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Quite often a Data Analyst and a recruiter find themselves standing on the same shore. While one is unable to highlight his data analytics skills, the latter is tired of digging through thousands of data science resumes, and yet not finding the right one. Well, the answer to both is a killer Data Analyst resume. It assures the job applicant of more opportunities and the recruiter of finding the right candidate. While the former has to put in more efforts for creating a stellar Data Analyst resume, the latter needs to learn more about the essential attributes of a good big data resume, data analytics resume, and Data Scientist resume, to make the right judgment.

Creating a killer Data Analyst resume requires patience, perseverance, and precision. You might be an aspiring Data Analyst, creating your own resume or a resume builder, drafting a Data Scientist resume. In either case, the data analytics or Data Scientist resume should bring out the candidate’s proven expertise in interpreting and analyzing data for driving business solutions. So, what goes in a Data Analyst resume? Awareness of one’s career goals, knowledge of marketable skills, understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses, and a continuous urge for improvement makes for the some of the best data science resumes.

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The demand for Data Scientists, data engineers, and Data Analysts are at an all-time high across the world. According to a recent report by Gartner, the Data Analytics market is expected to grow to $20.81 Billion by 2018. Another research by Quickstart states that by the year 2018, one million Data Scientists will be required for handling big data related tasks. IBM has already predicted that the demand for Data Scientists will soar to 28% by 2020 and more than 2,720,000 Data Scientist jobs will be created. According to PayScale, the salary for Senior Data Scientist is roughly $130,461 per annum, which is much higher than an average programmer or analyst. The growth curve is higher-than-average and the same goes for salary.

However, competition is also higher. You must have a killer Data Analyst resume to stand out in the crowd. It is time you take a hard look at your big data resume and give it the well-deserved makeover. In this discussion, I aim to provide some basic guidelines for:

  • Creating a winning Data Analyst resume that performs better than others
  • Tips and tricks for improving the skills and achievements on a Data Analyst resume
  • Highlighting data analytics experience for a better impression
  • Data Scientist and Data Analyst resume samples

Data Analyst Resume: Profile Summary

Profile summary is the most important section of a killer Data Analyst resume. A resume summary highlights your skills, experience, and achievements as a Data Scientist. This can be the elevator pitch that introduces you to the hiring manager. The profile summary in a killer data analytics resume should be straight, to the point, and creative. Do not use clichéd stuff like “Worked as a Data Analyst for 5 years” or “contributed largely to the increased profits of the company”. Always remember that your resume, in order to be a killer resume, has to stand out in the crowd. Therefore, your profile summary should have a strong career objective and highlights of your experience as data science professional.

The profile summary of a killer Data Analyst resume should be like the one below:

Quick Tips: Profile summary should be concise and crisp. Avoid writing in complete sentences or using personal pronouns.


“Process oriented Data Analyst with 5 years of experience. Experienced in interpreting and analyzing data to drive growth for a pharmaceutical company. Reduced operating costs by 15%. Furnish insights, analytics, and business intelligence needed to guide decisions.”

Data Analyst Resume

Data Analyst Resume Sample

If you are a fresher looking for career opportunities as a Data Analyst, the pitch should be slightly on the creative side. Use words or phrases like “College graduate attentive to sales data”. Make a strong impression with your career objective. Include winning statements like “… want to leverage data analytical skills to improve corporate performance as a Data Analyst”.

Data Analyst Resume: Data Analytics Experience

Now that your profile summary is impressive enough to draw the hiring manager’s attention, let us take a look at the next important section in a Data Scientist resume; data analytics job experience. If you have well over 10 years of data analytics experience, start with your most recent job. You may list up to six responsibilities and achievements under each job.

A data analytics resume, even the best Data Scientist resume samples leave a room for customization. You need to work on the profile summary and more importantly, the experience section, every time you are applying for a new position. Read the job profile or job description, and modify the relevant sections, which position as you as the right fit for the job. The same applies to a resume writer.  Create a data science resume, leaving headspace for customization or suggestive texts for specific job profiles.

For example, if you are writing a financial Data Analyst resume, give job-specific examples that highlight your big data analysis achievements in a finance company. Also, learn more about the company and the job profile, before you come up with a well-crafted Data Analyst resume that meets the job requirements. The job specifications of a Data Analyst in a mortgage consulting firm will be remarkably different from a software development firm.

