Top 7 Tips For Christmas Social Media Campaigns

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The holiday season is here again!

You have the perfect opportunity to engage with your audience, increase your customer base, and boost the traffic of your business. No wonder, almost every business is running a Christmas social media campaign and promoting their products.

According to a recent study by Google, 57% of shoppers believe that promotions and coupons play a big role in their holiday shopping.

Holidays are a great time for increasing sales as almost everyone is out in the market shopping for gifts. Hence, we have prepared a simple guide for Christmas social media campaigns. Utilize these Christmas social media ideas to increase engagement across your digital channels.

Christmas Social Media Campaign Ideas

Top 7 Tips For Christmas Social Media Campaigns

Christmas Social Media Campaign Ideas Image Source – Freepik

1. Change Your Profile And Cover Picture

The first impression of your social media profiles decides how many people will return. This first encounter should be designed in a way to leave an everlasting impression.

Modify your cover picture and profile photo to match the holiday spirit. Of course, this should not be totally inclined towards the holiday celebrations but ensure you radiate your brand value through your graphics. Many people are encouraged to view your social media channel if they like your cover or profile picture.

Plan your Christmas social media campaign before you start changing your digital look and feel. Decide whether you want to promote some products and services or highlight holiday promotion offers. Use simple yet attractive designs to display this information.

Tip: Don’t restrict your efforts to one social media channel. Today, users have approximately 8 social media accounts. Hence, use all social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.  

2. Create A Merry Christmas Offer

For small businesses, a total of 20-30% sales of the year are acquired at the time of holidays, which means the last two months of the year. This is also the reason why many retailers create special offers to attract more users during these months.

Social media messages such as one-day offer, Christmas deal, buy one get one, and 70% cashback offers always tend to attract user attention.

Firstly, decide your Christmas social media campaign offer – whether you will give some discount, buy one get one offer or special gift vouchers to users. Once you have decided this, you can use good graphics to get the information out.

However, remember, the motive is to spread the word not highlight the graphic design. Your text (offer) should be loud and clear. You can also use a pre-designed template for all the posts that go for this campaign.

Tip: Many online businesses use only free shipping to attract more customers. Regardless of the order amount, allow your users to purchase products without any shipping charges.

3. Share the Christmas Joy

Top 7 Tips For Christmas Social Media Campaigns

Share the Christmas Joy Image Source – Freepik

Holiday seasons are happy times. You can relate this happiness and emotion to your brand. Of course, offers have their own position in your Christmas social media campaign, but spreading holiday joy is also essential.

This can include Christmas social media posts asking users about their favourite holiday memory.

One recent trend is to post a series of questions for user engagement. For example, asking users what is the best part of Christmas: food, gifts, or decoration?

This reminds us, during the holiday season, one of the best parts is food preparation. Share a short video of unique food ideas.

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4. Run A Contest

One of the classic ways to welcome new users during holidays is through contests. We all know about giveaways, prize games, and shout outs.

Prepare a content and give away something in return to your audience.

For example, ask your audience to hand cook some holiday delicacy and share a video with you. This video should also be shared on their personal profile as well. The best and most creative recipe will win a holiday gift hamper.

All the food lovers will check your Christmas social media campaign, share a recipe, and even give you a shoutout. These food lovers may also involve food bloggers, who will help you increase your outreach.  

However, again, one thing you need to keep in mind is to prepare attractive, understandable graphics and highlight the offer through catchy content. This post should also be a part of your paid promotions to get as much outreach as possible.

5. Highlight Your Gift-Worthy Products

Top 7 Tips For Christmas Social Media Campaigns

Highlight Your Gift-Worthy Products Image Source – Freepik

Since the aim of Christmas social media campaigns is to increase user outreach and boost engagement, you need to highlight your gift-worthy products.

For instance, people are less likely to buy a calculator during the holiday season. However, they can surely purchase cute notebooks with a personalized holiday message. Right? This notebook when paired with pens can be gifted to a writer.

The idea behind is to highlight the products that can be used as Christmas gifts. You can create short videos to explain to users how these products can be gifted or used during the holiday season.

6. Create Fun Social Videos

Check out this video by Samsung.

If you have seen this video in the past, chances are you still remember it.

Video content is still the most shareable across various social media platforms. And if you can create an amazing video like the above one, you can spread the awareness about your brand to a lot of people.

The scientific fact behind video marketing being more powerful is that we remember what we see more often than what we read. Visuals in your Christmas social media campaign can create an emotional bond and strengthen your connection with your existing customers.

7. Prepare A Gift Guide

Holiday gift anxiety is real. Many people are too indecisive to decide gifts for friends and family members. Hence, you can reduce their burden simply by sharing a gift guide.

This guide can be formed in various ways – you can share an ebook, short posts ever Friday till Christmas, or a blog post.

Tip: Instead of simply sharing what can be gifted, share why it can be gifted to someone.

For instance, cozy woollen socks for your mom or grandmother. Explain why people can buy this product, for whom, and what difference it will make.

This will help your audience connect better with your services or products.  

Christmas Social Media Campaign Tips

Top 7 Tips For Christmas Social Media Campaigns

Christmas Social Media Campaign Tips Image Source Freepik

We know planning a Christmas social media campaign is difficult while also considering emerging the marketing trends. So, here are some additional tips for Christmas social media ideas:

1. Share Stories

Take feedback from the users who have already purchased products from you. Run a separate campaign asking these people to post a picture with the person to whom they have gifted this product.

Share these stories across all your social media channels to let other users know how happy your existing customers are.

Tip: You can also make some offline efforts for this Christmas social media campaign. Personally call your users and ask them for feedback. Request them to share a picture and ask your designer to make a beautiful post.

2. Run A Poll

Social media polls are fun and give you practical values. You can compare two products or ask users to choose between the two most important things of the holiday. For example, would you rather go out on Christmas night or sleep under the fairy lights?

There are endless options for Christmas social media campaign polls. You can compare your own products to promote it or you can simply ask questions related to food.

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3. Run A Campaign To Share Knowledge

Choose a popular, fun hashtag and start sharing your wisdom with users. If you are unsure of what knowledge content you should share, simply start by answering common confusions people have.

Make a video to tell them how to make Christmas cake or decorate your Christmas tree.

However, ensure you share unique things that your users don’t already know.

4. Organize A Photo Contest

Top 7 Tips For Christmas Social Media Campaigns

Organize A Photo Contest Image Source Freepik

This can be the easiest Christmas social media campaign you can run on your social media. You can post a picture of the tree decorated by your colleagues in the office. Then, ask your users to share their tree pictures.

There are endless options such as Santa-cap campaign. Let all your graphics wear a Santa-cap for a week and encourage your users to share a picture in Santa cap.

It is even possible to pair Santa-cap campaign with a campaign that is being used for many years now, wherein users share pictures from their personal profiles as well. The one with most likes will win a dress, pair of socks, or something nice.  

5. Support Charity

Collaborate with an NGO or an organization that helps people and promotes charity. You can help unprivileged children and people while also encouraging your users to emotionally connect with your brand. You can also give a part of your product earning to charity.  


There are various other Christmas social media campaigns that can be used during the holiday season. However, prefer shortlisting only 2-3 strategies to avoid confusing your users. Once you have figured out the strategies and ideas you are going to use, gather your team, and plan a campaign. Just remember to connect with your audience.

Use the power of social media optimally with this Ultimate Guide to Creating Social Media Campaigns.

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