5 Clichés About Email Marketing You Should Avoid

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Email Marketing is a powerful tool to engage your prospects with your content and make them loyal customers. Nowadays, it has become very important to generate sales from Email Marketing Campaign. But what if you are facing bad clichés that could stop you from a successful Campaign. So, in order to do that we must careful with the overused phrases in our mails.

By using these overused phrases you may loose your valuable customers. So, in this article  I will be make you aware about 5 clichés about Email Marketing you should avoid.

Cliché 1 : Clickbait Headlines

Have you ever came across to an email that uses “shock” for gaining your attention?

The main aim of Clickbait headlines is to generate the curiosity among the readers by using words like “shock”.

Like this one:

Clickbait debate

Clickbait headlines

Clickbait headlines do not work in the long run and also it reduces the chance of your mail getting read ever. While going through the mails many readers do not intend to open the mail which uses the words like “shock”. Instead of using the word “shock”, you can use other alternative words in your subject headline which should reflect the similar emotions you want to convey.

What should you do?

We should focus on the difference between a good headline and a bad headline because headline is the very first thing readers will notice. The goal of your main headline is to grab the attention of your readers.

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If your primary motive is converting your prospect clients into buyer then you should not only have to focus on the number of open rates, but also focus on converting your leads into loyal customers.

If you are sending a mail about generating leads, don’t make your subject line “know how to generate leads”. Instead you can try something like “ How I generated (give a number) leads using..”

Cliché 2 : Follow us on……… Everything

Follow us email message

Follow-us email message

This mail clearly shows that the sender wants to say everything in one email like confirm your subscription, like their page, click here, hit reply and so on. But don’t you think it will create a lot of confusion and displeasure among the readers and the option they will choose most often is none of the above.

Getting Likes, comments and follows on your social media platform is good but that doesn’t mean you should include everything in every mail.

This cliché every marketer should avoid in order to not make your loyal customers unsubscribe you because when you gave the too many options in one email they will left with “no option”.

What should you do?

You should include one option in one email rather than including so many options in one mail. Every marketer wants their readers to follow at every social media platform but you need to find a right way of convincing them.

If want an email to be a confirmation email then it should only about confirming their subscription.

Emails with too many options are annoying so you should focus on one thing in one email. The message should be clear about what the reader has to do.

Cliché 3 : Did you get my email?

Email message

Email message

People don’t always get your mail in the first time so here follow up message is very important. It is a powerful tool when you use it in a correct way. Write an effective follow up mail that actually accomplishes your end goal.

Phrases such as “ I sent you an important email yesterday” or “ I’m sending you again” are weak phrases.

It will surely increase the open rate but will decrease in converting them into prospect customer as they will not find it interesting. Sending polite email will give you 50% boost.

What should you do?

There should be a politeness in your follow up. You can also show them the benefit of your email. Don’t focus on how many people are opening your email instead focus on how many people are actually buying your product.

Before drafting any follow up mail, you should consider your objective and create an effective call-to-action button.

Some of the follow-up subject you can include are:

  • It would be great to hear more about
  • Following up on the email I sent a few weeks ago about (Topic)
  • I was inspired after you spoke at the (Name Event)

Cliché 4 : Live Webinar

webinar invite email

Live webinar email

As a participant, you must have received a message saying that the webinar is about to start when it is really not. You’ll always have a successful webinar only because of a ‘live’ element in it.

It takes a lot of efforts for organizing multiple webinars in a week. So, webinar software is a great business driver which gives presenter a strength to pretend that the webinar is live when it’s really not.

People like to attend live sessions but they do not want a session of the last live session. By doing this you may lose valued customers. They want to invest their time which shows value.

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What should you do?

For many marketers, webinars prove to be very fruitful for their lead generation efforts.

Instead of saying “live” you can say “exclusive” and make it exclusive. Create a chat box where you can handle the questions at the end of the training. Interact with your audience before starting the webinar. This will give you a chance of converting them into prospect client and people will also not feel that they are only attending a recorded session.

Cliché 5 :  Private message

private email message

email private message

These tactics are used by the marketer for the subscribers who haven’t opened any of the mail. The main goal of this mail is to re-engage the subscribers. People are more likely to open personalised emails rather than non-personalised emails. But, what if people will get the fake personalized message, it will definitely annoy them.

Don’t make them your readers think that you’re deceptive, there is a chance you may lose them. Subscribers are more likely to unsubscribe you if they find your mail irrelevant.

What should you do?

 There are plenty of subjects line you can use for getting the attention of the prospect people.

Some of them are:

  • We Miss You (First Name)
  • Hey! It’s been a while
  • We want you back
  • We haven’t heard from you lately

You can use the first name of the subscribers to make it more personal. Use basic language as if you’re writing to your friend. This will give your subscribers a feeling of importance.

If you are sending emails to your colleagues and contacts, they will understand what you want to convey but when it comes to your subscribers you need to be very careful with your mails by avoiding these clichés. Everyday they receive a lot of emails. To retain your potential buyer, you must work on these clichés to avoid any kind of flaws on your subject line.


Email Marketing is a powerful way to connect with people and very personal way of reaching your target customers. Thus, to get an in-depth understanding of Email Marketing, join our Email Marketing Course.

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