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Content Marketing – A Must For Successful Business In SEM

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If you want online customers to find you easily on search engines and ultimately buy something from your online business, you must provide prospective customers with quality content for them to make their purchasing decisions. Quality content is very effective in search engine marketing to increase the conversion rates. Companies providing valuable content are interested in building good relationship with customers. High quality content must be a company’s website online marketing strategy.

Content Marketing is important mainly because of the following reasons given below:

1. Research shows that 50% consumers are more likely to click on your search results if your brand appears multiple times on the search result page.

2. As per research, 60% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that delivers valuable content because information is targeted to specific interests.

3. Contents on social networks are indexed easily on search engines.

4. Interesting contents are one of the reasons people follow brands on social media.

5. Customers like gathering information about a company in a collection of articles rather than an advertisement.


The acceptance of content marketing has become a viable promotional force. Essential content marketing for successful business in search engine marketing depends upon your customers or buyers needs and behavior.

I. Content is king, yes, we all have heard of this mantra. Recently content marketing has got a lot of attention. To develop a content strategy, firstly as an online marketing business, you need to create a plan without it you might just fail. Your strategy should contain your goals and methods to measure results.

II. Create a persona of your target audience. Blindly writing any content is pointless. Content marketing strategy would help best if a buyer wants to know more about your company in making buying decisions. Target your audience geographically and as per their spoken language.

III. After you determine who your audiences are, it’s time to generate content ideas for your blog, social networking sites and website. Brainstorm on ideas by placing yourself in the reader’s position. It will be easier for you to understand them and generate more ideas.  Produce content that can be easily accessed on tablets, laptops and smart phones.

IV. Make use of different content channels to your advantage. If you think by just writing content on your blog will automatically make everyone come and see it then you’re absolutely wrong. Some people might not go to your blog, maybe they visit you on Facebook, slide share or Twitter, so you should share your contents on various channels to get wider visibility.

V. Maintain a high quality content. Make sure your content is fresh and relevant; check the spellings, grammar, use interesting images and videos to enhance your content. Provide interesting content that will attract the attention of your target audience. Manage your comments and feedback on every networking site.

VI. Whether on your blog, emails or social networking sites promote your content early and on time. You want your new content to spread to as many people as possible. So create a plan to drive traffic to your blog through social media, which would eventually drive traffic to your site.

VII. Lastly, know your audiences extremely well and go where they go, create content strategy in every site where you feel customers are more actively participating. Get creative and promote your content in an effective way.

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