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How to Create Websites that Generate Leads and Optimize Conversions

How to Create Websites that Generate Leads and Optimize Conversions


“Unleash in the right time and place before you explode at the wrong time and place.” – says Oli Anderson the writer of book Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness

      Anderson was actually describing the concepts of emotional intelligence in his book, but the same theory is applied on the technical intelligence, you need to influence prospects to be your customers.

What is the most important tool that can convert your prospects into customers?Your Website.

What is a lead generation website?A lead generation website can be understood as a valuable tool that generates leads online by unleashing right conversion-oriented strategy at right time- when your visitor visits your landing pages.

Lead generating website has an opt-in box that indicates your visitors to enter their important contact details like email address to know more about your product, services and offers.

Components to Convert Visitor into a Lead

What are the components that play crucial role to convert a visitor into a lead?

  • CTA Button

Lead generation starts here as through CTA button, your visitors reach to your landing page

  • Landing Page

Landing page includes a type of landing page content according to your product and service to persuade your visitors to provide their contact details

  • Landing Page Content

There is a variety of landing page content available, and you need to pay due heed upon the kind of content that suits your business.

(You may read Digital Vidya blog on 15 kinds of landing page content)

  • Thank You Page

After providing all the asked details and submitting your landing page form, your visitors land here. 

How to check your current website is a lead generating website or not?

  1. Know the analytical details about the current state of your website
  2. Check that the web-pages of your site guide visitors to take a proper action or it lets your visitor wonder what to do next
  3. Do you use form tools that automatically pull the submissions from your forms and aptly place them into your contact database?
  4. Have you created well-customize landing pages for every single campaign that you run?
  5. Do you have a blog, if yes, make sure that you have lead generation CTAs on each of your blog posts, and if not- create business blog for your site immediately

Now, if you have all these requisites intact in your site, you are well prepared to ensure lead generation of your site and optimize conversions.

 In this post, I will cover all the major components important to optimize lead generation of any kind of websites. Either you run a well-established business, or you are an entrepreneur, this blog post will let you get some of the best tips to build a website that not only generate leads but also convert your leads into loyal customers.

How to Create a Lead-Generating Website in 2017

  • Use of Lead Generation Forms to get Contact Information of Visitors

  1. Lead generation forms can be understood as the crux of any kind of business’ lead generation efforts as it lets visitors of your site opt in to give their specific contact information.
  2. Voluntarily handing over of the information by filling out a lead generation form establishes an emotional association between you and your visitors as it proves that they have interest in your products, services and find your landing page convincing.
  3. You can use tools like HubSpot, JetPack, and Google Forms to embed lead generation forms directly on your site that automate the process of conversion.
  4. You can put these forms anywhere on landing pages or other popular pages of your site. Well-organized forms that are customized as per target audience ensure more lead generation and related conversions.lead-generation-form-of-admithubs-homepage-for-a-demo-request
  • Use of Form Tools to Collect & Track Submission of Lead Generation Forms

  1. After creating and embedding your lead generation form, how will you collect and track form submission—you need to use tools that are designed to serve all such purposes efficiently.
  2. Form tools automatically capture form submissions on your website and put related data into database to ease the lead management proceedings for you.
  3. By accumulating all your leads at one place, you can quite easily indulge in the follow up procedures by tracking their visiting tendency, sending them powerful nurturing emails and by using some other well-tailored techniques.
  4. There are variety of Collected Forms Tools that let you detect the form submissions on your website in the most powerful and automated fashion. Form tools also adeptly do database arrangements of all the form submissions.
  • Use of Powerful CTAs/Call-to-Actions on your WebPages

  1. This technique persuades your audiences to take some action and it is your responsibility to guide your visitors come closure to you by placing right CTAs at right places.
  2. CTAs or Calls to Action compel visitors of your website to dig deeper into your offerings (products/services) and move further to provide personal details by using CTAs without being lost in the process.
  3. By using convincing calls to action, you can let your homepage get converted into a lead-generating machine. You should use multiple CTAs on the different parts of your site.
  4. CTA’s end-result has to be based on the end goal of your business, product or service. It should influence leads to do what is most benefiting for your products/services.
  • Brilliant Use of Appropriate Landing Pages with Content that Suits your Business

  1. Landing pages are of great importance to generate and convert leads that will be profitable for your business. Landing pages can be understood as centre of all the lead generation efforts.
  2. All your offers or campaigns have to be associated with a landing page, which is well customized for that kind of offer only. Having content that complements your offer is going to be the most important factor of optimized conversions.
  3. Content on the landing page also plays a significant role in ensuring great SEO benefits for you. Using high converting landing page content will for sure be the reason behind high ranking of your site in SERPs.
  4. Different components of landing pages include landing page design, lading page content, form design, share buttons, form length, navigation, social proof and so
  • Accurately designed and placed pop-up forms

