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Chambor Geneva Used Social Media Marketing To Gain 78.57% Increase In Queries

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The word fashion is something which immediately captures the attention of anybody and everybody and who do not want that extra tinge to their style statement or a platform to showcase their unique talent? With people being more concerned about their appearance and presentation, the fashion industry is spreading like a wild fire. There are many fashion magazines and websites striving hard to make a remarkable impact in this industry and thereby, sustaining in the market. The companies need to work round the clock and invest in creative methodologies to show their presence and keep their loyal customers hooked to them.

chambor-geneva-logoAbout Chambor Geneva

Chambor Geneva is a Switzerland based fashion giant. The pioneer in various sophisticated beauty and cosmetic products entered the Indian market in 1993 and has successfully managed to grab a unique market position. With the advent of internet, websites, social networking sites and other social mediums, Chambor has always been in touch with its valuable customers. The continuous flow of information and interaction with customers through various mediums has enabled them to develop various new products and at the same time improvise the existing one.

Chambor Geneva’s Business Objective

Recently Chambor Geneva witnessed a significant increase in the queries by the visitors to their Facebook page. Social media marketing being one of the fastest and easiest modes to interact with the customers and to keep them engaged has played a major role to achieve this.

CogMat an established digital media agency since 2010 helped Chambor to accomplish their mission. CogMat decided to go for two main strategies to carry out this task. The two major focus areas were to engage the fans and to promote user-generated content.

Keeping the fans engaged is one very important aspect of social media marketing. The following are few important aspects which were kept in mind to keep the fans engaged.

  • The platform was made very interactive. The questions posted by Chambor were kept simple and short. The queries from the fans were encouraged and were answered very promptly. This gave a sense of belonging to the visitors. A word of appreciation for each query and their relevance were admired.
  • Images play an important role to keep the visitors engaged. The images should be appropriate one. Cog Mat posted a catchy image on the Chambor Facebook page. This generated the curiosity among the fans and the visitors. The participants could share their nail art images and could post comments on others images; thus, making it more interactive.
  • Able to post comments would definitely add value to the campaign. This way the participants were able to share their valuable thoughts and thus, making the entire page interesting.
  • Appreciating the efforts of the participants on a time to time basis is very important. CogMat followed the same strategy and thus, helped to attract more visitors and fans. The fans felt connected to Chambor and their initiative.

Chambor also wanted to promote the user-generated content in their page. This would as a result generate interest among visitors and fans. There are many nail art experts, who would want to showcase their talent as well as learn from other experts. Chambor gave them a unique platform to fulfill their wishes. The catchy content on the page, appropriate keywords and descriptive call-to-action lines gave an additional boost to the campaign.

Strategy Adopted By Chambor Geneva

Chambor wanted to grow beyond the image of just being a page providing beauty and makeup tips and wanted to keep their customers engaged throughout. So, they went ahead with an online contest which was their maiden venture. The aim was to generate awareness about the contest, accept various entries for the contest, judge them, interact with the contestants and their fans and as a result improve the page visits.

As their first attempt in online contests, they had to face many challenges along the way. The medium was digital, only Facebook was to be used and the budget allocated was low.

The agenda was to re-launch their product ‘Chambor Stars’ which is a set of nail polishes that can be applied together and at the same time improvise the brand loyalty online. The company also wanted to provide a platform to their loyal customers to showcase their creativity, which in turn would have led them to interact with other visitors who shared similar interest in such a beautiful art form.

Chambor used social media marketing as their key strength and started off with their contest promotion. The following various steps were followed to execute the program:

  • Generate curiosity: Chambor generated curiosity among the site visitors by posting teaser posts in which they highlighted the line ‘Plain is boring’.
  • Cover Photo: An attractive picture and a perfect cover photo was updated on the page.
  • Contest: The participation in the contest was made very easy. The visitors had to just click on the tab, upload an image and they would give a title and a description how the nail art describes them. It had to be shared with the friends and get as many likes as they could. The best nail art with the most appropriate caption would get a gift from Chambor.
Results Achieved By Chambor Geneva

The outcome of this social media marketing strategy to promote and re-launch the product and to increase the site queries, turned out to be phenomenal.

  • The likes and shares of all promotional images raised manifold
  • The Facebook page was flooded with queries which were attended timely
  • The contest was highly appreciated and people showed lot of interests for further developments
  • The fan base increased to 22.23%
  • The interactions on the page increased by 54.51%
  • Shares have gone up by 50.8%
  • Queries have increased by 78.57%
  • The reach has escalated to 163.06%

Chambor’s successful execution of its maiden online contest campaign turned out to be a mega success. The smart and timely application of social media marketing strategies and executing them in a structured way helped them to attain their goals. The increase in number of visitors to the page and elevated brand loyalty shows the accomplishment of the social media marketing campaign.

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