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Check For 6 Dangerous LinkedIn Mistakes Now!

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LinkedIn is a social media platform that offers ample opportunity of introducing your brand to not just your town or the country but the whole world of professionals. This very aspect of LinkedIn allows for no scope of lethargy being exercised while using this medium. This blog discusses 6 LinkedIn mistakes that must be avoided at all cost. Here we go!

Incomplete Profile

Have you ever applied for a job without pushing forward a complete resume? If no, then how can you think of learning the LinkedIn profile incomplete for no reason but lack of time? There is a need to understand that you are actually setting a stage for the growth of the business by completing the details at the LinkedIn profile rather than accusing yourself of wasting time. So, complete it on a priority basis unless you wish to make a bad impression on the profile visitors. It is a big disappointment for the online visitors who trust that the brand will at least make the minimum efforts to update its profile and let the readers learn about it.

Not Including The Name In The URL

The LinkedIn URL is available below the name and it is advisable to put your name in the same. It is not good to put either the company name or the product’s name as they might change over a period of time but one thing that is going to remain permanent is your own name. Therefore, as an important person representing the brand or the product, it is good to use your name in the URL. This URL will be used to go to the company’s website and hence must not be taken casually. Ensure that it works properly and the users are able to reach you!

Make Your Profile Public

There is no point in simply being present on a social media platform and having all the settings set to private or invisible. Make the company’s profile public and engage with the audience as often as you can. There is nothing more irritating than not being able to see any information about the company when a person has made all the efforts to search it and has finally reached the company’s LinkedIn profile. So, do not be secretive but public and let your fans find some information about you when they are looking for it.

Be A Groupie

A business must be a part of some groups that are relevant for the business and there is scope for the audience also to gain from it. It is good to be a part of the generic or specific groups which foster your growth as a brand. The kind of activities a brand performs online greatly contributes in building the overall brand image. Therefore, it is good to be social as well as relevantly social so as to make the best use of your LinkedIn profile. There is a scope of joining as many as 50 groups at LinkedIn which makes it easy to search the right ones for your brand and start communicating with the people from different backgrounds. There is also a fun element attached to it as each group will have some unique characteristics of its own which will force you to learn as much as you can about various cultures and different mindsets which in turn will help you out in coming up with more innovative ideas about the business strategies and implementing them using LinkedIn.

Do Not Connect To Sell

It is a huge turn off for the potential consumers when they see you approaching them to buy a product or get convinced about the quality of the services you provide. Connect to engage in an interesting way and not to push the product in an aggressive manner which does the reverse of what is actually desired. There are pretty good ways to make the audience connect to you instantly but some of the most widely used ones are videos, images or a short and crispy survey. Never ever expect people to buy something from you until and unless you have given them enough chances to learn something about you. Even if you succeed in selling few products there are good chances that you will fail in the long run as the bond has not yet developed between the two parties.

Engage More And More

To engage not just means to find a creative route to send your message across but it is also about doing it on a regular basis. The URL that has find its place at the bottom of your name and is considered as the link to visit the company’s website can actually be used to engage and interact with the audience in a creative manner. You can also place a link for an activity that the users will find interesting to look into at the LinkedIn profile and make it more complete. Such additions give an edge over the competitors in a subtle manner and go a long way in beating the competition.

LinkedIn is present for about a past decade since its existence since 2003. It is the beauty of the platform that it works in 20 languages and hence there is a huge potential to reach a much wider audience as compared to its counterparts functioning online. Hence, there is a strong need to avoid the above mentioned mistakes while using it in order to use it optimally. The professionals opine that even though the platform is in existence since the last 10 years, there is still a lot to be learnt about this dynamic platform. This is a platform to promote the company as a brand that is trustworthy and is not an option but a necessity to think about. There are millions of company profiles available on LinkedIn but there are only few companies that have succeeded in turning themselves into a big and a well known brand though not at the blink of an eye but in long period of time with consistent efforts in the same direction.

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