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Content Marketing Trends that Will Rule Digital Marketing in 2016

Content Marketing Trends that Will Rule Digital Marketing in 2016

There was a time when SEO and Content marketing were thought as two separate entities, and content were always considered as something secondary, which had to come in place after some shrewd digital marketing techniques. However, time has changed now, and importance of content is exponentially increasing and making it an integral part of digital marketing success. In 2016, the successful branding is directly proportional to content marketing success, which greatly depends on the adaptability of your strategy to different growing trends.

Experts’ opinions also suggest that brand survival will need dedicated inclusion of content marketing trends in branding strategies:

ALEX AYLING“Brands will become content curators,” says Alex Ayling, Head of BBC Worldwide Digital Studios. He adds, “I think that as the world of content continues its massive expansion online, with existing platforms getting bigger and new ones launching every week, we are going to see more and more services dedicated to curation.” Understanding user’s mindset and adapting to trends that are loved by majority is the prime focus. Brands are being greatly dependent on live streaming apps and videos, and therefore Videos will see a massive growth in 2016. Visual content will also dominate the market, and it will be important for content marketers to conglomerate all these skills.

Sophie J Turton“Video marketing will skyrocket, with Cisco predicting that video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017.  Content marketers that combine all of these elements are set for an explosive year.  And we haven’t even delved into the possibilities offered by VR and Oculus Rift. I’m excited to see what they come up with”; says Sophie J Turton, Content Marketing Specialist at Bozboz. 

Role of content marketing is becoming more and more significant for building interactive and lucrative relationships with your audiences, as the days of overnight SEO strategies and aggressive link building are gone now, and if you will not build a solid content marketing strategy, you will lag behind. For staying ahead in market, it is important to stay up to date with the latest content marketing trends, and to make it easier for you, here are some top content marketing trends that will rule Digital Marketing in 2016:

User-generated Content

User’s feedback does magic in brand recognition as folks love to know user’s perspective about products and services. There is no one as effective as your users themselves to create content for your businesses and related services. User generated content will be trustworthy, authentic and highly appealing to target audiences. As per the analysis of Guardian, “70% of consumers place peer recommendations and review above professionally written content.” It would be highly productive for you to ask your users to create content for you. By displaying content written by users on your company portals, you will easily gain trust of more and more potential customers.

One of the greatest examples of user-generated content is Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, in which company asked their customers to share pictures of personalized coke bottle (created by company with customer’s names on labels) on different social media platforms. This campaign profited Coca-Cola with 2% increase in US sales.IMAGE 1

Story Telling

Interactive story-telling includes content with images, infographics, videos, calculators, quizzes, generators, graders, and other interactive mediums. Zeroing on interactive story-telling is important because it lets your target audience be involved without having any feel of being targeted.  Nowadays, audiences are not mere spectators and they prefer a visual story, which is powerful, appealing and out of box.

Carla JohnsonPredicting about future of Storytelling, Carla Johnson, President, Type A Communications and co-author, Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing says; “In 2016, I believe that content marketers will move beyond storytelling into story creation through experiences. Creating content-driven experiences will be how marketers truly distinguish their brands and create value separate and distinct from the products and services they sell.”

Rahul Aggarwal“Interactive content provides an optimal solution to businesses, especially to small businesses. It is perhaps the best way to increase traffic and conversion among small businesses”, says Rahul Aggarwal, Founder of 


Engaging Episodic Content:

Creation of engaging episodic content lets your target audience actively seek for the next installment, and it is very essential to take care of the timing of episodes. By breaking your content in smaller parts and organizing that over a time-period, you can let users stay engaged. Episodic content builds anticipation due to the creation of a narrative by a writer who gives breaks in between the episodes. Creating fictional content that create suspense in readers mind throughout the first episode ensure longing for second episode in readers’ mind.

Anna RaffertySpeaking about Episodic Content, Anna Rafferty, Director Digital Marketing Strategies, Penguin says; “Thousands of people are, usually collaboratively, producing a lot of short-form, episodic fiction and hundreds of thousands more are reading it.”

