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Top 3 Content Marketing Trends 2017 – What Industry Experts Expect?

Top 3 Content Marketing Trends 2017 – What Industry Experts Expect?

Content Marketing is used by a majority of marketers in India. The brands who know the content marketing trends 2017 will reap the benefits more than anyone else. As we move into 2017, it is important to identify new trends, and make required amendments if we want to survive in the modern markets.

66% of marketers are investing in Content Marketing. The number is expected to rise.

Top 3 Content Marketing Trends 2017

Here are top content marketing trends 2017 foreseen by industry experts…

Virginia Sharma, Director of Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn IndiaContent Marketing Trends 2017

Indian marketers are cognizant of the fact that consumers want rich and engaging content that adds value to their lives. Marketers who closely follow their customer’s journey and manage to engage with meaningful information at each stage will succeed in connecting with their target audience. Here are a few content marketing trends 2017 that will evolve:

1. Content Distribution

A strong distribution strategy is critical for content to deliver desired marketing objectives – whether it’s awareness or demand generation. Marketers are aware of the multi ‘touch point’ opportunities and new media tools available  to customers and understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t ‘fit’ anymore.  Therefore, we can expect to see brands employ a variety of methods to share their content with fragmented target audiences

2. Integration of Search and Content

Search and content marketing that were once viewed as separate entities are now being treated as inseparable components by marketers globally. As search optimization becomes key, in 2017 we can expect marketers to invest heavily in good content – built on effective SEO and SEM strategies as part of their overall content marketing tactics. The seamless integration of quality content with search mechanism will help marketers achieve the desired ranking and make marketing feel like a service rather than an interruption for the audience

3. User Generated Content

Today, brands continue to develop a majority of their content. However, it was revealed that 41% of the Indian marketers encourage user generated content. Therefore 2017 will be the year where marketers would be inclined to look beyond their own organization to create content. Looking beyond their own organization to create content can result in cost savings and efficiencies while maintaining brand standards and delivering results.

Dr. Som Singh, Founder & Chief Marketing Advisor, Unspun Consulting Groupdr-som-singh

Top 3 Content Marketing Industry 2017 that I expect to see in the industry:

Without a doubt, marketers have effectively made remarkable strides with content marketing. While, everyone wants to stay at the top of their game, do they really know what lies ahead of them when it comes to content marketing? So, before I take the plunge, here are a few stats bearing which in mind marketers should up their content marketing ante if they haven’t already.

  • Marketers using content marketing experience 8 times more site traffic than those who don’t!
  1.  Content marketing is cheap…a whopping 62% less than outbound marketing. BUT, it generates more than three times as many leads.
  2. Content marketing drives higher conversion rates, 6 times higher!
  3. Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of content marketing. [For every $1 spent, email gives back a whopping $38 in ROI]

Understand what I’m trying to get at? Alright, so here are the 3 changes I wish I can see more in content marketing in 2017.

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1. Incorporating More Visuals

I always go by numbers because they speak for themselves, so here I go again! Do you know that the human brain processes visual information at a rate of 60,000 times faster than text? I bet you didn’t know this! This plainly means that visual components are exceedingly influential vehicles for reaching, appealing and converting leads. In addition, social media posts with images produce 180% more engagement and consumers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it.

Do I really need to add how crucial visuals are in content marketing? Thus, if you’re not yet leveraging visuals, here are some ways in which you should:

  • Relevant eye-catching images
  • Live streaming videos
  • Powerful and prominent calls to action
  • All-inclusive infographics
  • Data visualization
  • Engaging Videos & animations
  • Presentations, Tips, Tricks and How-to’s
  • Informative screenshots followed by tutorials
  • GIFs & Memes

2. Influencer marketing can be very exciting & highly lucrative

I wish to see more, much more of influencer marketing. As TapInfluence puts it, influencer marketing focuses on using key leaders to drive a brand’s message to a larger audience. It’s powerful, it’s better targetable and traceable, a trusted influencer adds much more credibility to your brand and lastly consumers are bored of paid ads! So, when TapInfluence conducted a case study, they found that influencer marketing leads to 11X the ROI of traditional advertising annually. To get it right, you need to (a) get the right influencer onboard and (b) drive a relevant campaign that raises greater awareness among the followers of that person.