  1. There is lot of confusion that pop up should be used or not, and answer is yes, it should be used but carefully, by making them valuable and relevant that can enhance visitors’ positive experience.
  2. You need to use language that is actionable and their appearance should look natural. You need to make their language be impactful and some specific actions should trigger them.
  3. You need to ensure placement of pop-ups at right places so that they do not interrupt browsing experience of your visitors. Choose wisely where you can place your pop ups on WebPages.
  4. Such WebPages are known as lead flows and they can be of different types such as banners, overlay modals, welcome mats, slide-in boxes and so forth.
  • Responsive, intuitive & target-oriented design that has rightly placed CTA buttons

  1. You need to have a website design that guides site visitors toward the actions that are going to generate leads and ensure conversions. Site design plays one of the most important roles in convincing visitors take decisions what you want them to take.
  2. Well-responsive, interactive website design lets your conversion efforts be far more compelling. You need to make sure that assets of your sites are easy to find and are designed with a visitor-centric mindset.
  3. You need to pay proper heed upon the CTA placement, use of layout, use of whitespace, fonts’ selection, colors and many other elements that are important to ensure conversions.
  4. Beautifully designed WebPages that are intuitive ensure more lead generation- if designed with the mind set to generate leads and optimize conversions.
  • Use of business blogs that have powerful lead generating CTAs

  1. Firstly, you need to ensure that you have a business blog and you use that in a consistent fashion, as this will help you get great quality leads.
  2. Business blogs have been the most important source of huge traffic and they are known as the lead-driving engines. Blogs not only drive traffic to site but also convert them be your loyal customers.
  3. Each blog post is a new powerful opportunity to generate new leads as they drive value for your business in the most sustainable fashion, not only for current period but also for many years to come.
  4. Blogs are the biggest source of knowledge in inbound marketing and by aptly using this you can be the right source of knowledge of your target-audience that builds a trust and lets them be your permanent admirers and loyal customers.
  • Customer Testimonials and other social proofs that act as Trust Builder

  1. Including components that act as trust builder is very important to convince leads that you would be the right and profitable choice for them, if they provide their personal details to you. 
  2. Social proofs and testimonials let your leads feel some sort of trust in your brand that persuades them to provide their important information in exchange of a product or service.
  3. Credibility comes in place when you somehow prove your worth. The most powerful way of doing this is recommendations of others as this constructively influences trust building and conversion rates.
  4. Different kind of social proofs that you can use are testimonials, client logos, case studies, etc. placed on landing pages or homepage or anywhere else that you think can be profitable. customer-testimonials


“Be patient. Your skin took a while to deteriorate. Give it some time to reflect a calmer inner state. As one of my jess-c-scottfriends states on his Facebook profile “The true Losers in Life, are not those who Try and Fail, but those who Fail to Try.”  ― says Jess C. Scott says in her book Clear: A Guide to Treating Acne Naturally

To generate leads and optimize conversion, you also need to be patient and give some time to let lead generating techniques give the needed outcomes.

Including all the over-mentioned techniques will help you generate more quality leads, and by nurturing those leads, you can ensure optimized conversions. All the over-mentioned techniques are amongst the most powerful and well-tested components that let any site be more lead generating. However, on the concluding note, I would suggest you to pay proper heed upon the nurturing of your sites as this would optimize conversions in a guaranteed fashion.

No any lead magically turns into a loyal visitor; you need to make constructive nurturing efforts.

What statistics say about Lead Nurturing

  • Nurturing of leads ensure 50% more sales ready leads.
  • Lead generation is done at 33% lower costs by lead nurturing.

Put leads into a work process, so that once your viewer fills a form given on your landing page, he or she does not dare to forget you. To ensure this, you need to convey them important content that matches their specific requirements. You should also start lead nurturing with convincing and relevant follow up emails that have helpful, well-customized content. Nurturing is like caring of your leads that guides you make tailor fit efforts to ensure and optimize conversions.

Along with these components, there are other important factors too that can generate leads for you, but over-mentioned are the fundamental components that you have to pay heed upon to let your site generate more number of higher quality leads. By personalizing your calls to actions and continuously testing and tweaking your site to optimize it for leads, you can optimize your website in search engines.

By performing A/B testing, you can easily ensure improvement in click-through rates on the calls-to-action buttons placed by you. Testing of the layout of your landing pages, quality and impact of images placed on WebPages can do wonders for you by generating more quality leads and optimizing search results. You need to blend techniques that are befitting for your target audiences and let your recipients enjoy some great experiences to guide them down the funnel and do what you exactly want them to do.

What other tips do you think to create websites that generate leads and optimize conversions? – Share your thoughts with Digital Vidya in comment section below.

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