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A Webinar on Email Marketing by Punit Modhgil, Managing Director at Octane.in. e-Marketers have routinely called out #EmailMarketing as one of the top 2 tools for customer engagement and converting into online business.

Q. There are many marketing newsletters that we receive in our inbox without a suitable heading. There are normally identified as spam by users? How do we identify the generic marketing letter without any suspicion?

Punit: The question can be answered by three parts, that is, the user, marketer and platform such as ISP, etc. you need to have a list of visitors,list of subscribers and subscriber communicates once in a month. It is basically how do we apply the logic while sending newsletter daily. So for that have reference to the entire email at least once in 6 months.the subscriber can decide that if he wants to receive the newsletter on a daily basis or weekly. The user loves the brand, controls flow of communication. So the content should be good, spam friendly and marketers should innovate special characters, etc.,

Writing content make it friendly,personalized,safe keywords to use. The routing routes of the serve keeps changing globally on a daily basis. So marketers have to beat the system,innovate, and run the campaign,but one week it will work and then later it won’t.

A lot of the google providers see how engaging is the content to others, so this can have an impact whether it goes to inbox or spam folder.

Q. Give an example of integration of transactional alert and promotional emails?

Punit: Transaction alerts is when a consumer you does a transaction and you get an alert via sms or e-mail. E.g. you are a bank and you withdraw money from an ATM, you can get an SMS alert that you have withdrawn so much money, but by e-mail the customer hasn’t used e-banking, so a mail is sent that would you like to try our e-banking or we have missed you from past 15 days? So would you like to come online? Any transaction done by e-banking, here is an alert for the transaction done. Most consumers do is engagement. Transaction alert is what consumers looking for,what they explore, by upsell or cross sell.

Q. Which is the best time of the day and day of the week to send e-mails?

Punit: It is best to do what’s best for you. It basically starts increasing by Tuesday till Friday and starts dipping by Friday and most negative by Sunday. It depends on industry to industry. So the best day of the week if not for entertainment, movies, etc. so it is best Wednesday –Thursday. But it’s good to see a data for your 3 month e-mail campaign.

The best time is mid morning- post afternoon. It changes from mobile to desktop so the best time is 12:00 to 2:00 is the best time to send. But it’s better to be specific what works for you and review it once in 3 months.

Q. If a startup wants email marketing so what are the innovative ways to wrap their email marketing program if they don’t have large database?

Punit: You can do organically and inorganically.

Organically if you are subscribing how easy it is to subscribe using various platforms. If someone signs in then how is your engagement, most marketers look for a good number of email marketing. Make it easier to sign-up with you, then provide them with certain value and make it easy for them to share it with others. For e.g. you are sending a newsletter, so most marketers use social sharing such as Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, etc. it gets shared on the social platform, but for a subscriber, we don’t want to share the entire newsletter so make it easy to share a part of the mailer. So someone will come and sign up with you,

Inorganic way is if you know your target audience, then partnering it with aligning with the body for some more sign-ups. If you know that they have the target audience, then they will charge you some money, but few appears as spam, but you can take that brand personalized content then you can have better ways. For e.g. you have a message and you want to send it to certain 2g which is not in your subscription list and then you approach a bigger brand and say can I use your list to send the message they will charge some money. But if you can think of some value for the brand value with marketing for your subscribers, they can tell you target audiences.foe e.g. database of people who have bought a watch worth more than 6,00,000 Rs. The database is available. Its generally cost of acquisition if done smartly it can be reduced further.

You can organically start building your list and start converting immediately if you have a cost of acquisition then e-mail marketing play an important role.

Q. Can we use mass e-mail marketing software to a large people?

Punit: It is best to sign up for volume driven,look for gestation and stick around for 3to 6 months to see the campaign performance.

Q. Should people send mails to unknown people?

Punit: People generally have a short-term goal to get their leads, you basically build your credibility and your brand , and you don’t know who the source is sending it so better to double check, it is not good to send mails to unknown people. The cost of spam is credibility, trust online, and trend changing with the consumers. But it is more important that they take the spammer to the court to take the test case out of it. There is a legal risk, market risk, consumer risk you are doing unsolicited email marketing online.

Q. How important is responsive today?

Punit: Engagement levels in India take a short dip, why if it happens while sending a mail we need to scroll up-down, top-left to see the message so because of the big shift of mobile platforms, mobile internet going forward a responsive way to go forward. Respondent is different from adaptive. Resizing the image is not responsive it is adaptive. We see e-mail these days at the click of a mouse and on the mobile it is a click of a finger. How the interface is changed based on the form factor is responsive. Marketers to go online and see the difference between them.

Q. What is the impact of RSS feeding on e-mail campaigns?

Punit: RSS feeds is an important tool for blogs, content and if people have signed for RSS.you can have automated campaigns.in India not all marketers use RSS, but happening globally.

Q. Customer of recipient start giving hints when they are inactive, so what are the hints before we lose the recipient?

Punit: It varies from company to company. E.g. if the subscriber has opened your email but not clicked on it, month after month, week after weeks its trending towards inactively range. There are ways to look for engagement sees the bell curve as who are the active customers. So bell curve works well, but varies from company to company.

Q. How is split a/b test testing?

Punit: Many marketers look for a, b, c, d, e, f etc. Which content should be positioned top side of the mailer or bottom side. We encourage marketers test as a behavior. The drivers can be different. A, b is what you live and die by. Responsive and a, b testing will boost your campaign platform.

Q. Google has defined 3 tabs as primary social and promotion mean? Everyone wants a primary partition, and what does social and promotion means?

Punit: Google loves good content and engagement, if you are  engaging with customers, then you would see a  lot of inbox V/S spam, google has tried to have transaction and promotion alerts. The data in the US say people click on promotion tabs they are looking into user behavior shift they can use for those transactions. If they are in shopping malls, they see a lot of promotional offers in their in the tab, so google takes away the clutter for the promotional tabs. 60%-70% of promotional campaigns are coming in gmail. Google tracks how the gmail users use the content effectively.

Q. They are no standard benchmark what is a good open rate and click through rate?

Punit: It is important to have service excellence. You should see your trend upwards, if you don’t see it upwards, then you have to change your marketing strategy. Better have 15%-20% open rates and click through rates 5%-7%. It should be measured from quarter on quarter.

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