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Take a look at profiles of well-known data science influencers in India and abroad to get a fair idea of a killer Data Scientist resume. Apart from highlighting their achievements and accomplishments at work, these Data Scientist resume samples are good instances of applying diverse skillsets at data analytics job. I would advise you to have 4-6 customized Data Analyst resume samples in hand, all the time. Make use of them as and when required, after performing a due diligence of the job and the company.

Quick Tips: Make sure that all links provided in the resume are working. It is pointless to provide a GitHub link for your code changes if it does not work.

Data Analyst Resume: Current Job Description

The current job description in a killer Data Analyst resume is of paramount importance. It gives the recruiter a clear understanding of your present position, the potential for growth, and also worth as a candidate, even before the first-level screening. List down projects highlight your career goals. Focused projects may build up more data to convince the hiring manager that you’re the right fit for the role.

Avoid using trite words like “led a team of fifteen” or “was responsible for a product launch”. Use strong and effective verbs “spearheaded”, “mentored”, “mobilized operations” or “orchestrated”, instead.

A typical example may be “Mobilized the student body government to organize a fundraising event that brought in over $400,000 in contributions toward scholarships for underprivileged students.” These words bring out your latent qualities as a leader, as well as potential as a Data Analyst.

Data Analyst Resume: Educational Qualifications

This is the richest and most impressive section of a killer Data Analyst resume. Start with your highest qualification. List all the relevant educational qualifications. Having bachelor’s degree in data science or data analytics is the minimum requirement for a Data Analyst job. Having a master’s degree is even better. Many employers look for a degree in mathematics, statistics, and computer science (bachelors or masters) in a big data resume.

You may also include relevant workshops and conferences attended. Job aspirants with a programming background may enroll for a short-term or an advanced course in Data Analytics for more career options in data science. Digital Vidya offers the best-in-class Data Analytics courses for a promising career in Data Science. Its industry-relevant curriculum, pragmatic market-ready approach, Hands-on Capstone Project are some of the best reasons for choosing.

Other Skills in a Killer Data Analyst Resume

The Other skills section, no less important than career objective or educational qualification, can earn brownie points for your big data resume. In fact, having a strong Other Skills section may earn extra points for data professionals with fewer years of experience. If your data science resume does not have many brand names (as employers you have worked with) or, have too many jumps in your career, the other skills often make up for it.

This section will contain useful information such as big data or data analytics certifications, software, or licenses. Most companies look for Data Analysts with certifications as well as hands-on experience. You may earn certifications as a Data Science Associate or an Analytics Professional. Digital Vidya offers Data Analytics Course Certification Training with Excel and Power BI.

You may include list links to your published research works in the Other Skills section. Do not forget to add a list of conferences you have attended, relevant to the Data Analyst job description. richer the section, better are your chances as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist. Take a look at some of the Data-Analyst-Resume Sample available online. You may also check out a few Data Scientist Resume Samples for a better understanding.

Data Analyst Resume: Contact Information

Quick Tips: Adding your address in resumes, is optional nowadays. You may exclude it if you do not wish to limit yourself local jobs.

The contact information part in a data science resume is not as basic as it seems. Many Data Analyst CVs lend up in the trash bin because of careless misses or unprofessional contact information. Keep it very basic and up-to-date. Mention only three things: full name, updated phone number (both home and mobile, if applicable, with country code), and e-mail address.

You may also direct the hiring manager to your LinkedIn profile. Optimize your Data Scientist resume before you list the LinkedIn profile URL, for showcasing your knowledge.

Quick Tips: A killer Data Analyst resume is never complete without a photograph. Get yourself photographed in a formal attire and smiling face for creating that lasting impression.

Are you ready with your Data Analyst resume?

If you have found my tips useful, start changing your resume. Take a print of your last updated big data resume and go through, imagining yourself as a hiring person. Mark all the sections you find unattractive, comment on anything that seems to be out of place or irrelevant. List all the suggested changes in a fresh sheet of paper, and now, starts the real work.

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Create a fresh resume, taking a cue from a Data Scientist resume sample or Data Analyst resume sample, without taking a single look at the older version. I am sure you will be overjoyed with your creation, I mean new Data Analyst resume.

Taking a Data Analytics using Excel Course will not only upgrade your Data Analyst Resume but will also highlight you as a perfect match.

I would also advise you to have a sample cover letter handy when applying for data science jobs. So, get going with your killer Data Analyst resume. Good luck!

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