digital Vidya offers a variety of certifications in partnership with Vskills, such as SEO optimization certification, Email marketing certification, Web analytics Certification, Data science using Python certification, and many more to expand the opportunities available to people to hone their skills.

3) 2014 – Partnered with Google India to train its partner agencies.

Expanding its operations, Digital Vidya decided to partner with Google India and today has become the official training partner of Google. 

It is the only digital marketing institute that has been featured as part of the Google partner academy list of Indian institutes. The partnership with Google made Digital Vidya a leader in the industry and, with its great affiliation, has become one of the very few institutes providing full-fledged courses in different aspects of digital marketing, including SEO optimization, SEM, inbound marketing, and several other topics. 

Most of these courses have placed more than 61,000 professionals from over 55 countries across the world.

4) 2015 – Expansion: Acquired Digital Academy India, strengthening the quality of digital marketing training

Digital Academy India focuses on the more practical aspects of digital marketing, with its clear-cut vision to provide students across the world with the best digital marketing skills. 

They were taken over by Digital Vidya in 2015. The joining of both companies has emerged as a strong platform in providing digital marketing skills. Being the best players in the industry has only improved the number of skills and certificate programs that customers will receive, making it one of the most powerful digital marketing moves. 

Both the brands to date continue to co-exist and provide its users with unique digital marketing training programs. Digital media has completely exited the business. 

The founders of this enterprise have found that the acquisition of their company has only brought the digital marketing industry to greater heights without compromising the quality of services offered to clients. 

5) 2017 – Partnered with Facebook & LinkedIn & co-developed certification program

In 2017 Digital Vidya partnered with two social media giants Facebook and LinkedIn, in providing certification programs in digital marketing. 

With its excellent quality of training, there was tremendous scope for the partnership with these multinational companies. The widespread availability of options and the unique certificate programs available has attracted social media giants to Digital Vidya. 

The services offered have helped more people gain access to skills and equip themselves with the knowledge required to compete at the industry level. The trainers at Digital Vidya have made the courses attractive with their niche level specialization in digital marketing. 

The course curriculum exclusively offers a module in Facebook marketing and has co-developed certification program Web analytics, social media marketing, and helps their clients get the best out of knowing how to find the USP of your business organization. 

6) 2017 – Started Data Science & Analytics Training Programs

The same year that Digital Vidya partnered with the two social media giants, they took to starting a data science and Analytics training program. 

These two fields have been growing and are in big demand due to the several employment opportunities available. They offer a 14 weeks course in data science, which includes in-depth coverage in Python and machine learning. 

The data analytics course offered by digital Vidya is of 8 weeks and provides the individual with in-depth coverage of Microsoft Excel, Power BI, and SQL, all the required skills to become a perfect business analyst. 

The launch of these two programs was to uphold the legacy of Digital Vidya in being qualified educators and advanced thinkers.

7) 2019 – Partnered with NASSCOM FutureSkills and launched courses on Big Data & Data Science

NASSCOM is a foundation of the information technology and BPO companies; being a nonprofit organization, their mission is to promote and develop social and environmental solutions through the IT industry. 

The flagship entity of NASSCOM- future skills partnered with Digital Vidya to identify gaps in the IT sector employees, such as digital marketing and data analysis. The courses on both these domains are available on Digital Vidya as well as NASSCOM’S FutureSkills platform. 

The courses curated are meant to prepare participants for skills needed in a job set up, and since there is a need for upskilling in India, the partnership will only make that more prominent. 

These courses have been validated and accepted by IT-ITeS sector skills council NASSCOM.

8) 2020 – Expansion: Acquired DSIM expanding reach in India

The acquisition of DSIM (Delhi school of internet marketing) established Digital Vidya as an integrated ed-tech company that helps clients develop skills needed in the industry. 

This will help in expanding its reach in all major cities to allow clients across the country to develop skills and shape their careers through offline channels. The acquisition of DSIM has helped in offering high quality offline digital marketing certification programs at an affordable price. 

Digital marketing is seen as one of the most in-demand job skills. DSIM has shaped the careers of over 25,000 professionals. With this acquisition, it has helped bridge the gap between the amount of digital marketing talent available and the need for it. 

Being a growing industry, digital marketing education such as Digital Vidya plays a vital role in expanding these operations and making people aware of its need. 

9) 2020 – Became First Shopify Education Partner in India & launched eCommerce Marketing Program

Shopify education partners help in creating courses that will launch and grow businesses. These courses provide a range of practices and topics. 

Digital Vidya became the first-official education partner in India. The Shopify education partners are selected, keeping in mind a variety of parameters, the highest being the ability to help merchants launch and grow their business. Being a Shopify education partner enables Digital Vidya to bring e-commerce and online marketing on a single platform. 

The pandemic has caused a sudden shift in the way the online world has been running, with most online transactions. 

This creates the need for businesses to develop expertise on how to build and run a successful e-commerce business as well as to employ personnel with the right skills to take and see through the potential of every small business. 

Having served over 150 plus organizations such as Philips, Citibank, Adobe, Wipro, and Reliance, they have dominated the industry of digital marketing with its exceptional certificate programs. 

Celebrating 11 years of successful dissemination of the right information and skills has made Digital Vidya the leader in empowering more than seven lakh users with job-oriented skills in digital marketing, data analytics, and the e-commerce marketing domain.

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