A perfect example of influencer marketing done right is The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority that hired DJ Khaled, hailed as the ‘King of Snapchat’ to showcase Vegas to his six million fans. The channel @VisitLasVegas gathered 4, 00,000 views and 25,000 followers in just 2 days. They wanted to cater to 21-30-year-olds, the majority of DJ Khaled’s followers.

3. Some more exciting newsletters

If and when done right, email marketing can do wonders for your brand in driving leads down the sales funnel. Powerful newsletter content is the epitome of content marketing in reaching out to an audience in an organic way either dormant or active and then measure results. Just make sure the content is applicable, exciting and fresh. Duh! Additionally, because your audience will read the content on various devices, it should be well optimized.

With some brilliant advancements in the field of content marketing, if you haven’t yet, its time you evolve your strategies accordingly. I’d like to hear ‘Bring it on 2017!’ from marketers.

Apurva Chamaria, Vice-President & Head – Corporate Marketing, HCL Apurva Chamaria

1. Personalize or Perish  

Today’s global organizations have a much wider and diverse audience to cater to. All aspects of business,including content marketing must evolve to become more personalized and targeted.‘One solution works for all’ strategy is bound to fail. Personalize or perish has to be the new mantra for content marketing.

Interactive PDFs, personalized web designs and custom push notifications on mobile are some of the ways in which organizations are doing it. But, this is not enough. Throughout the customer life cycle, at every touchpoint, the content served must be tailored to the needs of the target audience. This can be achieved through smart analytics and modern-day UI/UX designs that are flexible and easy to customize.

2. Content + Digital = Success! 

Content is the backbone of all marketing initiatives. Content and digital must go hand in hand. Yet, many marketing departments have content and digital teams function as separate units. This creates silos and ineffectiveness.The digital marketing strategy of a company has to be based around content, with performance-based action planning.

3. Visual Storytelling 

It’s no secret that the attention span of people is reducing by the minute. With a content deluge, people are fast losing their patience. Visual stories come to the rescue. They are more engaging, easily consumable and hence much more effective than the conventional forms of content. Visual stories let you hold on to your audience much longer and even make them engage with your brand and product.

Deepak Kanakraju, Digital Marketing Manager, RazorpayContent Marketing Trends 2017

1. Challenge to Create and Curate Content

It is always a challenge to create and curate content. I want to see the industry becoming more consolidated for content creation services. In spite of being ready to spend good amounts on content, creating quality content from freelancers and service providers has always been a challenge.

2. ROI from Content Marketing

It is a huge challenge to measure ROI from content marketing. Most of the digital marketers go by the gut feeling that the investment on content is bringing results and helping in generating brand awareness. Thought content is a very central part of digital marketing, no one has been bold enough to come up with some solid metrics / measurement plan for calculating the ROI from content. We need advanced tools which will track the number of leads and customers generated from a specific piece of content, like a blog article. That would help a lot in content marketing.

3. Google Need to Improve Algorithm to Recognize Quality Content

Google needs to improve its algorithm and recognize quality content over poor content. Tools like Grammarly have proved that AI can measure the quality of language. Why does Google still rank pages on top which have very poor English, a very clear indicator of low-quality content! Unless search engines properly reward good content with high SERP rankings, marketers will not be motivated to invest in creating high-quality content.

Neeraj Singhal, Director – Sales, India OutbrainContent Marketing Trends 2017

Top 3 Content Marketing Trends for 2017

1. Purpose-Driven Content Marketing

To keep up with the consumption demands of consumers, brands have found it necessary to invest in dedicated teams that can produce, enrich, and generate content on a regular basis. As a next step, I’m expecting to see purpose-driven content marketing dominate in 2017.

At the heart of this process is to define the achievable business outcomes; who to target, how to add value to the target audience, what brand story to tell, how to measure success? Having a mapped out plan that answers these components should not only increase the likelihood of getting complete buy-in from all stakeholders, but help accomplish greater brand impact, awareness, sales, and profit. This is also where number-driven experts are needed to evaluate what type of content is performing and to help optimize all efforts – from content creation to amplification, engagement, and conversion.

