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Create Custom Report Through Hootsuite To Highlight Return On Investment

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g2crowdHootsuite  is a social media management system for the brand management and created by Ryan Holmes in 2008. The user interface of this system is in the form of a dashboard which helps to keep track and manage your different social media channels as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Myspace, WordPress, etc. You can easily get information about what people are saying about your brand, what are their queries and what they expect from you through different social medial channels. Also, you can easily and quickly respond to people with Hootsuite. The most effective feature of Hootsuite, you can access all your social networking sites on the single page only. Also, you can upload any post, video, photos at a time on all social networking sites. It is very easy to add any new social media on Hootsuite. Along with this Hootsuite has some unique features such as scheduling calender, reports by email, Youtube integration, every-note, etc. This will help to save a lot of time of sales and marketing people.

For any company it is essential to keep track of it’s overall performance. ROI is the most important part of business processes because it is the output for your sales and marketing efforts and investments. You must consider following steps while measuring social media ROI for your business.

1) Connect Social Media ROI Back to Business Goals

For measuring social media ROI it is important to set social media goals that complement existing business and departmental goals. To achieve social media goals it is essential to keep track of certain metrics such as website traffic, leads generated, sign ups and conversion, revenue generated, etc. Another important part is to audit your existing social media performance to establish baseline targets. Depending upon the result reset appropriate goals for improvement.

2) Select Social Media Analytics Tools To Measure ROI

After setting social media goals it is important to identify and implement the tools and processes required to measure the ROI on your social media. There are several social media analytics tools available in the market to track the different metrics to give you ROI. Hootsuite provides a variety of analytics tools which can help you track your reach, conversions, leads generated and many more. For example, In the Hootsuite Analytics report you can take a quick view of different metrics such as follower growth, total daily visitors, CTR and pre-post stats for Facebook, Twitter, etc.

3) Calculate Social Media ROI

Initially, you have set your social media goals, selected proper social media analytics tool, now it is time to actually track your social media ROI. Hootsuite offers service to build custom analytics report in a very easy and friendly manner. These reports will also present the data in an easy way, allowing you to effectively share your ROI on social media with higher ups in the organization. Let us see in detail how to create custom report with the help of the Hootsuite.

1)  Click the Analytics  option  (bar graph icon) on the left-aligned launch bar and click on the create new report option.


2) Now let’s try to create custom report. Click on the Build Custom Report option.


3) This will open a new browser tab known as “Report builder”. Here you have option of creating template report or custom report.


4) Here you can see number of customized options which are important for your business while creating custom report.


Suppose, you don’t want to give your company logo and contact details then click on A i.e. Hide Personalized Header. It will skip this step and move towards next step.

Otherwise update header details. Add your company logo to or an image to brand your report. Then locate the image file, open. On the right hand side fill your company contact information.

5) Now delete “Type a Header here” and type your new header which will display on the top of your report.


6) Now click on Details in the upper left corner, type the title of your report and write a brief description about your report.


7)  It is important to keep track your performance on regular basis. You can decide report frequency under Email and Scheduling. Click the drop-down menu and select the frequency of distribution such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc. Also you can emailed this report to the members  you want. You can share it by just clicking on the box, making a check mark visible.


8)  Under Analytics Modules you will find two tabs A and B.


A. Optional:  Here you can type the module name to collapse the list, displaying modules with your search term(s).

B. Here you can see the number of modules. You can read the brief description about modules by just placing cursor on it. It described about the functionality and the points required for its use. Select the module and then add it to your report.

You can remove modules added to your report by clicking the Remove which is present in the right top corner of the module on the report.


9)  It is important to complete the information requested by that module to achieve the best results. It may be typing a title, typing a keyword, selecting a social network profile, etc and then click Done.

module_details_320 (1)

You can add multiple modules to your report and change their sequence as well.  Also, Hootsuite provides drag and drop facility for modules.


10) The last and important step is click create report. Here you can either create report or save it as draft. Draft doesn’t consume any point but create report consumes analytics points. Adding new modules to existing report will use points. Also, you can include same module multiple times. Viewing or updating existing report will not use any points.


4) Check and Improve

As we all know that social media is never static. It keeps on changing. It is essential to find out what is working? and what is not working?  So it is important to update yourself on the basis of custom analytics report, market situation, current trend, etc. to meet your social media ROI goals.

Image credit:, hootsuite

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