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Climb These 3 Steps To Attain High Quality Score

Climb These 3 Steps To Attain High Quality Score

It is neither the traffic quality nor the traffic potential that is usually great. Even if you know exactly what you’re doing, it take at least 3 to 4 months to get some significant traffic on your website. While some people are fine with not having any customers or revenue for such a long time, you might not be. The best way to drive traffic to your business from day 1 is by using pay per click (PPC) advertising. If you have a solid start, you’ll start getting customers at early stages. When it comes to Pay-per-click, you have a lot of platforms to choose from. You can also advertise on social media, but if you’re new to this field, there’s absolutely right with sticking to the biggest of the big – Google AdWords. Google has the biggest market share so far.

market share

4 Reasons why a high AdWords quality score ensures revenue

Reason #1 – Quality score affects your CPC

Reason #2 – You can also get lower bid estimates

Reason #3 – A higher quality score equals a better ad position

Reason #4 – Some extensions require high quality scores

Now the 3 steps you should follow to Attain High Quality Score are:

Step #1: Know what quality score means: It’s all relative

To completely know how quality score is calculated, you first have to develop the understanding of the context in which it is measures. Quality score is calculated only on the basis of exact match keywords. When AdWords campaign is set up, you have to create ad groups, and then pick your desired keywords to target.

There are 3 main types of keywords that you can specify:
Exact – Specified in square brackets (e.g. [Puma shoes]), your ad will only result for that exact query.
Phrase – Specified in quotes (e.g. “Puma shoes”), your ad will result on any search that has that phrase in it (like “Sports Puma shoes”)
Broad – Normal (e.g. marketing tools), your ad will result for any query that has the words in any order, plus any synonyms (like shoes of Puma)


If you actually run a campaign, you’ll see that there is a column in your keywords report for your quality scores:

Keywords group

You can see how the same ad group have a different quality score for each and every keyword. In order to calculate the quality score, Google takes many things into account. One component is the typical performance of other advertiser’s ads. Google can’t just look at factors in isolation, because they change depending upon the keywords. For example, keywords that re brought in might have a higher CTR than other keywords & Google knows  every advertiser for a particular keyword has to account for that. So, overall, if your ad and landing page perform better than the those of other’s, your quality score will be higher than theirs and vice-versa.

Step #2: One factor that may tell Google that your ad is best

At Google, quality is all dependent on how the user’s experience is. The best ad result and highest quality search leave searchers completely satisfied, and make it as easy as possible for the searcher to find relative results. Since Google can’t ask searchers directly about their experience, they have to turn to metrics rather. One key metric that contribute to your quality score  is (CTR) of your ad. The basic logic is that If many people are clicking on your ad, they must find it relevant and satisfactory. A good CTR, with all other factors remaining the same, will ultimately quality score.

CTR Factor #1 – Your headline: There’s one thing that stands out in an ad above all others – the headline. The most important thing is to always include keyword in the headline.

CTR Factor #2 – Your description: One more important component of your ad that will affect your CTR (even though not as much as the headline) is your description.

CTR Factor #3 – Your URL: After your headline, your URL stands out the most. Obviously, you can’t do much about your domain name, but what you can choose is the address of the landing page.

Step #3: Your landing page is the key to satisfaction.

Even though it is only one of the major components of calculating quality score, CTR only tells half of the story. The CTR informs Google about the user’s experience on the Google SERP, but it does not provide information about what happens after click. The other main component of your quality score is  landing page. The more relevant it is to what the user is searching for, the easier it is to navigate, and the better quality score will be. How to tell weather landing page is performing well. Evaluating the quality of your landing page is not a easy task for Google. Google looks at some basic factors but not much more.


Giving Adwords a shot is a great way to diversify your traffic sources. Most importantly, you need to focus on obtaining a high quality score. A high quality score is essential to getting cheaper traffic, and it usually coincides with good keyword targeting as well as well structured landing pages. This means that most profitable campaigns will also have a good quality score. Even there are only 3 steps to get a high quality score but still there is a lot of work that goes into those 3 steps.

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