Content discovery will also, more and more, be key in this process. With the aid of newer intelligence, predictive analytics tools and greater awareness around the value of first-party data, I’m curious to see how brands are able to better integrate their data sources in high-value audience segments for more purposeful content targeting.

2. Use of videos as a medium of content promotion

We all know video to be a great platform for content promotion, a great vehicle for storytelling in a world of decreasing attention spans. This year, with brands continually pushing boundaries as they work to optimize the video experience, we saw Live Video, 360 Video, and Virtual Reality dominate discussions in the video space.

Snapchat is one such example. With approximately 235 million people using the app monthly, it soon joined the ranks of the world’s most popular social network and messaging apps. This speaks volumes of live user-generated videos and how effective they can be as a content marketing tool, especially since it lends consumers an authentic experience in real-time, sans overly-scripted or polished lines.

The content marketing trends 2017, I think will include what is a more developed infrastructure around these video tools – be it consumption, distribution or promotion, and greater sophistication amongst marketers in employing these tools. After all,each platform features unique attributes that need to be considered when creating content for that outlet, lest the message gets muddled and lost. Video marketing might be the wave of the future, but marketers must remember that creating video content takes time and is resource-consuming, so getting that first click to engagement should always be top of mind.

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3. Increase of investments in Chat bots

In the early days, Chatbots were seen as an intriguing technology powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), but today, they are poised to revolutionize how we communicate. Apart from their ability to provide immediate access to services and products without requiring the user to download a native app, one of the main drivers of its surge in popularity, is in personalized, relevant messaging. Bots add a level of sophistication to traditional texting apps and fill the gap between what we don’t know and what we know, instantaneously.

On a broader level, it is a reflection of the shift in how individuals consume information. Our data has showing great user engagement and retention across messaging platforms, and we are likely to see developers, brands and publishers develop more innovative ways of engaging their audiences with content in a conversational, 1:1 manner. This is why we’ve combined personalized recommendations and editorials controls within chat applications for a smart, natural, and seamless communication flow – made available via Outbrain for Chat, a chat bot we launched earlier in the year.

I’m hoping to see investments in chat bots increase as makers employ aggressive growth strategies in an increasingly competitive bot market.

Raghuram Sitaram, Director Digital Marketing, Elite Digital AgencyContent Marketing Trends 2017

‘Top 3 Content Marketing Trends 2017’ that I expect are:

1. More Quality and Lesser Quantity of Content Published by Brands

This can be achieved with tighter buyer and influencer personas.

2. Content with an Expiry Date

There are a ton of infographics, blogs and ‘how to’ type content out there that are obsolete.

3. Industry Benchmarks on the Value of Content

Similar to industry benchmarks on things like CTR, CPC, etc. there should be benchmarks for the ‘value’ for typical content types, by industry, by country. Eg. if I know that the value of a 450 words blog post on the health care industry in the USA is worth say $15 for the average health care brand… the entire ROI calculation of content marketing becomes a lot easy.


These content marketing trends 2017 are going to rule the industry soon. Which new market trends you think will have an impact on the content marketing industry?

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  • 3 years ago

    Cavin Mark   /   Reply

    Your article helps me a lot about these upcoming trends in digital marketing. These days chat bots trend is growing faster, so i personally like your chat bots point.

    • 3 years ago

      Sakshi Behl   /   Reply

      I second that, Cavin. Would love to hear if you have personally experienced the use of chat bots 🙂

  • 3 years ago

    Nitika Rathore   /   Reply

    I think content copy which is short, to the point, and visually attractive will dominate in 2017. Great article!

    • 3 years ago

      Sakshi Behl   /   Reply

      To an extent yes, Nitika. But that wouldn’t mean in-depth and research-based content will lose its place. As per Google’s algorithm, there’s a high probability of content getting ranked on 1st position if the word count is near 2,000 words.
      Nevertheless, content marketing will still rule the industry in 2017.

  • 3 years ago

    Mahima   /   Reply

    How do I craft a content marketing strategy from the scratch?

  • 3 years ago

    Rohan Kumar   /   Reply

    Thanks for sharing the info. Really helpful.

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