Content Showdown: SEMrush Challenges Indian Marketers with Big Blogging Contest

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Online visibility tool suite SEMrush has a huge presence in India with a formidable community of marketers, using it for a variety of digital marketing-related tasks, such as creating templates for their content, getting a breakdown of their web traffic stats, identifying keywords that can work for them, or looking at their competitors’ ad copies.

Content has become the core of digital marketing – all digital channels such as search, social media, PPC, and email revolve around the power of the brand message and engagement that their content carries.

Recognizing the importance of content across all spheres of digital, SEMrush has launched the Big Blogging Contest in partnership with Digital Vidya – this is an unmissable opportunity for marketers, bloggers and agencies across India to demonstrate their knowledge of digital as well as their skills at promotion.

The contest works in a simple way:

  1. Choose one from the 100 topics that SEMrush has listed out.
  2. Write a 1000+ word post on the topic.
  3. Promote it in any and all ways that you can.

The first prize is a MacBook Pro – the defining characteristic of awesome bloggers and content creators, and undoubtedly a great incentive to keep churning out content for eons to come!

For digital agencies, bloggers, affiliate marketers, thought leaders and industry experts, there is a bigger, deeper reason to enter the contest. This is their chance to prove what they’ve always been claiming on their websites – that they’re the best at marketing any product or service online. With such a contest, their own expertise and authority in content marketing, as well as their ability to market it to their peers, is put to test.

All entries will be judged in two phases: Participants have 15 days to get their posts shared, liked and linked to by their audience. The more traction you get from the public, the closer you get to that MacBook Pro.

That was about quantity. When it comes to the quality part, SEMrush has put together a panel of judges comprising some of the biggest names in the Digital Marketing Industry nationally and internationally. The experts are

  • Malhar Barai, Head of Marketing at Tech Mahindra
  • Dawn Anderson, Digital Marketing Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Craig Campbell, International Speaker and SEO Trainer
  • Harsh Agrawal, Owner of India’s biggest blogging community Shout Me Loud
  • Chad Pollitt, Co-Founder of Relevance and Author of multiple books on marketing
  • Nitin Manchanda, Head of SEO at travel portal Trivago

The topic headlines have been carefully created and chosen by SEMrush exactly with this goal in mind. It makes participants’ job that bit easier (coming up with a catchy headline that’s appropriate for your post is quite a time-consuming task). On the other hand, it’s also a subtle catch – you need to run with what you’ve got, or put in extra efforts researching a subject in which you haven’t really got much experience or knowledge.

The 100 headlines have been categorized into the following topics:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Strategy & Content Marketing
  • Online Branding & PR
  • Marketing Automation
  • Data Analytics
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Ecommerce Marketing
  • Growth Hacking
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • B2B Marketing
  • Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

The actual topics include everything from how-to articles to opinion pieces, from list posts to clickbait.

Which is why we here at Digital Vidya are partnering with SEMrush to bring you this contest. We have been proponents of content-based digital marketing for a long, long time. In fact, SEMrush’s Indian Marketing Manager Rohan Ayyar regularly shares his insights on our blog on content strategy, conversion rate optimization, marketing automation, growth hacking, and the like.

Here are a few topics from the Content Marketing that really catch our attention:

  • X Goals Your Content Strategy Shouldn’t Fail to Achieve
  • Is Your Content Really Getting Your Brand Message Across?
  • The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Data-Driven Content Marketing
  • X Effective Ways to Map Content to Digital Channels
  • X New Avenues in Topic Research Guaranteed to Draw Huge Audiences
  • Creativity Vs. Optimization: What Works Better for Content Marketing?
  • How to Turn Your Content into Link Magnets
  • The Smart Marketer’s Roadmap to Measuring Digital Content Performance
  • X Out of the Box Ways to Keep Your Audience’s Attention
  • How to Make Every Blog Post You Write a Game Changer (Every Single Time)

We’d be mighty pleased to read and discuss these topics with you – share your thoughts in the comments or any of our social channels!

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