Coffee Groundz Leveraged Twitter To Double Number of Clientele

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About @CoffeeGroundz:

A number of Food businesses rely on today’s social media platforms to expand its user base/customers and also for brand building. @CoffeeGroundz is one such shop just started out with the Twitter page and see a tremendous response from their local customers and double the number of customers than the existed. @CoffeeGroundz soon comes up with a number of activities to keep hold of its customers.

If someone think of getting into a food-vending business, it is very much indeed to start your presence on Twitter because it is a one such awesome platform to try out for this business especially. Even the Indian Food start up -Fassos greatly rely on Twitter to get the orders and they are damn successful in doing so still today.

Twitter is not only for the big brands IT actually supports a lot to small startups  one should know how to handle the Twitter account of their company and clear distinct purpose of posts and also should properly motivate and entertain the subscribers/followers opt for your brand by giving them niche content.Some of the top sites revealed some amazing facts of Twitter that helps in making  a quick decision of getting into Twitter.

  1. If the customers start following you on Twitter they are more likely to buy from you very soon.
  2. If the happy customer is in your twitter list they would recommend your products to their circle.
  3. Having a social media presence in the various platform will make the buyers  get to know your brand in one or other way and thereby influence in buying decisions.
  4. Twitter is said to be the very effective and cheapest customer care page that the startup can opt for in the budding stage.

Coffee Groundz- who they are? what are they are doing with Twitter?

Coffee Groundz and twitter


Coffee Groundz is  an autonomic  coffee shop in Houston, TX, USA.They started the coffee shop with the single aim to provide the customers with rich coffee and tea, cold beverages, and spirits! They also provide liberal Wi-Fi to everyone visiting their shop and  Coffee Groundz is known for its work friendly arrangements of seating both inside and patio.It is certainly an interesting place to visit for the one who wants to enjoy the coffee and to continue their work for the extended hours.  It has set up the Twitter account where the users can tweet for the booking of space which may be a table/patio or the items available in the daily menu( if you are the regular visitor of the shop and aware of the items).Once you tweet them you’ ll be greeted by J.R.Cohen who is the manager of the shop and he is the one actively managing the twitter page. By building the conversation and end up with orders builds a sense of personal touch with each customer and marketing via word of mouth and network wise expanded the number of clients.

Strategies adopted by @ Coffeegroundz-The Tweet that changed the things!

J.R won’t forget the first tweet that changed the way of seeing things he opened the twitter account but simply gazing at it what can be done with this page and then he got the first tweet from the local user – Sean Stoner @maslowbeer on twitter.He tweeted  to ask for his order  in order to save time and J.R replied accordingly for the order and turn into action which created a buzz around the @CoffeeGroundz twitter community and they simply started following the same way as he does.  

the first tweet

 reply for the tweet


How Coffee Groundz expanded its clients?How does the Personal touch help to bring regular visits?

FireShot Capture 33 - Coffee Groundz _ - https___twitter.com_CoffeeGroundz_status_120539814364848129

J.R was very happy to see the increased number of clients within few months of time with his presence on twitter and the followers did the rest of the job very well. ROI on social media investment can’t be imagined and he didn’t expect such a fruitful outcome when he started out.He started listening to his happy customers and initiated to set up at his place after all hosting events will be a great time for shops to double their they started hosting the number of events in a short span.And definitely, they need to give                                                                                            some discounts some time to sell out their goods!

In one of the week, they conducted  Hallmark mobile Greetings a live event at @CoffeeGroundz to demonstrate customers how their mobile greeting application worked.For this event, the shop calls out their followers by – @CoffeeGroundz “Free coffee and free dessert here thanks to #hall mark mobile come by and say hi.” they define the new strategy for attracting customers via @CoffeeGroundz.

Coffee groundz offers

credits:social media

The outcome of the best experiments with twitter:

twitter page of Coffee groundz


J.R setup the very fabulous yet simple Twitter page for his coffee shop following the page  norms. As J.R. cohen ,The manager of @CoffeeGroundz said in one of his interviews ““I spent the first hour just looking at it wondering what to do”.  But the very next day he catch up things quickly and started building a group of local users who are the ex- customers or the known buddies he uses @CoffeeGroundz  and started tweets with them and build a friendly and come back type of conversation and ask them to drop into @CoffeeGroundz and ask him by his name and notify them with special offers and the menu of the day this helps him to get a group of daily customers from the twitter followers.

Learnings from @CoffeeGroundz to others in the market :

Marketers all around pour in their suggestions on how to grow business on Twitter when you are food based start-up and wish to grow like @CoffeeGroundz:

  • It is must to post your special menu of the day in your Twitter where you already have the followers who are aware of the taste of existing items and expecting something new in your menu.
  • Following food lovers in your area on Twitter will likely get you  some follow-backs. And from there, an easy way to promote yourself    is with contests and giveaways.
  • As the saying goes, you eat first with your eyes. Posting beautiful photos of your restaurant’s food to your Twitter stream will help bring in customers.
  • Hosting events and conducting parties at your place will attract more outside customers and can be one of the ways to increase your clients.

By following the above suggestions wisely and receiving customers with a warm welcome from the beginning has set up new heights to their business.Cohen said that twitter helped him to double his clientele and opened his eyes to a whole new way to build Community.Today @CoffeeGroundz continues to grow and have tweet-ups every now and then. Recently they held a tweetup at their @GoffeeGroundz talking about the oil spill.

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