Why instructor-led, online course is your Best Choice to learn Data Analytics?

by | Aug 30, 2017 | Data Analytics

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‘Can I learn Data Analytics online?’ is one of the most commonly asked questions to my Data Analytics Training team at Digital Vidya. The answer is YES!

Why? We’ve been training professionals (including CXOs) in an instructor-led, online format since 2011. Here are the key benefits of ‘instructor-led online delivery medium’, which makes it the best choice to learn Data Analytics today.

data analytics course online You will never miss any of your session: Since the course is delivered online, you can attend it from any part of the world. Given the kind of people who participate and the overall duration, we know that it’s quite possible that you may have to travel on the days of your course but thanks to online delivery, you don’t have to miss even a single session.

data analytics course online You will get recording of every session: Even if you miss any session, you’ll get the recording. Btw, you get the recording of every session even if you’ve attended and it stays with you forever. Even after your course is over, we continue to share the recordings of the latest sessions so that you are always updated on the latest trends in the Data Analytics industry.

data analytics course online You will save precious time & money: Imagine if you were to travel 40-60 days during the program to attend your classrooms. It would equate to losing 100+ precious hours and significant amount of money.

data analytics course online Attend from the Comfort of your Home or Office: This is another benefit, which is highly appreciated by our Data Analytics course participants. While it requires self-discipline, the comfort of attending the course from the place of your choice is a huge plus of online learning.

data analytics course online You are always connected with your fellow participants and program leaders: Throughout the duration of the course, you are connected with your fellow participants and your program leaders through your Learning Management System (LMS) so that you get whatever support you need. Since the entire course is delivered online, this type of online connect is more aligned to your and your fellow participant’s behaviour and needs.

Diversity of your batch enriches your learning: If you notice one of the reasons why premium institutes like IITs & IIMs deliver high value is the diversity of the students. On the same lines, our online program enriches the value you get as your batch will comprise of participants from multiple locations including outside India.

You will get the BEST program leaders: This is the BIGGEST benefit and the primary reason why we completely stopped delivering offline workshops in 2013. If our course were not online, we would not have been able to get the best Data Analytics experts to lead the program to every corner of the world. You will be trained by multiple Data Analytics industry experts, who are based out of different locations and that’s only possible because of the online delivery model.

No wonder, we’ve trained over 25,000 professionals since 2009 and contributed to their Career or Business Growth through various professional training programs.

Hope this addresses your concern. If you are still doubtful, I invite you to join me live in our upcoming online Data Analytics orientation session to experience the opportunity of instructor-led, online format live..

Also, feel free to ask any question you’ve related to Data Analytics. If you are someone who has already experienced the opportunity of learning online (could be outside of Data Analytics as well), I will appreciate if you could share your experience here.

Looking forward to contributing to your success in learning & leveraging Data Analytics!

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