            IMAGE 3 (2)

Video Content to Gain Momentum

With better internet connections, improvements to mobile data networks, growth of Google Fiber the already popular Video content are going to get more momentum by massive leaps. Different social media platforms are also including videos as a prominent feature by providing options like auto-play. Google is also positioning relevant videos and video ads with search results, while Facebook is encouraging the use of its native video hosting. Time has come to start incorporating more videos into your content marketing as this will let you create engaging audience-oriented content.

As per the study of Cisco, “consumer internet video traffic will go from 64 percent in 2014 to surpass 80 percent by 2019, with consumer video on demand traffic doubling by 2019; with high definition content amongst that figure rising from 59 percent in 2014 to 70 percent in 2019.”

2 Lichtenstein_Masterpiece_1962.jpg

Use of Social Media for Content Distribution

As per an article of Designhill, nowadays social media has become greatly popular amongst small businesses too and they are predominantly using social media hacks for reaching out to their customers to reinforce their brand value.

An industry report of Social Media Examiner reveals that 92% of marketers accept that social media is most important to their marketing strategies. It is essential to do thorough research regarding right social media platforms as per your target audience. Twitter comprises 302 million active users while Facebook has almost 1.4 billion users, and along with these two, there are many other platforms too that can be preferred by your potential users. Therefore, it is essential to use these platforms quite wisely for distributing content and increasing your success leads.

Jeff BullasWhile speaking about the influence of Social media content distribution, CEO of, Jeff Bullas says, “No longer can you rely on Facebook to provide free traffic to your website or blog. It’s become just another paid advertising channel. All social networks are now in this game and as social media has become just another media channel, that reality is not going away. You are going to need to adapt”


Personalized & Customized Content

Creating content that instantly connects with your audience is quite essential for attaining the primary attentions of users. With such a bulk availability of online content, users sometimes become immune to the best of content, and that is why, adding some special flavor is significant to get the desired results.

Shawn FitzgeraldWhile talking about the importance of personalized content, Shawn Fitzgerald, Vice President of Digital Marketing Group of Thomasnet says, “The name of the game in 2016 is personalization. Marketers will have more opportunities than ever to deliver the exact content that people want when they want it.”  Deeper connections with your audience through personalized content are going to help you stand tall in 2016.

IMAGE 6 (1)

Content Marketing & SEO are Correlated

Existence of SEO is dependent on Content Marketing and vice versa. Both of these complement each other as content marketing satisfies the demand created by SEO.

Ben SilvermanWhile speaking about the interdependency of content marketing & SEO, Ben Silverman, marketing writer for Brafton speaks, “Content is king, and it is expected to play an even bigger role in 2016 digital marketing. Content should be educational, entertaining or enriching, rather than a message centered around a direct sales pitch. A strong strategy of creative, personal, interesting content is eclipsing more traditional areas like SEO management and advertising.”

Rise in Investment by marketer in Content Marketing

B2B or B2C businesses are finding content marketing as the mainstay of their digital marketing strategies and that is why market players are planning to invest exponentially in content marketing. Content marketing is the proven method of driving website traffic, but for creating effective and interactive content that can generate leads, draw traffic and increase conversions;  huge monetary invest is required. This leads more marketers to spend thousands of dollars on their content marketing strategies and associated efforts. Branding and marketing budgets are growing as companies continue to infuse money in visual content or podcasting or other types of content marketing techniques due to assured ROIs. IAMGE 7

“I’d say that things are getting serious: content marketing is not yet a science but a proven methodology for it has emerged and gone are the days when you could simply rely on pure creativity and… luck. While content generation remains key, successful content marketers invest at least as much time and budget in the other parts of the content marketing cycle: planning, distribution as well as analyzing what works and doesn’t”, says CEO of, Guillaume Decugis.Guillaume Decugis  

Rulers of Digital Marketing in 2016 would be those who incorporate latest content marketing strategies and take action as per that.

What are your plans to reform and doctor up your content marketing strategy for 2016; do share your plans in comment-section below. 

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