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How “PROJECT MANAGER ONLINE LTD”( achieved revenue growth of 288% annually leveraging content marketing and retargeting.

Summary: Growing a company without a large advertising and marketing budget is very difficult in this competitive economy. In this case study, read how “” founded in 2008 became one of the fastest growing technology company in New zealand with 284.01% growth in 2012 and are a Deloitte Fast 50 company in New Zealand.

Challenge: When founded in 2008, the major competitor was Microsoft projects with tons of disposable advertising budget and in the other hand neither had Venture capital nor large advertising budget.

So, in order to grow their business organically their major challenge was to gain customers via content marketing and community building by sharing valuable content on the web and social media.

Campaign steps:

1)    Community building steps : They started blogging, started making their presence on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and started their Email newsletter. Following are the links


2)    Delivered valuable content: team started creating engaging contents like in depth articles on project management, project management tips, webinars, you tube videos, tips on twitter and an educating Newsletter.

3)    Content delivering strategy:

For Facebook- For Facebook the content strategy is to post two to three times a week and it a mix of high quality tips and links to blog post written in the official blog. Below is a sample Facebook post-


For Twitter– The strategy is to post 2-3 tweets per day giving different tips on project management, soft promotions and links to blog posts. Below are sample tweets-



Blog Posts and Newsletter– For blog posts and Newsletter the strategy is to post two to three times a week giving tips, promotions, webinars, case studies, tempelates etc. Another work of newsletter is customer retention.

Linkedin- has started the biggest Linkedin group for project managers named “Project manager community”. They start and participate in discussions and help other project managers in giving tips and suggestions.

4)    Conversion strategy & Retargeting: The official website receives a lot of referral traffic from search engines, blog posts, and social communities and they try to convert the traffic to “Free trial of the software” and also promote newsletter subscription. Below is a screenshot of referral traffic-





From the above image as we can see that the bounce rate of the official website is around 61% so to again target lost visitors retargeting ads are shown to them which captures lost interested leads. These ads urge the lost visitor to sign up for the free trail. Below are some screenshots of retargeting ads-






The response from the promotion is awesome. Project manager community became the largest community on Project management in Linkedin and became authority in the market. Currently most of the members are decision makers and top management people.


And it got a lot of following in the others communities also as shown below-


And it is only due to authority and high quality content which helped the company to get over 12000 paying customers and to achieve 288% year on year growth.

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