Creativity,Content,CommonSense – 3C’s For Successful Digital Marketing

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“We have technology,finally,that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.” -Pierre Omidyar, Founder of EBAY, rightly describes Digital Marketing.

 The use of Digital Marketing in the digital era not only involves marketing of products and services but also allows online customer support through 24/7 services to make customer supported and valued.To develop a digital marketing strategy, we need to start with 3 C’s -creativy ity, content and commonsense.

  1. Creativity: Be creative be effective

Creativity is particularly important for Campaign to be effective for a number of different reasons. It needs to go beyond messages and includes mechanisms for interaction. In order to attract the attention of a customer ; you need to come at them from a new angle. You need to be bold and innovative at the same time. It doesn’t mean that it should be a flashy campaign on company spent hundreds of millions of dollars to create. Or not necessarily has high intensity music, special effects or any other superficial techniques to get quick attention of viewers. Do you remember the most effective ad campaigns of all time? The most common  thing they have : creativity.


This is an advertisement for a German hat company called Hut-Weber. The tag line is : It’s the hat. It immediately attracts the attention of viewers because of it is unlike any other ad that you are likely to see. The picture is able to stimulate brain and images of the sadistic , evil Adolf Hitler and the charming ,fun loving Charlie Chaplin come in front of eyes.It gives message that you can change your image to a more positive one by purchasing a Hut-Weber hat. It was successful because it was wonderfully created,effective and brilliantly simple.The same strategy is applicable to digital marketing of all types.

2. Content : Content is The King

Content in marketing includes not only your site but contents on social networks, online publishers, comparison sites, blogs and many other sites that help engagement and affect sales.
“Managing content as an asset to achieve marketing goals of reaching, converting and engaging target audiences”. Keeping this in mind the content should be written such that it is informative and relevant ,with not too many keywords. Google also likes content having no links purchasing or use of automated tools. When it comes to optimizing content for search engine ,we need to go according to google webmaster guidelines. Along with good content if you do proper on-page optimization your website will surely do great .
Have you ever been through Maybelline’s site? It’s a beautiful example of content design and social integration. It features social buttons and interactions on site which make it easy to engage users.img_0777
The campaign educates consumers about choosing and using cosmetics, and recommend which Maybelline products best suit them, based upon their physical characteristics and makeup personality. The  content involves consumers directly. It began with mass and social media efforts to drive consumers to the Maybelline microsite. The Maybelline campaign strategy with its appealing and consumer engaging content has been ongoing since 2009, consistently delivering superior results. Sales, as measured are multiple times greater than those from previous.

3. Commonsense : Commonsense is not simply marketing sense

Here some commonsense ideas in digital marketing:

  1. Throughout the sales cycle,all separate departments work together to get best experience for each customer. By doing this you will build trust in customers.
  2. Each initiative of your digital marketing campaign should have clear outline and goal in mind. Each time you set up an account for a client, the steps and process should be same for customer’s convenience.
  3. Each time you implement new technology or launch a campaign, a process should be followed to ensure no human error (i.e.Q/A).
  4. Goals of campaign should be defined prior to launch and set up and test the tracking in Google Tag Manager. This way one can measure the ROI (Return on Investment) and prove the success of the campaign.
  5. You should work with customer centric mindset. The direction and inspiration to the customer will help you to remain at good position in market competition.
  6. Now a days mobile is more important than desktop. So marketers need to have a sound mobile strategy for SEO purpose. The website should be optimized for mobile SEO.
  7. Personal recommendations like name, gender, products or suggested content ,if it is correct  your target audience will impressed because they are looking for brands to impress them with right content. Make sure you meet their request.
  8. Don’t outsource your social media you know your brand better than anyone else.
  9. You must use google analytics to measure your results. Measuring can help you develop strategies to improve results and spot the areas where you are lacking.

Thus hope these 3 C’s of digital marketing will lead you towards a successful campaigning of your brand.

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