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Choose Right Keywords & Analyse What Customers Are Actually Looking For

Choose Right Keywords & Analyse What Customers Are Actually Looking For

When you are asking a question you except to get the right answers from Google search in return. But it depends what words you are using to ask your query. Google has a very large data base, out of that in order to give you best results, Google uses their spiders to skim through that data links with all those words that you have type in the search engine. So, in order to make your product visible to the customers who make their search through search engines, it is very necessary for you to keep in mind that you make your content based on the type of question that may be asked by the customers who are looking for products and services provided by you.

What are keywords?


Keywords are those words or phrases which are used by internet users to type in the search box of a search engine to get their desired result from it. This are the word of significance which are used to identify what actually users of search engine are looking for when they make a search. Better understanding of keywords used while searching for products and services provided by you can make you popular in a day by making you easily visible to all.

Try this few things in order to check if you are using keywords more efficiently. How hard is it for you to get visitors for your contents produced? Type the name of the product and services that your website provides, do you see your website at the top few results, returned by the search engine? If you are finding it hard to get visitors for your content or can’t find your website at the top of the search results, returned by the search engine, you might not be efficiently using the keywords.


When you type a word or a phrase in Google search engine search box, you will notice the number of time that particular keyword is searched. There are type of keywords who have a large number of search results and there are few which have only a few number of search results. That difference in number of search also varies location wise. Suppose search for a company based in US might have much higher keyword search in Google US based server, whereas that search result might not be same in cane of Google Indian server. There are different SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools which can help you find all those competitive keywords, over which different websites are fighting for, to use, in order to increase their website traffic.

Type of keywords used

There are basically two type of keywords used:

  1. Broad Keywords

Broad keywords are the single words or short phrases. This keywords are not specific to a particular company. This are words which are generally used in your company. Broad keywords have a very high search results and a very high competition. Converts from the visitors landing by board keywords is quite low.  E.g. Engine, magazines, finance etc.

  1. Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are something that is recommended for you to use if you are a starter in using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. This are the long phrases which are specific to your business. They might have lower search results in search engines but visitors landing from long tail keywords is more likely to convert. Long tail keywords can specifically pint to your website increasing your website traffic resulting in improved search engine ranking. E.g.: pizza hut, inbound marketing tools, etc.

Why do we need Keywords?

It is very necessary to search the right keywords and make an analysis of what your customers are looking for. This will help you increase the website ranking in major search engines by optimizing your websites by SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. If you match the keywords that is to be used for your contents with what customers are actually looking for, there is a very good chance for all those customers to land in your website, as a result your website traffic will increase, thereby improving your rank in search engines.


  1. A content of a website is built by those keywords

You must make sure that all the contents that you produce must finally focus on a keyword that is most likely to be searched in search engines. The topics of the content must contain the keywords in it to increase its significance.

  1. Visitors and potential tends to have better understanding of the purpose of a page by the keywords

When customer goes into a website, they are most likely to search the keywords that they are initially looking for, which was the very reason for them to land in your website.

  1. Better indexing of pages in search engine

During the process of indexing in search engine database, it makes more clear or spiders to skim through the pages and index it in a better way when you keep some keywords for the page.



The customer-centric approach of inbound marketing can be achieved in an efficient way when you keep searching for all those keywords that customers actually looking for. Use of keywords efficiently can push up your website ranking of search engines and make you visible easily as soon as customers are looking for the products and services that you provide. So there is also a higher chances of increase in conversion rate of visitors to leads. Chances of getting potential customers as your visitor’s increases.

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