CFO On-Call Used Inbound Marketing To Gain 200% Increase In Web Traffic

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downloadAbout CFO On-call

CFO On-call is a smart pro-active team of chief financial officers, financial controllers and business advisors from 20 years. It started in 1991 by Sue Hirst and Stuart Frost with an idea of giving small businesses an access of an experienced Chief Financial Officers. They believed small business owners can achieve more with less stress and at a low price. CAD partners and CFO on-call are trading names of CAD. It is a group of like minded accountants and financial controllers operating in New Zealand.

Business Objectives Of CFO On-call

Being a group of financial advisors and controllers, company’s main business objective was to generate more leads for business for which they used telemarketing and cold calling. Following were the business objectives of CFO On-call:

  • Increase the sales graph
  • To have a strong digital presence and search engine authority
  • To educate their customers and clients about the kind of products and services they were providing

Strategies/Approaches Adopted By CFO On-call

Company was totally relied on telemarketing and cold calling to generate leads for sales. But over a time they didn’t saw any improvement. Lacking in digital presence, their website and blog articles were also not performing well. The lead which they were generating were without strong brand awareness; thus, they struggled to educate their prospective clients. Then they changed their approach and switched to new strategy, which are following:

  • They developed a buyer persona and created a detailed profile, which represents their target audience
  • They worked on expanding the contents offered on their websites by creating whitepapers, e-books and blog posts sharing financial advice for the small business owners
  • With blogging tool, they imported important keywords and topics that were being searched the most by their audience
  • With the help of social media tools, company created custom streams to search Twitter for people who may interest in their services as well as could review PR opportunities
  • They leveraged color coded tweets which allowed them to see if they have a relationship with an individual. Color coded tweet gave them more context on whome they should prioritize talking to and helps tailor the conversation
  • They also analysed which content is generating the best return in terms of visits and leads to the website

Results Achieved By CFO On-call

After implementing inbound marketing they understood how likely a potential customer behaves, based on their engagement with marketing content, email and social media. Company started using this information to qualify leads and improved their ability to convert them into customers at much higher rate. Following are the results achieved by CFO On-call:

  • CFO increased their web traffic by 200% in a six month period
  • By putting their tools in a correct place, they captured more leads from their website which was 9.6x more than their previous ones
  • With lead management they improved sales lead by 153%


With case study of CFO On-call following learnings came out:

  • Targeting your audience saves your efforts and increase your sales
  • It always gives you results when you provide your audience what they like
  • With help of inbound marketing you can manage your marketing campaign and correct all the loopholes which arises in your campaign
  • Inbound marketing allows you to analyse which are your most profitable areas and which places are giving you no return

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