Cleveland Golf Used SEM To Increase Its ROI By 251% YoY

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PPAbout Cleveland Golf

The company is in existence since last 30 years and has earned a good name in the field of manufacturing high quality golf equipment. It has developed clubs, is known for its innovative product designs and technologically updated irons and wood.

Business Objective of Cleveland Golf

Cleveland Golf wanted to promote their upcoming online eCommerce store. The company wanted to leverage the search engine marketing tricks to achieve its goals.

Strategy/Approaches Adopted By Cleveland Golf

The company adopted the following strategy and tasted success quite dramatically.

  • It designed a search marketing campaign that focused on searchability, displaying the content adequately & then marketing the product again
  • It emphasized on increasing the online presence of the brand widely
  • It strived hard to maintain a balance between their budget for promoting the brand online & for the efforts made in customer acquisition
  • It enhanced the budget for the peak season (summer) for rigorous brand promotion and campaign drives
  • It aligned the strategy with the hot seasons of the Golf Industry
  • It designed the Ad copy in tandem with its yearly brand promotion strategies

Results Obtained By Cleveland Golf

The result of the strategic implementation of the action plan regarding the search engine marketing campaigns was simply the astounding success. From the year 2011 to 2012, the company’s achievements were as follows:

  • Revenue escalated by 251% year-on-year
  • ROI raised up by 88% in an year


Paid search marketing is a good way to promote your product/service during particular seasons. It is a quick and effective way to connect to your potential customers who are actively looking for a brand that can take care of their needs properly. Search engine marketing is relevant for the businesses that want to stand out in the competition during the peak time of competition when there is hands-on competition amongst the competitors.

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