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Create Effective Dashboard With 3 Web Analytics Tips

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How good is it to move ahead without measuring the progress? It is not at all a wise idea to execute a plan and  not analyse the performance data obtained. Isn’t it? It is important to be clear about the business goals, segregate them into achievable objectives and then measure the performance on a dashboard. A dashboard is a basic tool that helps the business persons in measuring the data effectively and quickly by simply having a glance at it any-time and keeping themselves updated about the latest results.

Here are 3 effective web analytics tips to design a dashboard that will help you achieve your business goals easily:

  1. Focus On The Primary Goal

Firstly, the focus must be on the objective for which the dashboard has been set up. The layout part must appear at the second stage only after the business objective(s) has found its true place. The colour schemes, graphics and other such things can be done once the essential things have been included and then there appears a need for them to be used.

  1. Dashboard Must Be Dynamic101

You must link it with a dynamic database and avoid building it over a static base, say,a spreadsheet. This will help obtain the changing data and the dashboard being active enough to give the latest results. Since the dashboard is not built on a static data source, it is not required to update the data manually,  which also increases the chances of errors in the source itself. The continuous flow of data from the database will ensure the dynamism of the dashboard.

  1. Filters And Drill Downs Must Find A Place

imagesA good dashboard is one that respects the time of the users. It should let the reader know about the things they are looking for quite quickly and also allow them to filter or drill down that particular data required by them. This will certainly ensure that the dashboard is working as a group member rather than appearing as a difficult puzzle to be solved!


Use these tips to create a great dashboard to measure the performance of the business activities on a regular and continuous basis and make it your ally in your journey towards a grand success.

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