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Connect Your Blogger Account To Google Analytics

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In this post , we will see how to install Google analytics into your Blogger  account .

As a blogger , you might be interested in monitoring traffic to your blogpost and Google Analytics is the right tool that can be used for this purpose .

Lets assume you are already having a Blogger account and the address of your blog with Blogger is ‘ ‘ . You want to analyse traffic on this blog and hence want to connect Google Analytics to this blog address . The steps for achieving this are given below .

Create your Google Analytics Account

You can access Google Analytics by going to . After clicking the ‘ sign in ‘ button , you will get a menu in the top right hand corner from which you can select ‘ Google Analytics ‘ . After clicking the ‘ Google Analytics ‘ button , you will be directed to the common Google Sign – in .
Google Analytics sign in

After entering your password , you will reach the Home Page of Google Analytics . You can see your gmail id in the top right corner of the Home Page indicating that you are logged into the Google Analytics account as shown below .

ga home page1

Thus if you have a gmail account , you can very easily access Google Analytics by simply logging into Google with your gmail account .

Add the blog address to Google Analytics

The next step is to add the address of your blog into your Google Analytics account , so that Google Analytics starts tracking the traffic to your blog . For this , please click on the ‘ Admin ‘ button on your Google Analytics Home Page .


Then click on the ‘ Account ‘ button ; you will find the button called ‘ Create New Account ‘ .  Here , 4 other websites are already seemed to be updated for tracking  ; hence all these appear in the ‘ Accounts ‘ . In Google Analytics , you can track upto 100 websites .

new account

After clicking the ‘ Create New Account ‘ button , you will get the window as shown in the picture below . You need to give a suitable ‘Account name ‘ for the website you want to track . Let’s say you name this account as ‘ Digital Nerd ‘ . Please add the Account Name in the space provided . Then you have to ‘ Set up your property ‘ i.e. add the website name , website url , industry category and time zone as shown .


Thus you add the website name ‘ ‘ , the url name , the Industry Category as ‘ Computers and Electronics ‘ and the time zone as India .

After updating this data , you have to select various options regarding sharing your data with google . Information about various options is given in detail and you can select whichever options you agree with . At the bottom , there is a blue – coloured button called as the ‘ Get Tracking id ‘ . You have to click on this button as shown below .tracking id

After clicking the ‘ Get Tracking ID ‘ button , a pop – up called ‘ Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement ‘ appears .

terms of serviceAfter you accept the terms of service , the Tracking id for the ‘ property ‘ – is created . The tracking id for is UA-73261246-1 as shown below . Similarly , the Universal Analytics tracking code for this property is also generated .

tracking code and id

 Update Google Analytics tracking id in the Blogger Account

Blogger is also a Google product . Therefore , you can access Blogger in the similar way as you can access Google Analytics . Here we assumed that you already have a blogger account and have created property , ie have a Blog address and have created a title in blogger .

So now you have to update the Google analytics tracking id for the blog post that you created above in the Blogger account .

When you sign in your blogger account , you will land on the page shown below . Click on the ‘ Settings ‘ button which is encircled in blue .
land page

You will get a drop down list as shown . Click on the last item called as ‘ settings ‘ .

When you click on the button ‘ settings ‘ you will get the following .other

Click on the encircled item at the bottom of the drop down list called as ‘ Other ‘ . At the bottom of the page is the section for Google Analytics . Update the tracking id UA-73261246-1 in the space provided for updating the Analytics Web Property id .

update id in bgrClick on the orange coloured ‘ Save Settings ‘ button on the top right corner . It takes some time ( approx 24 hours ) for the Google Analytics and the Blogger accounts to synchronise .  Since Blogger and Google Analytics are both are Google products , this synchronisation is quite easy . This completes the connection of Google Analytics with Blogger .

Why Google Analytics ?

Incidentally , Blogger also has a traffic tracking feature called as ‘ Stats ‘ . This also gives various traffic data . Then the question may arise that when Blogger can also give traffic data , why add Google Analytics to Blogger ? The primary reason for this is that Blogger data and Google Analytics data do not match with the former giving inflated data . In short , Google Analytics is considered to be a more reliable web traffic tool and it also has many more features than the ‘ Stats ‘ .

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