An Insight on Content Marketing Jobs in India

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In this blog, we will keep our primary focus on Content Marketing jobs in India. However, before we begin, it is wise to gain a clear understanding of what exactly is content marketing and why do we need it. So, let’s begin!

Content Marketing= The soul of SEO

What is Content Marketing and what is its role?

Simply put, content marketing includes all kinds of online shareable material that does not directly promote a brand/ product but is posted online with an intention to convert into profitable action. The content used in content marketing could be anything from written texts (blogs), videos, images, gif or possibly any other engaging form of content that is of relevance and interest to the audience.  The concept of content marketing is simple, it is aimed at attracting the audience with the help of various kind of content and meanwhile subtly making a sale.

Content marketing jobs in India

An insight on Content Marketing

Now, let’s find an answer to why we need Content Marketing?

Need of Content Marketing

We know that content marketing is the most crucial element of SEO. Without content marketing, it is simply impossible to build the SEO of a website, blog or a particular page. Well, quite obviously, how do you plan to drive user traffic without any content at all? Here, you might possibly be thinking of backlinking but even that it is not possible without any content, because where are you going to redirect the user. Thus, it is important to understand that from the SEO perspective, content marketing is the bridge that connects the brand/ company with the target user base. This calls for a high demand of content marketing jobs in India.

Imagine how difficult it would get to connect with the potential audience in the absence of content marketing.

Profiles of Content Marketing Jobs in India

In any particular work profile, there are several tasks involved and to cater them with the help of division of labor, various tasks are assigned to various personnel. Let’s gain a better understanding by studying the various job profiles available in the domain of content marketing jobs in India. Read on to know the details of a content marketer’s work profile along with the profile breakdowns.

Given below is the content marketing jobs in India hierarchy in the inverted format.

Content Executive

The content executive’s job profile demands the personnel to do multitasking which includes partial sections of marketing, SEO (on-page, off-page), keyword finding for content creation, proof reading of articles/ blogs, generating ideas for content creation, deploying tools for measuring the performance of the digital marketing channels, developing campaigns to generate user traffic, ensuring that the created content reaches the audience it was prepared for. The content executive pays extra attention to the tone of the content and keeps a check if it matches the tone used by the brand or not.

Salary of Content Executive: 16- 20k

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Content Writer

The primary task of a content writer is to create content that revolves around the given keywords. A content writer restricts the work in accordance to the diameter of the given keywords. The keywords are used as the parameter of the highest order while content creation. Usually, the keywords are provided by the content executive with a view to serving the audience who are looking for those keywords. The criteria for picking the keyword is by measuring the searches for each.

Salary of a Content writer- 15 -25k (starting salary)

Content Associate

The job role of a Content Associate demands them to actively create and post content on the virtual media. Additionally, they are also asked to ensure usability and accuracy. They also examine the overall layout of the website and prepare content accordingly. In accordance with the company’s business and clientele suitable content is placed by him to attract the target user base by posting engaging and influencing content.

The Content Associate is ranked high in the Content marketing hierarchy. The higher designation comes with more number of responsibilities and more knowledge than the subordinates. a Content Associate must know computer languages like HTML, javascript, etc. This is because the content Associate is also required to handle some portions of website programming.

Salary of a Content Associate- 30-38k

Content specialist/strategist

A content marketing specialist job description demands the personnel to create an online content strategy. checking the content with regard to SEO parameters. The primary focus of a content strategist/ Content specialist is to craft content company’s policy- legally, ethically, SEO-focused, strategical and promotional.

A content specialist actively assists in making the content live on the web and lays down the guidelines for meeting the parameters laid down as a content strategy by him. the job profile of a content specialist requires one to have relevant experience in the

Salary of a Content specialist/ strategist- 35-40k

Senior Content Associate

The senior content associate majorly controls and monitors the comprehensive quality of the content that is being posted online. He/She is responsible for making sure that the web content is to update. It is to be noted that any content that goes live is only updated under the supervision and seeking approval of the S.C.A. However, in the case of special coverages or prominent interviews, the senior content associate may act directly.

Salary of the senior content associate- 38- 42k (variable)

Content Marketing Manager

A content Marketing Manager performs the task of managing and coordinating the entire content marketing team. Ideally, a manager is supposed to set targets for each resource and motivate and guide them to achieve the same. The content marketing manager is expected to have a creative mind since he is responsible for providing guidelines for content creation and promotion. He is responsible for initiating all the content marketing tricks and techniques. He communicates and reports to the senior personnel. Since he is the head of the department. He is supposed to have complete knowledge about each and every division of content marketing. Therefore, expertise, knowledge, and experience is required to lead an entire team of professionals.

It is crucial for him to cut-down the extravagant tasks, scale out individual assignments and sectionally divide the work according to the requirement of the efforts to be put in, and allot the work to each person individually. As a head, the content marketing manager’s aim is to achieve the targets and generate traffic with an SEO-focused approach.

Salary of the content marketing manager- 42- 50k

Important elements of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is not just pure writing or using content such as video or images. It is a strategised form of marketing that operates through content generation. When we say content marketing we refer to a much deeper concept. The concept is twisted manifolds. With an attempt to explain it in the layman’s language I would quote content marketing as an attempt to attract the masses by offering something of their interest or something they are looking for. Read on for Content Marketing tips.

Content marketing jobs in India

Elements of Content Marketing

The idea of content marketing is not to directly make a sales pitch but instead build relations and bond with the target consumer through the various content uploaded. the idea is to build user engagement, make them realize the need for a product and then subtly make a pitch. Let’s take a look at the most important elements of  Content Marketing.

