Chevrolet India Effectively Leveraged Facebook To Relaunch Cruze

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Chevrolet IndiaAbout Chevrolet India

Chevrolet India came in India in 2003. Chevrolet is doing business in more than 140 countries and selling more than 4.5 million cars and trucks in a year.It was founded in Detroit by Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant in the year 1911. Since 2003  it has become one of the fastest growing automobile company in India. The cars provided by Chevrolet India in Indian market are :- Spark, Beat, SAIL Hatchback, SAIL Sedan, Cruze, Tavera, Enjoy and Trailblazer. The main aim of Chevrolet India is to provide its customer with fuel-efficient cars that have expressive design which are of high quality and have a spirited performance.  

‘Facebook’s sophisticated targeting tools allowed us to reach the right people on a massive scale, which translated into a significant lift in brand favourability and purchase intent. Facebook has been instrumental in reintroducing a new generation of car fans to our Chevrolet Cruze.’ – Jack Uppal, VP Marketing & Customer Experience, Chevrolet India

Strategy Adopted by Chevrolet India

Chevrolet Cruze was launched in 2009 and is amongst the leaders in the lower-medium segment and has captured a giant section of automotive market as well as the hearts of Indian auto enthusiasts with flawless styling, superior technology and power-packed engine. Not only styling, the car is also enriched with various safety features.
In February 2016, the Cruze was relaunched with a refreshed design that includes a touchscreen Mylink Infotainment system that keeps drivers connected while on the road. The updated sedan offers new grille, daytime running LEDs, projector fog lamps amongst others.  Cruze 2016 remained unchanged on the mechanical front  with the 2.0-litre VCDi diesel engine with an option of a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. 

Goal of Chevrolet India

Reaching potential buyers

Chevrolet India wanted to reach its target audience—people who would understand the new specifications—on a massive scale. It aimed to increase ad recall, brand favorability and purchase intent for the car.It wanted to target those audience which were in a specific income level group and could afford the car.

How did Facebook help

 Through Facebook Page Post Engagement adverts one can use it to extend the Page posts beyond one’s Page and inspire people to take action it helps in sharing  information about the business with people. And with insights such as how many people liked, shared or commented on the advert, Page Post Engagement adverts help us to understand the kinds of stories and content our prefered  audience likes so that we  can create more of what they love.

Strategy Adopted by Chevrolet India

Precision targeting

Chevrolet India—along with its agency Carat India—ran photo ads in the mobile and desktop News Feed to showcase the enticing specifications of the new Cruze.
Chevrolet India                     Chevrolet India
It targeted the ads to 27- to 45-year-old men and women, and used behaviour targeting to reach people who were likely to have the disposable income to buy a car like the Chevrolet Cruze. For example, it targeted people with certain travel habits, who own a mobile device, and have attained a certain education level or demonstrated an affinity for high-value goods.
The brand used reach and frequency buying to reach its specific target audience on a massive scale, while also controlling the number of times individual people saw the ad. This strategy contributed to a strong boost in ad recall.
Chevrolet India ran its campaign from February 3–March 10, 2016 and used a Nielsen Brand Effect study to measure the impact on brand favorability, ad recall and purchase intent.

Chevrolet India’s Success

Cruise control

Chevrolet’s targeted campaign allowed the brand to narrow in on the right audience in India, while achieving the scale it needed. The campaign results were higher than the global benchmark for the automotive industry:

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1) 8-point lift in ad recall (72% higher than the global benchmark for the automotive industry)

What is ad recall lift ?

An ad recall lift (people) is the estimate  number of people that are likely to remember the ads within 2 days.  It available for ads to improve their  brand awareness, video views and Page post engagement objectives.Ad recall surveys historically included a percentage of people who said they’ve seen a ads when they weren’t even shown to them.Estimated ad recall lift (people) is an estimate only, and may be imprecise.Bases of the calculations is on the amount of time people spend looking at an ad; data shows the longer they spend, the more likely they are to remember it. Many other factors influence ad recall including:

  • The creative:  images, video, text and links
  • Existing awareness of the brand
  •  ad’s audience

2) 3-point lift in brand favorability (45% higher than the global benchmark for the automotive industry)

What is Facebook Brand lift ?

 The goals that matter, such as ad recall, brand awareness and message association are been measured using brand lift .Brand lift allows to see how people really feel about a brand. Are people aware of the brand? Do they remember it? Do they want to buy from them? It uses a gold-standard experimental design in measuring the impact of advertising and marketing efforts. Facebook rigorous measurement methodology provides more confidence in the results we get and help in measuring  the success of the campaign. One can then optimize  campaigns based on the results to ensure that  campaigns are reaching maximum performance.

3) 7-point lift in purchase intent (97% higher than the global benchmark for the automotive industry) by running ads on facebook Chevrolet India was able to increase its sales as  there was significant increase in the purchase intent.

Purchase intent- Is a measure of the probability that a consumer will purchase a service or product.It monitor and measure the advertising and  marketing effort because brands want to spend money engaging and audience that is in the market for their product service. If a brand spend money on an audience which is not the target audience than all the money spend on building the brand will go in waste as that audience will never buy the product only despite showing regular ads.

4) 7.3 million people reached (an average of 3 times each) Chevrolet India used Facebook boost post to reach maximum number of target audience and it was able to reach 7.3 million people ,as it appeared on people’s news feed as sponsored ads.

To sum up Chevrolet India used Facebook by showing ads on people’s News Feed and did core and behaviour  targeting to increase their brand awareness  by using facebook tool like adverts, page insights etc and used brand lift to measure their performance.
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