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When dealing with customers, every employee is required to possess a number of interpersonal skills. Otherwise the business runs at a risk of losing its customers.

‘Being a people person’ is a skill that entrepreneurs are looking for when hiring employees who are going to directly deal with the customers.

Some specific skills that employees can become skilled at to ‘wow’ your customers and rise above the job market competition are –

  • Patience
    Patience is helpful when dealing with annoyed, struggling and confused customers. It helps to better understand their problems and needs while making the customers feel respected. Employees must learn to be calm and maintain their usual cheery persona while dealing with some ‘barnacle’ customers.
  • Attentiveness
    Being mindful and attentive to your customers’ feedback is extremely crucial for businesses that are looking to innovate. Listening attentively to your customers will show that you care about their problems and want to offer a solution to their problems.
  • Communicate clearly
    Explain clearly what a customer needs to know to act. Keep the language simple and straightforward. Avoid using ambiguous words to confuse or mislead your customer. Moreover, a little positivity in your tone and language can also greatly help in creating happy customers.
  • Complete knowledge
    In order to be able to help your customers when they run into problems, the employee must have complete knowledge of the products or services being offered by his company. Take out time to learn about the products and various solutions you could offer to your customers.
  • Reading customers’ mind
    In conversations that take place over the telephone or email, it becomes difficult to comprehend customer’s current emotional state. Observe slight hints about the current frame of mind of your customer to avoid misunderstandings and keep your interactions positive. Also, double-check to ensure that the customer is satisfied with solution you presented.
  • Persuasion skills
    Experienced customer support staff knows that more than complaints, you have to address the curiosity of your customer regarding the company’s products. Only when you become proficient in your persuasion skills, you will be able to convert potential buyers into actual ones by making them believe that your products are absolutely right for them.
  • Confident and considerate
    Being confident in your conversations and maintain good body language is also important when dealing with customers. Smiling frequently, using positive language and laughter in your conversation can have far reaching effects on customers’ experience and create the right atmosphere.

Incorporating these few customer service skills while dealing with customers can make a significant difference to the success of an organisation and help you get ahead in the workplace.



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