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1.) Keep it Crisp

Remember, there is a river of vague text on the internet. To stand out you need to be different but in a good way. The key is to gain the target user’s attention by being entertaining. Nobody watches a boring video and rather anybody would want to read a monotonous piece of blog, our lives are already boring enough. What we really need is a little masala, a little change, and even a little drama at times to break the boredom.

An Insight on Content Marketing Jobs in India

Keep your content interesting

No, I am not advocating cringy content here but I am rather trying to suggest that do not just follow the stream, dare to step apart and offer something engaging to your audience that no one else is. That is what will make you stand out. The war for attention cries for a change, something new, something different and something eye- catchy. So, STOP. BRAINSTORM. STRATEGISE. and now ACT!

2.) Presentation  skills

Content marketing jobs in India

Be presentable

Be presentable with your idea, a cluttered piece of text attracts nobody. Use subheads, short paragraphs, white space pictures, etc. to keep the interest of the reader. The font you use must be easily readable and keep the font size to a standard 12. The important texts must be highlighted to capture instant attention.

Believe it or not, the presentation skills of a website determine its bounce rate to a great extent. Bounce rate refers to the time an individual spends on a particular web page.

3.) Adopt the changes

An Insight on Content Marketing Jobs in India

Being stubborn is never a good idea when you are dealing with huge masses. You must be very adaptive to the changes influencing the virtual communication industry. The latest change we all are witnessing is the replacement of the boring texts with the engaging videos. So, do the same! Begin using videos instead of texts, or both, but definitely, use more of what is trending in content marketing. So, you are a part of the competition and are able to generate leads for your brand through your website.

4.) Use the appeal of relevancy

When you begin with creating a content for attracting the target user base, you must also be wise enough to pick a topic that is of interest to them. After you have chosen an appropriate topic, you must search the related and most searched keywords and infuse them into your write-up, video content or image captions or hashtags.

An Insight on Content Marketing Jobs in India

use the appeal of relevancy

The idea of using the appeal of relevancy into the articles is advocated so that the readers can relate to themselves and connect with your brand. The more a target user is able to connect with your posts, the more they are able to familiarize themselves with your brand. It is needless to say that when a user begins familiarizing with the brand they are more likely to make a purchase. This concludes that using the appeal of relevancy lays a positive foundation for your brand.

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5.) Off-page SEO

Make it a rule! The rule number one. Ask a simple question to yourself, if you buy a new dress spending some 5000 bucks and never wear it. What is the point buying it? You need to step out in that dress for people to know the beauty you have bought and make some sense out of your money. Similarly, if you spend hours on your blog or any other creative content. If you do not do Off-page SEO i.e. sharing, commenting, star rating, etc. without which your intended audience would not know that your content piece even exists.

 content marketing jobs in India

Off- page SEO for your brand

So, do not forget to switch on the share buttons for your piece of content. The social media marketing can do wonders for your brand.

6.) Strategy is a must-have

An un-strategised content is of no use at all. Let us assume that your Twitter handle has plenty of likes and your Facebook is too flooded with a huge number of likes but if you do not post a strategically correct content, all this is of no use. If you are unable to give a direction to your followers, all of it is of no use.

An Insight on Content Marketing Jobs in India

strategise every word of your content

To be effective with your copywriting skills you need to understand the difference between the benefits and features. Here, you need to throw light on the benefits of working with your company. Announce your USP, give them direction with the help of a call to action.

Availability of Content Marketing Jobs in India

The digital revolution has wrapped everyone in its arms, especially the businesses looking forward to establishing a notable market share. In the present scenario, it is important for businesses to mark their online presence or else they’ll be left out of a huge market share and miss out on a huge portion of the potential audience. Like I mentioned above, it is wise to be liberal and be adaptive to the occurring changes. Don’t do what Nokia did, learn from Samsung! (if you know what I mean).

Content marketing jobs in India

content marketing

Ok! now let’s give a glance to the current status of the availability of jobs in the Content Marketing jobs in India. The main component of Content Marketing remains to be texts, even today. Texts for a variety of purposes like- text for videos, blogs, status updates, comments, captions, articles, etc. Since every firm these days is going Digital, the need for building a content marketing is also increasing. If not a full fledged content marketing team, a content writer is absolutely needed, listed under the category: ‘content marketing jobs in India’.

As per the famous job portal, there is a requirement of 24k to 26k content marketing jobs in India are posted by the employers on a daily basis. What does this suggest now? Obviously, Digital Marketing is at its boom and there is no Digital Marketing without the right content. We can say that content marketing is the foundation of Digital Marketing. Let’s assume you have a social media channel, a website but have no form of content posted on it. No images, no video, no form of text. What good do you think such a website would do to your brand/ Company or you yourself as a person. NOTHING!

The digital media provides you a platform to communicate with the desired audience. So, understand the difference here that it is only a medium, not the communication itself. To communicate you need the right content. And believe it or not, not everyone has the capability to create relevant content on a given topic. Thus, it is suggested to both the employer who is seeking for a content writer and an employee who is aspiring for a content marketing jobs in India, be sure if you are equipped with the required skills or not.

From the salary package perspective, content marketing jobs in India offer quite an attractive package compared to the starting salary for other profiles. So, if you are planning to build your career as a content writer in the content marketing domain of Digital Marketing. Go for it!

Before you apply for a content marketing job in India, it is suggested that you polish your content marketing skills to bag a good package in a reputed company. For which it is essential that you are well versed with the important content marketing tools, the know-hows of content SEO and other related elements.

Hope the blog was insightful and guided you in the right direction.

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