Cringe worthy Marketing Campaigns

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For the marketers, it’s just the way it works. They spend their days planning marketing campaigns around the specific and realistic goals they want to achieve. Then the campaign is executed and measured. If they run for long enough, then they might run some really remarkable marketing campaigns that nail their goals.

But sometimes their marketing campaigns just don’t work. May be their goals were not much attainable and not solving for their target audience. There are many reasons why marketing campaigns can get flop.

Below given are two examples of marketing campaigns that did not quite make a mark.

  • Levi’s “Hotness comes in all shapes and sizes”

The average American woman weight is about 166 pounds, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But actually this is not the real image of women that the media portrays in most advertisements today. So one should congratulate Levis for creating an ad campaign called “hotness comes in all shapes and sizes” for its new Curve ID jeans. The campaign mainly targeted the average American woman who are looking for an affordable pair of well fitted jeans.

This could have been an excellent campaign if Levis would have followed through on its tagline. The company chose skinny models who don’t represent the average American woman.

The ad actually did not feature Levi’s target audience. I caused quite a stir on popular sites. On the other side Levis did address the negative criticism, but it did not fixed the problem.

So the lesson learnt from this was if a target audience has been chosen then it should be made sure that all the marketing materials reflect the people who are targeted.


  • McDonald’s McD-Stories

As baseball is America’s favorite pastime, similarly McDonald’s is America’s favorite fast food joint. But when one sees combination of cautionary tale of 2006’s fast food nation with the mainstream movement of eating local, organic food, a story of marketing disaster can always be observed.

When McDonald’s tried to get some feedback through social media from consumers on their McDonald’s experience, it created The #McDstories hashtag. It started from McDonald’s official twitter site.

But McDonald’s should have known better. People don’t eat McD’s for fresh, wholesome ingredients they put in its food. They eat at McDonald’s because it’s easily available, cheap and tastes good.

But soon hashtag took off due to some not so good tweets came flying in. even cynics and critics jumped on hashtag in a negative way.

Lesson learnt from this was trends should be well understood whether the company is playing into them or not. It will surely make up taking calculated risks with their marketing. To ensure

There should ways to ensure that planning is done thoroughly and the impact that the campaign have on target audience should be well understood.

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